muns and muses

kiba: can i go home yet?

me: yep. but what i want doesn’t count.

kiba: i know~
me: things slow down any?
kiba: yeah, i’m just ready to be at home.  i have a bunch of stuff to watch
me: so do i but i got trapped in a vicious cycle and it’s ju’s fault.
kiba: oh?
me: he got so happy watching himself that every time i opened media player he was there.
kiba: rofl.
me: i finally gave up and have been reading all evening.

kiba: ichi: sings He’s so vain….

me: ju: i got a lot to be vain about. Ow! gets whacked by mun and wife

 kiba: ichi: insert nelson laugh here
 me: XDDD
 kiba: just wait until you find a girl, ichihara the younger.
 me: ju: you mean there are some that desper…uh sure there’s someone for everyone right?
 gets glared at by aya
 kiba: someone’s going to kick you.
 me: aya: is looking for biker boots
kiba: michiko: I have an old pair. hands them to her
 me: ju: What! you’re supposed to be on my side!
 kiba: ichi: is laughing
 me: poor ju. he gets no respect.
 kiba: it’s his own fault.
 me: aya: he’s gonna get kicked, is what he’s gonna get.
 kiba: it takes all kinds, i see.
  and yes, i want ichi to get a girlfriend, but not for awhile yet
  heeeeeet… mmmmm… heeeeeeeet… shot
 me: XDDD
 ju: het…yeah…now you’re talking… shit! aya will you stop trying to kick me?
 kiba: someone’s sleeping on the couch.
me: XDDD
me:  aya: and we all know who it’s gonna be, don’t we Ju?
me: ju: what did I do?
kiba: made fun of ichi, that’s what you did
me: aya: right now you exist. that’s enough. come on ichi lets go get some sushi.
 kiba:  Ichi is busy with homework and trying to figure out what kind of engine he wants.
  He drops his pencil. “Sushi? Where?”
me: aya: your choice.  ju’s paying.
 kiba: ichi: OOoooOOOOOOOO. Even better!
 me: ju: WHAT? why do i have to pay for….will it get me off the sofa?
aya: maybe.

kiba: rofl.  need to make a room to shove all of them in it… BWAHAHAHAH


~ by jujuken on May 30, 2011.

One Response to “muns and muses”

  1. LUL. So much love for them. So much love.

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