Hot damn woman! I love ya!

I’m an idiot.  I should have known better.  My baby isn’t about to let me get away with not celebrating my birthday with her.  How the hell she managed to change all the plans she’d made for celebrating on my actual birthday to a couple of days earlier, I’ll never know.  I do have a sinking suspicion that she threatened, whined, pouted, and batted those big brown eyes of hers at everyone involved to get them to do what she wanted.  What she wanted was to send me off in style.  She did and big time!

When I’d told her about the change of plans, she’d gone all quiet on me, kinda of distant you know?  I thought she was upset but didn’t want me to know it.  The little minx was working out how to get things changed in that scarily efficient mind of hers.  She left out early friday morning with barely a kiss and a hello.  Said she’d be back later and was gone.  I was sure she was upset after that.  Bothered me all day.  In a weird kind of way it helped me keep my excitement about the races to something I thought was manageable.  I tend to be like a kid on Xmas eve about stuff like this.  Drives people crazy being around me.  Apparently I was still excited enough to run the guys away for lunch.  They told me they were tired just being around me and needed some quiet time.  Won’t tell you what I said to that but we all laughed about it.  They came back on time and brought me a boxed lunch.  I eyed it suspiciously but they assured me that they hadn’t added any sedatives to it.  We worked for a few hrs more before the guys claimed I was driving them crazy and called it a day.  I swear it didn’t seem like I was any more nuts then I usually was but they swore to a man I was nuttier then usual that day.

To add insult to injury, Aya called and said she was called in on a job and wouldn’t be back until very late.  My mood turned to shit real quick after that so the guys told me to clean up and we could hang out at the bar until it was time for Aya to get in and then they’d drop and I quote; “your drunk ass” off at home.  It was better then sitting around spasming  so I did.

Yukkie insisted that he drive since he swore I was gonna get sloshed.  He was probably right about that and since alcohol and motorcycles don’t mix, I took him up on the offer.  He picked me up about an hour later.  We pulled into the parking lot and I noticed that there were a lot of cars for that time of day which was odd considering there wasn’t any lives going on until next weekend.  I didn’t pay much attention one way or the other.  My mind was on getting a nice cold draft beer to start out my evening.   I figured we could have a few while we waited for the rest of the crew.  I hadn’t seen any of their cars in the lot.  But since we were early, we may as well make the most of it.

I was surprised to find Megumi working the to go sales counter.  She hated it…no tips.  She was the biggest flirt in the place and had stepped wrong with Aya more then once.  She always looked at me like a starving man would look at a buffet table.  Not long after Aya started coming to the bar she called her out about it.  Aya doesn’t fight though she does know some fairly lethal self defense moves but she can make you feel like the most ignorant person on the planet with that smart mouth of hers.  She tore into the poor woman with that college education and almost flawless memory of hers and only stopped insulting her with big words long enough to ask if she needed her to draw pictures so her puny brain could understand.  Then Aya proceeded to draw stick figures on a napkin labeling me, her and Megumi with her head very much not on her shoulders.  Megumi steered clear of her after that but she still looked at me like that when Aya wasn’t around.  The fact that she didn’t should have tipped me off.  I just assumed she was upset about tending the store.

It was noisy in the bar area and very dark.  When we walked into the bar itself, Yukkie put up his arm to stop me, shouted “one, two, three” and the lights came on to a chorus of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”  I just stood there with my mouth hanging open trying to figure out what the hell dimension I’d stepped into or whether I was suffering from an alcohol induced delusion without the alcohol.  A light touch on my cheek brought me back to reality and I looked down to see my wife beaming at me.  I couldn’t help it.  I picked her up and tried to kiss her face off.  I was happy and relieved that she wasn’t upset and amazed that she was able to pull this off.  I told her as much.  She called me silly, told me that she loved me and to go greet my guests.   All the guys from the shop were there.  The band was there and of course Michi and the brat were there along with a few dozen of our closest friends.   Lots of drinking, laughing and joking occurred and picture taking.

Aya and some of the regulars.

Part of the spread.

Me and some of the guys.  I’d had a few by then.

Me and Atsushi, the bar owner.

Needless to say I had a great time.  Things only got better after I got home.  Aya gave me this for a gift:

We finished off the night with what I call a “slow and tender”.   It was too.  It was so intense that it had us both shaking and her in tears which was a little alarming until she explained that it was just me claiming her heart all over again.  That made me grin and I uhm showed her my thanks by doing it again.  Probably would have tried for three if she hadn’t curled up and fell asleep on me.  It was for the best.  She’d been a busy little minx and I had to get up for the trip in a few hours.   All in all it was one of the best birthdays I’d ever had.

Me Saturday morning.  Aya told me I had to put this in.  😛


~ by jujuken on June 28, 2011.

One Response to “Hot damn woman! I love ya!”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself love. Just seeing that last picture made all my hard work worth it. XD

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