The kid did good.

Ichi made it to the house in record time with the beer.  Knew the brat could get it.  If he’s anything like his old man and I were at his age, then he’s probably got at least two fake ids.  The brat charged me a delivery charge but it was money well spent.

After I gave him a beer (I keep my promises whenever possible) and I’d had two, we settled down at the 360 and played some Gran Prix II.  He won a few, I won a few and we traded insults until well after midnight.  We talked too, mostly about his dad.  I wish they’d had the chance to know each other.

I called Michiko and let her know the kid was with me in case she called.  Didn’t want her to worry and threw a blanket over him when he crashed on the sofa.  It was still raining out but the time I spent with him took the edge off of my black mood.  I even managed to get a few hours sleep after leaving a message with Aya that I was okay.

The kid did good.  I owe him one.


~ by jujuken on April 25, 2011.

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