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Aya, Naohito and Toshi arrived in Nagatoro a few days later.  Amaya was in no shape mentally and she wouldn’t have been able to get the time off at any rate.  Since Ju had a mini-tour with V, it was decided that he would meet them there once that was over.  It was a three day affair so if they weren’t able to catch up to the woman before then, he would have the chance to help. As much as he would never hit a woman, he had every intention of holding her while Aya beat the crap out of her.  Aya gave him a very thorough kiss for that idea.

With some help from Naohito’s ex detective, he was able to get a picture of the woman.  Both his and Toshi’s eyebrows shot up at how beautiful the woman was.  Since the pictures that Naohito had seen before had most of her face covered, he hadn’t known that she was a traffic stopper.  Aya was pretty as was his, hopefully still his, Amaya, but this woman made them both look plain.  Plus she was built like a brick house.  That Ju would ignore a woman who most men would sell their souls to spend a night with just proved how much he loved his wife.

“I could have told you it wouldn’t work.  That man is blind, deaf, dumb and stupid when it comes to Aya.  He might give a woman a second look but other than that, the thought, no the knowledge, that Aya would leave him if he started messing around, is more than enough to keep him on the straight and narrow.  He might look and act like an idiot at times but he knows what’s good for him and he’d rather cut out his heart then mess this up.”

Naohito could only agree now that he’d pretty much seen proof.  He was about to say something when Aya snatched the photo from his hands and gave it a long look.  She couldn’t help but smile.  “When I see that man again I’m going to give him a kiss that will set his clothes on fire.”

Both men looked puzzled.  She explained.  “She’s so pretty I’d think about bedding her and I don’t go that way.  The fact that a woman who is movie star beautiful had to drug him to even get him to leave with her means that man is a keeper as if I didn’t know that already.  This just proves it to any skeptics.  What I’d like to know is how is a woman this beautiful hiding?  You would think she’d be remembered and easy to find.”

Naohito pulled a couple of photos out of the folder he had and gave copies to Toshi and Aya.

“This is what she looked like when they lost her in Tokyo.  Wig, glasses, no makeup, loose clothing to hide her figure.  She’s still pretty but nothing that would stick in someone’s mind for long.  One thing that goes against her that she can only do a little about is her height.  She’s tall for a woman especially in this country.  The most she can do is slouch but she’s still tall.  That will help us especially if she’s changed her appearance again.  Another thing is the agency thinks she might be low on funds.  They suggested we start looking in places where she might find a job.  They are working some other angles and will let us know if they find anything.  We at least have the advantage of her not knowing what any of us looks like and her not knowing anyone is onto her.”

Toshi and Aya both nodded.  Toshi was the one to ask what other angles they were pursuing.  Naohito frowned.  “They think she’s looking for another rich fool to give her money to leave the country one way or the other.  This place is full of tourists so the guys are checking out nightclubs and gathering spots for males of all ages.”

Aya paled.  “We’ve got to find this black widow and squash her like the bug she is before she hurts or kills someone else.  Both men agreed and the three set about planning how and where they were going to search.

It was decided that Aya would always have one of the men around her though she complained bitterly about it.

“I can take care of myself and we can cover more ground if we split up.  Besides, I’d look less suspicious looking for her then you two would.  No one thinks women are capable of murder and mayhem until we actually do some and no I’m not going to knife her if I find her though the thought is appealing.”

Both men shook their heads at that but didn’t budge in their opinions and for the first day at least, Aya and Toshi would be paired up.  They split up and headed out into the warmth of the new day and the busy flow of tourist traffic, all three planning on meeting at one of the local restaurants for lunch.

A few hours later they wound up in a small restaurant and discussed what to do next.  None of them had any luck.  Toshi started off.

“Aya and I showed the picture around to a couple of shop owners and no one could remember seeing her.  This place is a lot bigger then the brochures would have you believe.  I’m afraid Aya might be right.  We could cover more ground if she was cut loose but for today we stick together.  Aya I know you are chomping at the bit to get out there by yourself but we need to make sure we can keep you as safe as possible which means planning.”

Aya pouted but she didn’t argue anymore.  She was going to get what she wanted even if there were some strings attached.  She pulled out the picture she had of the woman and wondered what she might look like now.

“Hito?  I think you should go back to the hotel and get some rest.  If she’s looking for a meal ticket out of here maybe we should be concentrating on the nightclubs.  Maybe we can use you as bait.  Put you in one of those hundred thousand yen outfits you have and send you out to the clubs.  See if you can catch us a barracuda.”

Naohito sighed then glared at Toshi who was laughing his ass off.  “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”  Toshi stopped laughing when Aya turned a one hundred watt smile his way.  He’d known her long enough to know that smile meant trouble.  Now it was Naohito’s turn to laugh at Toshi’s sigh.

“I don’t know why you are laughing.  You clean up pretty well yourself.  We’ll just send you out to a club that’s a little less snazzy than the one Hito will be at.  While you guys are clubbing, I’ll be doing some research and seeing what places she might be able to get a job.  Restaurants, clubs, local stores, the works.  I’m glad I brought my laptop with me.”

They were about to leave to walk the streets one more time before heading back to the hotel when Aya’s phone rang.  It was Ju.  She let him know what was up and waited for him to stop yelling about her being on her own for even a minute.  “This place is too big and too busy for us not to split up.  I know baby and I’ll be careful.  Hurry up and get here.  I’m suffering from demon kiss withdrawal.  Love you too.”

