The Wedding

I told you guys about how Aya and I got together.  Suppose the wedding story should follow.  Not much to tell.  We had a western style wedding in a church…her mother’s idea.  Me?  I could have cared less what style or where as long as it was done.   Michiko was a maid of honor.  Aya’s mom, Matron of honor.  Ichi…well he was really to young to be a ring bearer.  We were concerned he’d lose it or eat it, he was at that age so we made him flower boy and made sure to only have flowers that were non-poisonous.  Good thing too.  For every couple of petals he dropped, he ate one too.  I have to say he was really cute though.  I’ve got a few pics I can share.

wedding pic

Aya in the church before the wedding.  She told me not to post pics of her in her dress.  Something about bad luck or some such.   She can be real funny about some things.  I on the other hand don’t have that problem sooo…

Me, the best man and one of the grooms men.  The short one, Ryo, sings in our band.  The guy in the middle, Yukkie, is my best friend from the shop.  He’s a pretty good photographer so he agreed to take pics for us.

This is a bunch of us in the main hall after rehearsal.  The ceremony itself was in the smaller chapel. That little thing in the front with the weird face is the brat.


~ by jujuken on June 19, 2011.

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