Get your ass in gear brat!  I know you’ve got finals right now but as soon as they are done…PICK THE COLOR FOR YOUR CAR!

You don’t want me to do it now do you?  Wonder what your friends would think of you in a neon pink car.  Consider that a threat.  You’d look real cute in this.  *ROFLMAO!*



~ by jujuken on June 10, 2011.

10 Responses to “ICHIHARA!”

  1. Two in the pink one in the stink? You’re a jerk.

    Still trudging though finals, so I haven’t had any time to look at that stuff. When I’m done and break I’ll go break out some paint chips and swatches and think about it.

  2. Swatches! ROFL

  3. Leave him alone Ju. We both know you’d never allow a monstrosity like that pink thing anywhere near the shop.

  4. No but the image of the brat driving something like wont get out of my head. It’s priceless! *is laughing hard enough to draw tears*

  5. If I didn’t love you so much Junichiro….what am I going to do with you two?

  6. I know what you can do with me but that won’t work on pretty in pink boy over there. OW! Dammit woman that hurt! You keep hitting me and I’m going to turn you over my knee.

  7. Not in front of Ichi you wont! I know how you get you kinky thing you. That’s just gonna be an excuse to put your hands on me.

  8. My hands and anything else I can get away with. Come here woman and let me show you how kinky I can get. *makes grabby motions with hands*

  9. *squeaks and runs out the room laughing*

  10. Don’t forget Ichi. You take to long and I make the choice. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to show your aunt that I’m not kinky. I’m a pervert. Oh Ayaaaaa! Come here so I can ravage you! BWAHAHAHAHA!

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