“I take it Ju is of the same opinion as we are that you shouldn’t be alone.  I also see that all the talking and yelling didn’t change your mind.  I’m only going to say this once, mainly because I don’t want the glare you are going to give me turn into one that will kill me on the spot.  Do not get yourself hurt.  Once Ju made sure you were going to survive he’d kill us.  I for one would make sure I came back and haunted your ass.”

Aya just grinned and saluted Toshi whose eyebrows went up at the lack of glare he got.  He narrowed his eyes.  “Why do I think you are up to something you don’t want us to know about?”

Aya gave him an innocent look and both men sighed.  Whatever she was up too, they weren’t sure if they wanted to know.  The three left, did some more searching, then headed back to the hotel.  They stopped at the front desk to collect messages and to place an order for room service for later.  Naohito had paid for a three bedroom suite so they could plan out things and keep an eye on Aya though he would have never told her that.  They were on their way back up to their room  when Toshi came up with something they should have considered earlier.  He waited until the were inside before bringing it up.

“Did the detectives check all the living establishments in the area?  Hotels, inns and such?”  Naohito thought about it.  “I’m sure they did but who’s to say that the woman had moved in when they asked.  Checking again might bear some fruit.  That’s something you can do Aya.  Check out the hotels and inns.”

“That’s a good idea.  I can go through the papers from the past month and see who may have been renting also.  Lots of cottages around here.  I’ll have to rent a scooter or something to get around.  I’ll be on the laptop while you two take a nap or something.  Toshi, if anyone recognizes you…good.  If she’s around or hears that a jrocker is in town, it could send her your way.  It would be worth a shot.  Just don’t advertise it.”

With that the three split up with the guys trying to decide what to wear and where to go while Aya put her memory and her laptop to work.


A Hunting We Will Go. part 3

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That comment set off a string of conversations that drowned each other out.  Aya was asking Toshi what he was talking about.  Amaya was trying to rouse Naohito by asking if he was alright and if what Toshi was saying was true and Ju was trying to get Aya to calm down.  Toshi finally gave a high-pitched whistle and everyone shut up.  Naohito moaned softly but other than that the room got quiet.

Ju went over to Aya who batted at his hands when he tried to hug her.  “Toshi.  What the devil is going on here?  You said Naohito was the person who set Ju up.  But why?  How did you come to this conclusion?”

Toshi went over to her, a sad look on his face and took her hands.  “You should sit down for this Aya.  It’s not pretty.”

He waited for Aya to sit down.  She was clearly confused and in a bit of shock.  When Ju sat down next to her she gave him a pleading look.  She so didn’t want it to be so.  When Ju tried to take her hand again she let him but it was limp and lifeless in his.

Toshi spoke loud enough for Amaya, who was cradling Naohito’s head in her lap, to hear.  Naohito had come around some but wasn’t making a fuss.   Toshi told the tale of his conversation with Naohito while he was buying his van, his talk with Ju and how he managed to get a job at Naohito’s accounting firm.  He told them about the wire transfer between Naohito, the detective agency and the exact same amount paid to Misaki.

“I also found out that the detective had his men looking for her.  She was in Morocco for a time but is back in Japan.  They lost her in Tokyo about a month ago.  I just found out that your boy there may have gotten a lead on where she’s holed up.  As to the why he did it…you’ll have to ask him.”

Aya had gotten paler and paler the longer Toshi talked.  She’d been the one to let that man into their lives and Ju had almost died because of it.  She shook her head no.  There had to be some mistake but for the life of her she couldn’t find any holes in what Toshi was saying.  When Ju touched her shoulder she jumped.  She turned to look at him and the tears began to flow down her cheeks.

“Ju, I’m sorry.  I didn’t…you could have…it’s my fault.  I should have kept walking when I saw him.  If you had died…my god what have I done?”

Ju gathered her into his arms and held her while she cried.  “You had no way of knowing baby.  Please don’t beat yourself up for this.  What you should be doing is beating the jerk over there.”

He was about to say more when they heard a choked sob coming from Amaya.  She’d been forgotten in all the commotion.  She just shook her head no.  She didn’t want to believe any of it.  “Naohito?  It’s not true right?  You wouldn’t…”

Toshi had walked over to the pair and was looking down at Naohito in disgust.  “I would suggest you start talking and if I don’t like what I hear you are going to wish Ju was the one still hitting you.”

Naohito groaned and sat up.  He turned to Amaya, a pleading look on his face.  He tried to touch her but she jerked back like she’d been burned.  He sighed then began his story.

He told them how he didn’t think Ju was faithful to Aya and had asked the detective to find out if he was bedding groupies.  How the detective had sent Misaki to try to seduce him but that neither of them had told her to drug him or had even known that she had until he’d overheard Aya’s conversation with Hana.  He admitted that he’d been the one to put the photos in the post but he hadn’t known about the drugging at that time.

“I just couldn’t let it go Aya, let you go.  I just knew that Ju was using you for your money.  I didn’t realize that you two are a pair and share everything, that you truly do love each other.  Once I did get it through my thick head I started dating that lunatic.  We all know how that turned out.  I’ve done everything I could to make up for what I did.  I’ve moved heaven and earth to try to find that woman.  I was going to tell Amaya everything before we got married.  I just couldn’t keep that a secret from her.  As for Misaki, I got word a couple of days ago that she was seen in a village outside of  Tokyo.  I had planned to go to the police about her but that would have gotten me locked up even though I didn’t have her drug you.  Please believe me when I say I was going to find a way to make her pay.”

