About the little miss

My wife’s name is Aya if you hadn’t figured that out yet.  She’s 5’4″.  Weighs about…you didn’t think I’d tell you did you?  Hell.  I’d be in the dog house forever if I did that but let’s just say she’s petite and she’s very sexy.  She’s very intelligent… graduated from high school at 16 with top honors.  Is a private nurse.  Has passable cooking skills.  She’s good but not great and the love of my life.  Wanna see a picture of her?  Of course you do.

Cute little thing isn’t she?   Well my baby can do a lot of things but singing is not one of them.  The poor thing couldn’t carry a tune in a basket with help.  Her words not mine.   I’m telling you this leading up to what happened on her birthday.

Her birthday was a couple of weeks ago but because of her work schedule we didn’t celebrate it until this weekend.

I did the normal stuff, took her to a nice restaurant, got dressed up and such.  Gave her flowers…always a winner btw.  It was on the way back home that she decided she wanted to stop off at the bar.  I had no problem with that.  It was her night after all.

The guys were all there and needless to say, they gave her birthday hugs and ribbed me about the suit.  We had a couple of drinks and generally had a great time.  Aya’s not a big drinker and we’d had a couple of glasses of wine at the restaurant on top of what we drank at the bar.  I didn’t think she was sloshed but she wasn’t feeling any pains either.  She’d been giving me that “I’ve got another gift I’m gonna unwrap”  look for a while and who am I to deny her the opportunity to do whatever she wanted on her birthday?  Just as we were leaving, one of her favorite songs came on.

To my amazement she climbed onto the stage and began to play an air bass and doing a damn good imitation of my moves but on her they looked…inviting? suggestive?  hot as hell?  all three?   She waved the rest of the band up and they all played air instruments.   No way was I gonna let them have all the fun so I joined them, taking over the air bass from her.  She grabbed the mike and my first thought was “please let it be off.”  It was thank goodness so Aya did a lip sync to the song.   She teased me and mugged for the audience…it was late so mostly it was friends and neighbors.   If I didn’t know she was tipsy before, when she decided that some fan service was in order for my bass solo, I got the message.

Now I’m 6′ tall and she’s 5’4.  She had to pull me down for a kiss and to do that she grabbed my goatee and reeled me in for a breath stealer.   One…she knows pulling my goatee turns me on…when she’s doing it of course.  Two…the woman is almost as good a kisser as I am.  Three…one of these days I’m going to have to figure out  a way to keep her from kissing me like that at the bar.  The guys give me fits about it and I don’t want anyone getting any ideas that might get them killed.

When the little minx decided that it was time for another song, I called it quits, grabbed her by the hand and dragged her out to a chorus of Happy Birthday Aya!   I’m glad I had the car.  The woman practically was in my lap the whole trip, singing the song we’d just heard and putting her hands in some very distracting places.   I was about to pop a seam by the time we got home.   Now she didn’t stop singing, if you could call it that, when we got home.  She just got loud enough to scare the cats and wake the neighbors…that was in between bouts of the giggles.  What was I to do?  I kissed her to shut her up.   Every time she looked like she was about to start up again, I’d kiss her again which kind of sort a led to my current problem.  She said that I was the best birthday present a girl could have and that she needed to “unwrap me” which I of course had no problem with.   Shoes off, pants down, working on shirt off but then things got troublesome.  She had my shirt off my shoulders down to my elbows when she got this funny look on her face and the next thing I know, I’m on my back, arms pinned with a passed out woman on top of me.  I couldn’t get any leverage to move her so I spent a number of hours like that.  She made it up to me later but if she EVER starts singing again…I’m running for the hills.


~ by jujuken on May 30, 2011.

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