Sometimes even I get it right

   I play a pretty decent bass guitar with a couple of the locals down at Takero’s Bar and Grill.  It’s a small place, seats about 200 or so, at the most 250 if we pack them in like sardines.  Saturday nights are like that if there’s a live band.  Lots of local bands, some indies, small time stuff.   We call ourselves Lethal Wound.  Aya says it’s perfect because listening to us play is like a lethal wound to ones’ eardrums…ha ha.

Last night we played at the bar and had just finished our set when this little under dressed cutie manages to flutter her eyelashes past the staff and up to the band members.  She makes a beeline straight to me and asks for an autograph.  I’m quite honored as most of the time it’s the lead guitarist and the lead singer that get all the attention.   I hop down off the little stage we’re on to give her the autograph and she decides she’s looking for one of those “special autographs” that end in her under me in a very undressed position.

I told her very politely that I was married.  She said that my wife didn’t have to know.  I said, “but I would” which got a chuckle from her.   I told her that I loved my wife.  She said she wasn’t looking for love from me just some good sex.   I told her that I stopped having one without the other the day I first laid eyes on my wife.  She pouted and left in a huff.  It was then that I realized how quiet things had gotten behind me.  I looked at the guys and to a man they turned and looked at something behind me.   I swallowed and prayed that I’d get to have one last drink before my life ended, then turned around.  Aya was standing behind me with two bottles of beer.  When she handed both to the drummer I groaned.  Nothing worse then being in the doghouse but she put her arms around my neck, her nose to mine and said in that voice that makes me warm inside….

“I heard everything and I just have a couple of things to say.  I love you Ichihara Junichiro and if I catch that skank near you again, I’m gonna kick her bottle blond ass from here to hell and back.”

I had to deal with catcalls, whistles and jokes at my expense for the rest of the night after the kiss she gave me.  It was worth it though.  That kiss had so much love and heat in it that I wanted to check my chest to see if “property of Ichihara Aya” hadn’t branded itself on me from the heat.

I remember a time in my life when a pretty little thing like that wouldn’t have had to ask but once and it’s not like I don’t find other women attractive or sexually appealing, I’m not dead you know.  It’s just that I don’t want them if that makes any sense.  It’s like whoever is in charge knew what I wanted…hell…and needed if I’m honest, and gave it to me.  It’s almost like they/it knew it fucked up taking Hayato so I got Aya, not as a replacement, never that but like an extension to my soul or a patch to make me whole again.

Now no one will ever accuse me of being the brightest bulb in the store but I ain’t the dullest either.  I know a good thing when it’s given to me, so yeah.  Even sometimes a former delinquent like myself gets it right.


~ by jujuken on May 1, 2011.

4 Responses to “Sometimes even I get it right”

  1. And it’s reasons like this that I’m proud that you’re my Uncle. ^_^

  2. Thanks for the compliment. You ain’t a total brat.

    • Hey now! I give you a compliment and you call me a name! Where’s my love? Huh? T_T

  3. Hey now! I said you wasn’t a total brat so don’t act like one! Sheesh! You should know by now that coming from me it was a compliment brat!

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