Aya sat and listened to him and anyone who knew her could see she was getting angrier and angrier as he talked.  She finally got up, walked over to Naohito who was standing by then, made a fist and socked him in the jaw as hard as she could.  She gave a satisfied smirk as the unexpected hit sent him staggering back.

She went back over to a grinning Ju while trying to shake the pain out of her hand.  Ju took her hand and gently placed a kiss on it then pulled her in for a hug.

“That’s my barbarian princess.  Should I give him another ass whipping or just call the police?”  Aya sighed and shook her head no.  “The scandal would damage the hospital and he has done a lot of good for it and it would still be your word against hers.  You’d have to worry about what the scandal would do to your career.”

Ju growled.  “I hate the idea that bitch will get away with this.”  Naohito spoke up then.  “She’s wanted by the Moroccan police.  Seems she pulled that stunt on a rich old man there and he didn’t make it.  I was looking for her to have her shipped back there to stand trial.  Kill two birds with one stone.  Amaya, I swear I was going to tell you before the ceremony.  Please don’t hate me.  You are more important to me then anything in the world.”

Amaya was at a loss.  She loved Naohito and while she knew he wasn’t perfect she had learned that he was working to be a better person.  He was at least trying to make things right.  She looked up at a light touch to her shoulder.  Aya opened up her arms and Amaya let her hug her while she cried.

“Come on.  Let’s get you some tea and let the guys talk this out.  I couldn’t care less about Hito.  Right now I’m more worried about you.  Ju, Toshi.  Try not to beat him senseless.  We need to know where that woman is.”  With that she led a still sniffling Amaya into the kitchen and away from the men.

Ju watched them go then turned to Naohito who took a couple of steps back at the look on Ju’s face.  He actually jumped when he backed into Toshi.  He held up his hands.  “Look.  I didn’t know and I didn’t tell her to do it.  Toshi, you said yourself that I’d hired people to track her down.  So I’d appreciate it if you guys would think about not hitting me anymore.”

“I’ll consider it if what I hear coming out of your mouth is helpful.  Now what was that about the police looking for her and do you know where she is?”  The look Ju had on his face as he spoke made Naohito pale.

Naohito took a seat and wiped at the blood that had started dripping from his nose.  He hoped it wasn’t broken.  He looked up as the other two men hovered over, threat evident in their faces.  He started talking.

“We tracked her to Nagatoro Village.  We think she went there because with all the tourists it would make it harder to find her and she was right in a sense.  It was just luck that someone spotted her.  They lost her in the crowd but she didn’t know she’d been spotted.  As far as we know she’s still there.  I’d have let the police here know but that would have raised questions that I didn’t want raised so I was going to head there with some backup and try to grab her but quietly and drop her off at the Moroccan Embassy.”

Toshi and Ju looked at each other.  Looks like they were headed to Nagatoro.  All three men turned at the sound of Aya announcing that she was going too and all three men knew from the look on her face that there would be no talking her out of it.


A Hunting we will go. part 2

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Ju and Toshi agreed to meet at the bar they’d visited to discuss their plan of action.  Toshi was there when Ju arrived and asked how the date with his wife had gone.

“She enjoyed herself immensely.  This is going to break someone’s heart and I’m not sure whose.  Amaya is not going to be thrilled and neither is Aya.  I don’t give a fuck if Naohito gets hurt in all of this.  He deserves a first class ass whipping and I’ll be happy to give it to him.”

Toshi nodded.  “Make sure you leave enough of his ass for me to get a few kicks in.”  Ju saluted him and the two headed out to Toshi’s van.

Back at the flat Aya was humming happily as she did her housework.  She didn’t know why her magnificent beast had treated her to a night of dinner and dancing and she really didn’t care.  She’d had a great time and had shown her appreciation by making sure he had as much of her as his heart could stand.  What had her humming was the fact that he had returned the favor earlier.  She wished he was still there.  She’d love another go at him.  The thought made her smile.

She was brought from her musings by her cell going off.  It was Amaya.  They hadn’t spoken since the invitation arrived.  Aya had been too busy and she’d warned Ju not to start anything.  The conversation was short and had Aya grinning before she hung up.  She looked at the time, figured out how long her work would take, then decided what to do first.  It was looking to be a busy day.

With Naohito’s help, Amaya had managed to rent a small house not far from the hospital.  She hated apartments, liking her privacy and a lot of quiet.  This worked for them both as he could visit without having to worry about prying eyes which worked well when they first started dating.  It had been decided that after they got married, at least for the near future, he would live with her until he could either have built or buy a suitable home for them to live in.  At the moment all he had was some clothing and a laptop at her place.

His parents weren’t very happy about her not being “full Japanese” but she had managed to win them over at least a little.  Finding out her parents had the money to travel around the world at their leisure helped.  Being smart and beautiful didn’t hurt either.

That made Amaya ask Naohito why they didn’t like Aya.  She was also smart and beautiful.  He told her that many Japanese think all Americans are rich.  They didn’t think Aya’s parents were rich enough for their blood.  He shrugged and said it was their loss because Aya was a good person.  She agreed.

She gave him a kiss and told him she’d see him later.  He was headed to a meeting at one of his car dealerships.  She stood in the door until his car was out of sight then went about getting things ready for lunch.  She idly wondered what Toshi wanted but since he didn’t sound frantic it must have been something simple.  He had said he owed her one for getting him that info on the accounting company.  She did a mental shrug, did a quick food check then headed out to the store.

