I should know better by now.

I play bass as a hobby.  I’ve always considered it just that, something that was fun to do.  I never had any desire to be more then just a casual player.  Speed machines and racing are what I do, who I am, not a serious rocker.  Actually trying to earn a lively hood playing bass would make it work and not fun so I’ve never paid much attention to anyone telling me to get serious about it.  All of the guys are pretty much of the same mind so when a few regulars suggested we enter a talent contest being held the next town over, to a man we declined.

I was sitting in the kitchen watching Aya cook dinner.  We were alone for the evening.  Michiko was working a night shift and Ichi was staying at a friends.  I figured I’d keep her company and told her about the request to enter the contest and our answer.  Now here’s where things got weird.

Without even turning around she says, “I’m glad because I really like my job and you’d be unhappy and sexually unfulfilled  for the rest of your life.”

She puts my plate in front of me and tells me to eat while it’s hot.  I’m sitting there with my mouth hanging open trying to figure out the logic in her statement.  She sits down and begins her meal without saying another thing.  I should have stopped while I was ahead but I just had to ask.

“Why would my getting famous cost you your job?”

“Because I’d have to quit to follow you around.”  She continued eating after this statement.


She put her chopsticks down and looked at me like I was the village idiot.  “You are very talented, handsome and sexy.  I’d have to go around with you to keep the groupies away from you.”

“Okay. That makes sense and thank you but why would I be unhappy  and sexually unfulfilled for the rest of my life?”

“Because we’d wind up getting a divorce.”

I put my sticks down in shock as she finished her meal and took her plate to the sink.  “Aya!  How could you think such a thing?  I love you.  You know that.”

She made water to clean the dishes and explained.  “Oh I know that silly but you know me.  Just to be on the safe side I’d probably have sex with you the minute you got off stage or out of the shower.  You’d be tired all the time because I’d make sure I’d push all your buttons.  It would start affecting your playing.  We’d start arguing about it and the next thing you know we’d be divorced.”

“So you’re saying that I’d be unhappy forever because we broke up?  I would, but why sexually unfulfilled?  Considering all the groupies you’d figure I’d have as much as I wanted.”

“True, but none of them will ever be able to press your buttons like I can.”

“And what’s gonna stop me from teaching one of them?  Don’t have an answer for that one do you Aya?”

She came back to the table and leaned over to not only get my plate but give me a very nice look down her blouse which I did before sitting back with a smug look on my face.

She took my plate to the sink, washed it and put it into the rack with the others.  I should have known that I’d never get the last word.   She turned around then and walked back to the table, leaning in and getting close enough kiss me.

“Because my sexy beast I haven’t finished pushing them all and just when you think I have…I’ll push some more.”

Much, much later that night…I conceded defeat.


~ by jujuken on June 7, 2011.

11 Responses to “I should know better by now.”

  1. The battle was magnificent my love. Any time you want a rematch…you know where to find me. Who knows? I may let you draw first moan.

  2. Any time baby. You know where I live.

  3. You know I try to give as good as I get and since you were sooo very good last night I figured I should give you a warning. When I’m done with you, walking is going to be difficult.

  4. Hmmm….walking is overrated my love and since I’m not working for the next couple of days………….

  5. Oh really? I have to say that’s a great way to get yourself breakfast in bed. That’s just fine. After I feed you, you get to feed the beast, again, and again and again if you are still coherent.

  6. Sounds like a challenge. Why don’t you close up the shop and put that sexy mouth of yours to good use.

  7. Already done. I’m gonna shower while you fix dinner and I would suggest you fix plenty of high protein foods. You’re gonna need em. Oh. I may or may not dress for dinner.

  8. How about you not and I bring dinner to you? I can show you a whole new meaning to “eating in bed”.

  9. You supply dinner and I’ll supply dessert. See you in a bit woman.

  10. She moaned first. Score one for the Ju man.

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