Oh Kami, there’s nothing like a little kink in the morning!

So I come out of the shower  and into the bedroom right?  I’m only wearing a little water and a little towel around my waist.  On the bed is my lovely wife who I wasn’t expecting for another 2 days.  I smiled and was about to say something when she slowly placed her finger against her lips in a shushing motion before holding her hand up to halt my progress.

She was dressed in only the top of her nurses uniform which just covered her lovely little tush, white stockings with lace garters and some very high heels.   She gave me a long  look from head to toe that made certain parts of me wake up and pay attention.  I stood there allowing her to caress me with those hot eyes of hers.

She glided, can’t call it anything else, off the bed and over to me where she ran her fingers up my arms and across my shoulders as she slowly walked around me.  Once she was facing me again she bared her teeth at me, it was too feral to be called a smile, and pulled the towel out of my hand.   Oh yeah, she definitely had my attention.  After tossing the towel to the side, she took both of my hands and guided them behind my back then pointed a stern finger at me signaling that I was to leave them there.  Who was I to argue with such a lovely lady?

I do have to admit that I was breathing a little heavier then normal by that time.  I hadn’t seen her in over a week and for her to be this close, in this frame of mind, was taxing my self control and I never had much to begin with when it came to her.  Especially when she was teasing my lips with that delicate little tongue of hers and pulling gently on my goatee, which drives me wild btw.   She used her hold on it to lead me to the bed where she pushed me down on my back.  When she straddled my groin I realized that she wasn’t wearing any undergarments.  If I wasn’t at full attention before, I was by then.  She still hadn’t spoken or kissed me and that alone was driving me crazy.  As if she could sense that,  she took my hands in hers, ran them across her breasts…no bra…then down to her firm buttocks, gave me another one of those feral smiles and purred,  “Did you miss me?”

I proceeded to show her just how much I had.


~ by jujuken on April 29, 2011.

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