She had just put the finishing touches on lunch when Toshi knocked at the door.  She was surprised to see Ju with him and was glad she’d cooked plenty.  She invited them in and was about to give Ju a tour when she noticed how nervous and worried the men were.

“Alright give.  I know something is up and from the looks on your faces I’m sure I’m not going to like it.  If you are going to try to talk me out of marrying Naohito, you can stop right now.  I love him.  He loves me.  We are the only two people who matter in this instance.”

Ju looked at Toshi.  Both men knew this was going to be a hard sell.  Ju asked where the “jerk” was and Amaya frowned.

“He’s out and please Ju.  I don’t want to be rude and ask you to leave.  I like you.  I really do and I consider Aya to be my best friend here in Japan.  Don’t make this difficult for us all.”

Toshi decided to step in before Ju made things impossible.  “Amaya, we have reason to believe that Naohito may have set in motion the events that led to Ju almost being killed.  Now don’t look at me like that.  I wouldn’t be saying this if the evidence wasn’t very convincing so hear me out before you kick us both out.”

Amaya was warring between kicking them out anyway and horror at thinking that they might have the evidence they were talking about.

She was standing there trying to decide what to do when Naohito sauntered in and stopped short.  He could tell from the look on her face that something bad was going down.  He barely had time to speak before Ju was on him.

When Ju saw him all the pain, the uncertainty, the anguish that he and Aya had gone through because of the groupie incident came rushing back.  He lost it.  He never liked Naohito and finding this out just cemented in his mind everything he disliked about the man and magnified ten times.

“You miserable son of a bitch.  I’m gonna whip your ass like I own it.”  He lunged at the man and the two of them hit the ground with Ju on top.  He began punching Naohito who threw his hands up to protect his face.  He managed to roll Ju and the two rolled around on the floor for a bit, both trying to get the upper hand but Naohito was never the delinquent that Ju was and lost that battle.

Ju hauled him to his feet and socked him in the stomach, then the jaw which rocked Naohito back on his heels.  Amaya was screaming for Ju to stop while Toshi was holding her back.  Ju had reared back to sock Naohito, who was wobbly on his feet, one more time when Aya walked through the door.

“Ju!  What the devil is going on here?”  Ju looked at her, then Naohito and hit him as hard as he could.  Naohito dropped like a rock while Ju shook his hand before making sure he hadn’t broken it.  Toshi let Amaya go who went running to her fiance.  Aya rounded on Ju.  “You’d better have a damn good reason for assaulting him.”

Toshi spoke up then.  “Oh he does.  I found out that he was the one that set Ju up and probably has some idea where the woman is who drugged him.”






A Hunting We Will Go part 1

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Ju and Toshi wound up at a bar other than Acchan’s.  They wanted some privacy to discuss what Toshi had found out. Toshi hadn’t gone into any details earlier but Ju needed to know.  He started asking questions as soon as his butt hit the chair.

“What’s with the get up?  How did you manage to find all this out?”

Toshi took a sip of his beer before beginning his tale.  “I asked Amaya to find out what accounting firm Naohito uses.  Told her I needed some advice.  Then I put that associate degree in accounting to use and got a job as a clerk at the accounting firm that jerk uses.  I managed to find out that he uses a certain detective agency.  A very large sum of money was transferred to that agency right after your run in with that groupie.  Being in a smallish city means that a lot of people use the same business.  I played a hunch and checked to see if that agency used the same accounting firm.  It did.  I found a payment to a Misaki Koumara for the exact same amount.  I don’t think there is that much coincidence in the world.

Now before you go off to kill someone, I doubt if they told her to drug you.  From what I could find out, the detective who worked directly for Naohito is a stand up guy for the most part.  I do know he and Naohito severed ties not long afterward so something went down.  Only way to find out is to ask one of them and I doubt the detective will talk.  That means Naohito.  Just remember that jail is not where you want to be so sit your bony ass back down and think.  I say we talk to Amaya first.  Tell her what I found out and go from there.  Until then, I would suggest you calm down, go home, take that lovely little sprite you married out to dinner and dancing then rock the hell out of her world.  We can tackle telling her tomorrow after we talk to Amaya.  I called and told her I would be stopping by since she’s not working.”

Ju just nodded and took a sip of his beer along with a few calming breaths.  He gave Toshi a long look before speaking.  “I owe you big time but you still haven’t explained the disguise.”

Toshi grinned.  “I had to look the part of a nerd.  Don’t even go there.  Besides, looking like this, if I was unlucky enough to run into Naohito there’d be less chance of him recognizing me.”

Ju sure couldn’t argue with that.  He barely recognized him and he’d known Toshi for more years than he wanted to think about.  “What time do we meet to go see Amaya?”  He nodded and stood up after getting the time.  “I’ll tell Aya we are going out for lunch.  She won’t question it since she knows I’ve been trying to catch up with you but not why.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  We can meet here.  I’ll ride with you since you’ve gotten rid of that shit mobile.”  He laughed when Toshi flipped him off then headed toward the door.

He’d just gotten outside when it dawned on him that he’d ridden there with Toshi.  Sighing, he went back in and endured the tirade Toshi went on until they got back to where Toshi had picked Ju up.

“Take the missus out and show her how much you love her.  She’s going to need some reassurance before this is all over.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Ju watched him leave before walking back to the flat.  Once inside he called his wife’s name.  Aya was out hanging up laundry.  He stuck his head out the door and asked her if she was up for a night out.  The smile he got almost broke his heart.  He had every intention of beating Naohito within an inch of his life if necessary if he made his lady cry one tear.  But for now, he just smiled back at his very happy wife then called and made reservations at her favorite restaurant.

He took particular care in dressing for the occasion.  The place while classy wasn’t a “formal wear” establishment.  He put on his blue suit with a simple black dress tee under the jacket.  He was glad he didn’t need to wear a tie though the thought had crossed his mind.  Aya could use it to reel him in for kisses.  He also knew that if the kissing started too soon they’d be eating carryout because he’d be molesting his wife before they could get out the door.  He was a little on the horny side.  Aya had been away on a job for a few days and the sex up until then had been sporadic to say the least.

As if thinking about her gave her a signal, Aya appeared in the door.  She was dressed in a simple white blouse and black pencil skirt.  She had her hair down and was wearing the diamond studs and infinity necklace he’d bought her a number of years ago.  He told her what he was thinking.  “You look stunning baby.”

She gave him a radiant smile.  “You aren’t looking too bad yourself my handsome, sexy, talented, tattooed husband.  You do clean up well.”

He got in her face.  “Be thankful I wanna show off my beautiful wife or we’d be eating takeout and I’d be nibbling on you more than the food.”  That got him a smoldering look but only a pedestrian kiss.  He pouted.  She grinned.

“If I kissed you like I want we really wouldn’t be going out but you did make reservations so…”  Ju knew a hint when he heard one.  He sighed playfully then escorted his wife out the door.

Dinner was excellent.  Dancing later was fun and Ju’s performance after they got home had his wife singing his praises.  He looked down at her sleeping form and hoped that somehow all of this would work out in the end.  Sleep was a long time coming.


Life is good….until it’s not. pt 3

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Ju sighed as he looked down at his sleeping wife.  She was spread across the bed clutching his pillow like it was him.  He’d gotten lost in thought as he ate and didn’t realize he’d been in the kitchen for hours.  He really didn’t want to wake her up again so he grabbed a throw from the closet and his pajamas and headed for the sofa.

He used the shower in the spare bathroom then laid down on the sofa.  His mind was still busy trying to figure out what he was going to do about the whole Amaya situation.

He finally fell asleep with no solutions at hand.  When he woke up, he was being held by his pint-sized wife as if he was going to disappear.  She was fast asleep and he still couldn’t figure out how she did it.  The sofa was just barely wide enough for the two of them but she always managed to find just enough room to snuggle up close to him without waking him up.

As if sensing that he was awake somehow, she opened her eyes and smiled at him sleepily.  It dawned on her where they were and the smile faltered.  “I’m sorry.  I wasn’t thinking.  If you are still angry with me I’ll get up but I missed my warm pillow when I woke up.”

Ju looked at her for a long time before answering.  It wasn’t an angry looking over, just him thinking about how much he loved her and how he never wanted her sad or depressed.  The whole Naohito thing was going to be a disaster and he didn’t know if he could protect her from it.  All he could say was what he was feeling.

“I love you Aya.”

Normally that would get a stunning smile from the petite woman but something she read on Ju’s face made her nervous.

“I love you too but is everything alright?  You look kind of strange.”  Ju just shook his head and pulled her to his chest, hugging her tightly before giving her a soft kiss on the lips. They snuggled on the sofa for a while before Aya yawned, stretched and tried to get up.   She meeped when Ju pulled her back into his arms.

“Don’t go just yet.  I want to spend some more time with you in my arms.”  Aya didn’t know quite what to make of his mood but snuggling was something she enjoyed so she got comfortable next to him and gave him little kisses.  They stayed like that for a while before Aya’s stomach let out a gurgle.  Ju laughed.

“I guess that means snuggle time is over.  Shame too.  I was enjoying my soft, warm, sexy blanket.”  Aya smiled at that and leaned over for a quick kiss.

“So you aren’t mad at me?”  She sighed when he said a little.  “I’m sorry baby.  I know you aren’t happy about this but if they really love each other it would have happened whether I got involved or not.  Look at us.  You know what my parents thought about our situation.  I chose to let my heart win that argument.  Reason had nothing to do with it.  You could have been an axe murderer and I still would have loved you.  I might not have married you but I would have still loved you.”

Ju laughed.  “And you said I had issues.  You’d risk living with an axe murderer?”

Aya looked at him as if he’d grown a second head.  The grin she gave him let him know that she was about to make a joke at his expense.

“Of course not.  I’d just jump on that awesome dick of yours and run like hell afterward while you were trying to recover.  There’s a big difference between love and stupid.  Just because you are handsome, sexy, funny and have an awesome dick wouldn’t be enough to make me marry or live with your crazy ass.”

Ju crossed his arms over his chest and pouted.  “So you did marry me for my awesome dick.”

Aya leaned over him which got his attention since it allowed him to see down her gown.  “You seem to have forgotten that I’d accepted your marriage proposal before we’d even kissed.”

She turned away from him and headed toward their bedroom.  Just before she got to the door she turned and gave him a look over her shoulder.  “If you insist on thinking that your awesome dick is that awesome, I suggest you prove it.  Talk is cheap you know.”

Ju looked at her.  “I thought you were hungry.”

The smile she gave him made the awesome one wake up and drool.  “Your point is?”  With that cryptic remark she headed into their bedroom with Ju hot on her tracks.

It seemed that Ju was on the breakfast menu and he wasn’t about to complain about it.

The weeks went by with no word from Toshi.  Ju had tried calling him but the calls just went to his voicemail.  Yoichi was still on location so he had no clue where Toshi might be.  Aya had talked to Amaya and let her know that she would be there but that Ju had a show that night and it was probably for the best.  She also talked to Naohito and chastised him for not telling the truth about him and Amaya when she asked him about it and to warn him that while Ju wouldn’t be there he was less than happy about the situation.

Toshi had been missing in action for almost a month before the man finally showed up.  Ju didn’t even recognize him when he did show.  If he hadn’t called him a flat-assed old coot, Ju would have walked right past him.  His hair was cut short, he was sporting a mustache and a beard and he was wearing glasses.  He motioned for Ju to get in his van and the two went down the street a ways so they could talk without being noticed by Aya.  When Ju asked why they had to leave since no one would have known it was Toshi, the man in question reminded him that since Aya had seen the van before, with her memory she’d know it was Toshi and would start asking questions that Toshi wasn’t ready to answer yet.  What he told Ju once they had parked was enough to make Ju glad that Aya hadn’t seen him.  The main problem now was how he was going to tell Aya what he’d learned much less Amaya.  Telling Amaya, he decided, would have to come first and he wasn’t looking forward to that any more than he was looking forward to telling his wife.



Life is good…until it’s not. Pt2

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Aya spent most of the next twenty-four hours worried about what Ju was going to ask her.  She really didn’t go out of her way to get Amaya and Naohito together but she did put her two cents into the mix after he told her not to.  One way or the other he wasn’t going to be happy with her and that really bothered her.  The last thing she ever wanted was to be at odds with her handsome beast.

She sighed.  It was a done deal and there was nothing she could do about it but take the heat and hoped it would all be over soon.  With a little luck she might be able to distract him with a big time bone jumping.  That thought made her smile and calmed her down a bit.  She just hoped that Amaya and Naohito appreciated the sacrifice she was making.  Her patient looked up at the giggle that thought brought to her lips.  She just patted him on the shoulder to let him know everything was alright and went about the business of getting him his meds.

Ju and company had put on a great show.  For a change he wasn’t exhausted since the show was acoustic and he was seated for most of it.  It really wasn’t his thing but a paycheck was a paycheck and it was televised.  He hoped Aya had a chance to watch it.  Thinking about his wife reminded him that he needed to have a long talk with her.  He was not happy about Amaya and Naohito getting married.  The whole thing made him nervous.  He really liked Amaya and wanted her to have someone worthy of her and he trusted Naohito about as far as he could throw his bike.  He got undressed and climbed into bed wishing his wife was there to keep his back warm amongst other things.  Still, she had some explaining to do and he hoped for both of their sakes that the explanation was a good one.

On the other side of town, Naohito and Amaya were wondering if the Ichihara’s had received their invitation and what the fallout was going to be.  Naohito was wondering what Ju might do to him and Amaya was wondering what lecture she might get.  She wasn’t worried about Aya.  Ju was another story all together not that it mattered much.  She loved Naohito and as much as she liked Ju, he could take it or leave it.

It was late afternoon when Aya made it back home.  She’d worried about the conversation she knew she was going to have with Ju.  She knew he would be upset with her.  She just hoped it would be a mild irritation and not be a full-blown pissed off.  He wasn’t there when she got in and there was no note which surprised her somewhat.  She tried to call him but the call went to his voice mail.  She left him a message saying that she was home then went to shower and see what was available to make dinner with.

She was pulling her head out of the frig when Ju walked up behind her.  She turned around and bumped right into him.  She squeaked and he laughed.  She gave him a glare.  “I’m going to put a bell around your neck if you don’t start making some noise around here.  You scared at least a year’s worth of growth out of me.”

Ju just laughed again and pulled her to him for a kiss.  “At least this way I don’t have to chase you around the house.  What’s for dinner?”  When Aya told him he nodded his approval and licked his lips.  “That’s going to take a little while to fix.  Good.  We can talk while you are making it.”  Aya cringed inwardly when Ju pulled out a chair and sat down at the table.

He watched his wife for a few minutes and could tell from her body language that she was nervous.  He frowned.  “So Aya, what do you know about Amaya and Naohito hooking up?”

Aya tried to hedge around the answer she knew he was looking for.  “All I know for sure was that they kept it quiet.  If I hadn’t seen them holding hands at the bistro I would have been as surprised as you by the invitation.”  When Ju didn’t say anything she turned to look at him and sighed.

“I know you told me to stay out of it and for the most part I did.  We talked about him one more time after you told me to stay out of it.  I only told her that he was very young and very stupid and to give him a chance.   I didn’t say a thing to him though.   I know you don’t like him but honestly I was tired of him giving me those looks when he thought I wasn’t watching.”

When Ju looked puzzled she elaborated.  “I noticed that he would give me a wistful look from time to and it was getting on my nerves.  He knew that there was no hope I’d give you up for him or anyone else  but it didn’t seem to make a difference.”

She walked over to her husband and looked down at him.  “I know you don’t like him Ju but he’s changed.  He’s not the same man who I dated all those years ago.  He’s not even the same man we ran into a few years ago.  Please give him a chance.  Amaya is a smart woman.  Do you think she’d just fall over for the first handsome face to look at her?”

Ju frowned but he couldn’t really argue that particular fact.  Amaya wouldn’t be a pushover.  He still didn’t like it and he told Aya as much.  “I still don’t like it and I’m not happy about you giving her even a shred of a notion to give him a chance.  What’s done is done and there isn’t much I can do about it.  I just hope that neither you nor Amaya lives to regret your advice or her decision.”  He got up from the table and headed out of the room.

“Aren’t you going to have dinner?”  Ju just kept walking and shook his head.  “I’m not hungry.  I’m going out for some fresh air.  It’s stuffy in here.”  With that he grabbed the leash, hooked his pup up to it and both he and Apollo left.

Aya sighed and took the food off the heat.  He was mad but at least he didn’t do any shouting.  Hopefully the walk would cool him off some.  She fixed him a plate and put it in the frig, ate a little, then went into the bedroom to do some reading.  With luck he’d be back and in a better mood before she fell asleep.

Ju found himself and his pup at the dog park a few blocks from the flat.  He was idly tossing a ball to Apollo which the pup was happily bringing back for more throws.  He considered the situation.  Naohito would probably wind up hurting Amaya and Ju really didn’t want to see that happen.  He had almost called Amaya to try to talk some sense into her but it occurred to him that Aya’s mom had told Aya the same thing about him that he was going to say to Amaya, that he wasn’t good enough for her and that he would break her heart.  None of that was true and Ju was more than happy that Aya hadn’t listened to her.  The problem was while Ju wasn’t like that, he was pretty sure that  Naohito was a jerk and a complete liar.   He doubted if he could convince her of any of that especially when he had nothing but his gut feelings to fall back on.

He looked down at a nudge to his leg and found Apollo looking at him pensively.  He patted the pup on the head.  “Sorry dude.  Lost in thought.  Where’s your ball?”  He looked around for the ball, found it under the bench he was sitting on and tossed it out for Apollo.  He looked up at the darkening sky and figured he had about thirty minutes before the sun set.  He’d have to figure out how he wanted to handle the whole thing before he went back home.  He was brought from his musings by his cell going off.  It was Toshi.

Usually when the two talked they started off with a round of friendly insults.  When Ju just said hello, Toshi knew something was up.   “What’s going on dude?  You sound kind of lost.  That pixie you married finally wised up and dumped your scrawny ass?  Nah.  Couldn’t be that bad, you aren’t crying.  So what’s going on that has you so out of it?”

He got real quiet when Ju told him that Amaya was marrying Naohito.  “Where are you?  Okay, I’m at Yoichi’s…yes I know he’s out of town.  He asked me to water his plants.  Is that the dog park down the street from here?  Good.  I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.  We need to talk.”

Toshi was true to his word and showed up a few minutes later.  Ju clued him in on all that had happened.  “I take it you are not happy about the situation.  Neither am I.  I never told you this because I really don’t know for sure but you remember when I went to him about another van?  Well he gave me the deal I got because I told him that I had proof he set you up.  He didn’t acknowledge it but he didn’t deny it either.  Now before you go ballistic, he could have given me the deal because he knew you’d beat his head in before you found out for sure whether he had anything to do with it or not and didn’t want the hassle.  You tend to not want to listen to reason when it comes to Aya and your marriage.

Ju couldn’t argue with that.  He would have gone after Naohito’s blood with no evidence at all.   He frowned.  “Dammit!  That makes this even worse.  I told Aya to stay the hell out of this.  Wait until I tell her about this.  We really need to stop this wedding.”

Toshi agreed but with some reservations.  “Look Ju.  I know this is a bad idea…maybe, but Amaya is a grown and very intelligent woman.  We can try to find some proof but we can’t just go up to her with our suspicions.  You also have to think about Aya in all of this.”

When Ju gave him a puzzled look he continued.

“First off, Aya is not going to want to believe that anyone could be so low especially after he saved her life.  Second, she pointed Amaya in Naohito’s direction so she’ll feel guilty about that and third which is the most important.  Think.  How do you think she’s going to handle the fact that someone from her past almost killed you even if it was an accident?  The guilt will crush her and you know it.  She’ll think that because she didn’t just walk away from that dealership without purchasing anything because it was his dealership, that he would have never gotten any information on you guys at all.  She’ll blame herself as much as she’ll blame that rat bastard.”

Ju sighed.  Toshi was right.  Aya would beat herself up even if she had nothing to do with it.  The only thing he could see doing was trying to talk Amaya out of it.  He told Toshi as much.  “We are going to need some proof and I have no idea where to start.  Any suggestions?”

Toshi couldn’t think of anything.  Both men sat quietly for a few minutes before Ju sat up straight and turned to his friend.

“Doesn’t the hospital do background checks on people before they hire them?”  When Toshi gave a tentative nod, Ju continued.  “I wonder if Naohito and the board use an agency to do the looking.  Considering who he is, I’d bet my car that he did a complete check on Amaya before he asked her to marry him.  Probably used a detective agency.  He might have used the same agency to do some snooping on me.  If he had those pictures sent to Aya then he had to have someone taking pictures and following me or something.  Now if we can only think of a way to find out.”

Ju blinked when Toshi gave him sinister grin.  “You leave that to me.  You go home and keep that woman of yours happy.  She’s going to need all the happy thoughts she can find when this hits the fan.  I’ll keep you posted.  Later dude.”

With that he headed back down the street whistling and Ju knew from experience that the man was going to do a number on someone.  He was glad he didn’t know.  He gathered Apollo, who was taking a nap at his feet and they headed home.

Aya had dozed off while he was gone.  He looked down at her and while he wasn’t happy about her involvement, it’s not like she did a whole lot to get those two together and she didn’t have a clue about them dating or the whole possibility of a set up issue.  He sat down on the side of the bed and she woke up, smiling when she saw him.  He leaned down and got a quick kiss.

“I’ll heat up my food and be in shortly.  Go back to sleep beautiful.”

She gave him a sleepy smile.  “I’d much rather wait until you get back in here.  I need a nice warm, tattooed blanket to cuddle with.”

He gave her a slow smile and then a long, thorough kiss.  “Be careful what you wish for woman.  Now don’t you go falling asleep on me before I get back.”  She said she wouldn’t and Ju went to eat, all the while thinking that things were going to get ugly before it was all said and done.



Life is good…until it’s not. pt1

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Ju lay in bed thoroughly relaxed, watching his wife get dressed.  He enjoyed that almost as much as watching her get undressed.  He’d have preferred the latter but she had a job to get to.  It was an overnighter so no bone jumping for at least twenty-four hours.   He sighed.

Aya had been at him for most of two days when he mistakenly walked in dressed in the kimono he had to wear for a photo shoot.   He’d totally forgotten that seeing him in one was a major button for her.  Add to that his all black hair and it’s a wonder she didn’t turn down the current job just so she could go at him again.

Aya knew he was watching her get dressed and had a pretty good idea what was running through his mind.  She purposely took the job to get a break.  While she may have been doing the chasing, he was giving all he had to the cause and she was a little worn out.  A day away to gather her strength and she could give back what he was dishing out and then some.  She smiled evilly.  If he only knew.  She jumped a little when he called her name from directly behind her.  She hadn’t noticed him getting up much less heard what he’d asked her.

Ju put his hands around her waist and his head on her shoulder.  “What’s with the space cadet look?  I simply asked you what time you think you’ll be home tomorrow.”

She turned in his arms to tell him when she noticed he was naked as a newborn.  The smile she gave him made him blink.  “I’ll be home as soon as tomorrow afternoon so you’d better get all the rest you can.  Naked is what you will spending most of the evening being.  You got your kimono jumping.  Tomorrow will be your hair jumping.  You’ve been warned.  Now I would suggest you take that sexy naked body to the shower or I’m going to play with you just long enough to get you hot and bothered, then go to work.”

Ju tsked her.  “You would get the awesome one waving at you and leave?  You’re a mean woman.  I think I’m going to make you pay for that.”   He didn’t squawk when Aya ran her hands into his hair and pulled him down for a breath stealer.

“Is that a promise or a threat my magnificent beast?”

He grinned.  “How about a whole lot of both?”  He turned her loose so she could finish getting dressed while he went to shower.

She just watched him go with a smile on her face.  He had a show later and she would have loved to go but the bills still needed paying so she finished getting dressed then went to make breakfast for them both.

She picked up the post before entering the kitchen and went through it, pulling out bills and dumping trash.  They had both been too into each other to worry about mail the night before.  She spotted a fancy envelope and opened it.  She was glad afterwards that they hadn’t opened the mail yesterday.  It was an invitation to the wedding of Naohito and Amaya.

Aya grinned.  She hadn’t spoken to Amaya much since finding her and Naohito together.  Her magnificent beast had kept her busy when she wasn’t working.  She looked at the date and put that memory of hers to work.  Ju had a show that day so he wouldn’t make it which was probably a good thing.  He’d probably grumble through the whole thing.  The question now was should she even tell him.

She actually squeaked when he asked her what she was looking at.  The man moved as quietly as a cat.  She hadn’t heard him come into the room.  She turned to show him and promptly forgot all about the invitation.  He was standing there dripping water on the floor, holding a towel that barely covered his dangly bits and looking delicious.  The smile she gave him made him grin.

“I’m out of conditioner.  I was wondering if we had anymore somewhere and if you don’t stop smiling at me like that you are going to be very late getting to your job.”

Aya sighed at that because it was true so she just told him where the conditioner was, warned him it was apple scented and licked her lips as she watched him head back to the bathroom, the invitation all but forgotten on the dining room table.  She turned and headed into the kitchen to fix them something to eat.

She had just finished plating up when he stormed into the kitchen in a huff brandishing the invitation like a sword.

“So when were you going to tell me about this?  How long have they been seeing each other?  I know you know.  Spill woman.”

Aya calmly took a sip of tea and motioned for him to sit down and eat.  “I was going to tell you  but when you paraded in here dripping sex all over the place, I got distracted.  As for how long they’ve been seeing each other, I don’t know.  She’s been very closed mouth about it.  I only found out last month when I ran into them at a cafe holding hands.  Amaya asked me to not share that with anyone.  I told her I wouldn’t volunteer the information but if you asked I’d tell you.  You’d better eat before your food gets cold.”

Ju glared at her but if Amaya asked her to keep it a secret then he couldn’t complain too much.  They all knew what his reaction would be.  “I don’t like it.  I don’t like him but there’s not a damn thing I can do about.  I’ll be damn if I go to the wedding though.”

“I understand and you don’t have to worry about it.  You’ve got a show that day.”  She finished eating and prayed that he wouldn’t ask the one question she was afraid to answer.

Fate was kind to her as Ju’s cellphone went off.  Since it was H he had to take it.  By the time he got off the phone, Aya was ready to leave.  She gave him a soft kiss, told him she loved him and made a quick getaway.  Ju wasn’t fooled in the least.  He’d have some questions for his petite wife when she got back from her job.