In the course of a rather interesting and personal conversation with the wife, I asked her what the first thing was that she noticed about me after I had healed of course.  What she said rather surprised me.  She said that she thought I had the sexiest mouth she’d ever seen!  I would have never expected that my mouth would have gotten her attention.  My smile maybe or my excellent physic but not my mouth.  She said that I had one of those mouths that made her want to crawl in and take up shop whatever that meant.  I never really paid much attention to that part of my anatomy other then the usual hygiene stuff.  It’s very useful for a host of things some of which I’m sure she appreciates but other then that…meeh.

It does explain a few things.  She has always stared at me, my face that is.  I know I’m a handsome devil but really.  I also know why she was so invested in my winning that bet with doctor asshole.  She was dieing to kiss me.  She still loves kissing me.  I’m not talking about those little pecks or even the mashing of lips.  I mean those full on tonsil massaging kisses that make me want to do improper things to her.  It took a while for me to get used to her doing that so often.  Those kisses made parts of me take immediate notice.  That reaction has lessened with time but I’m not totally immune to them.  She does do the other kind of kisses but if I let her, she’d happily spend an evening sitting in my lap and necking like a teenager which always leads to mega make out sessions which lead to other things.  I’m so not complaining believe me.

Now if I could just get her to stop giving me those breath stealers in front of the guys.   I never hear the end of it after one of those.  It’s my own fault I guess.  The first time she gave me one of those at the bar was just before we were married.  The place was closed and we were just hanging out getting sloshed.  She never did have much head for alcohol and she’d had a few.  She’d been watching me intensely for about twenty minutes without saying much when she suddenly called me over, pulled me down to her level by my goatee, told you what that does, and kissed me like I was dinner and she was a hungry shark.  I didn’t realize I’d pretty much cleared the table and had her on it devouring her until I registered that we had a very vocal audience.

To her credit, Aya just tugged on her top a bit and tried to tuck my shirt back in my pants as if nothing unusual was going on.  I on the other hand was torn between being mortified or pissed that they’d stopped my fun.  I opted for pissed.  I tossed my baby over my shoulder like a caveman and left the bar.  She waved drunkenly at them and I flipped the lot of them off as I left to a chorus of catcalls and whistles.   They put a sign on the table that read “reserved for Ju and Aya” and no one was allowed to sit at it except us and only if we were both there.  This went on for about a month before I threatened to stop coming if they didn’t stop.  Jealous bastards.  They wished they had it so good.

Now if you’ll excuse me.  The misses is giving me that look and has been licking those lips of hers like she’s about to have a tasty treat.  Talk to you guys much much later.


~ by jujuken on July 1, 2011.

23 Responses to “Kisses”

  1. I do love that sexy mouth of yours and in my defense, we were both younger and you know what alcohol does to me. It’s one reason why I don’t drink much. Besides, I was already sitting on the table so it’s not like you threw me up there or anything which would have been real sexy and caveman like too and would have probably made me even………..okay. Next topic.

  2. Oh! So you really like it when I show off my manly strength. Is that why you always wrap your legs around me so tightly and grind your hips into…..okay do I get to choose the next topic?

  3. Only if it involves you, me, and testing the limits of your manly strength.

  4. We’ve been married to long if you can read my mind that easily. XD

  5. It wasn’t your mind I was reacting to my love.

  6. Woman, if you keep “reacting” like you are right now, I don’t think we are going to make it to the bedroom. Besides…it’s late. We should be in bed by now anyway.

  7. It sure is baby. The sun will be setting in about five hours. I don’t know how you are going to get up in the morning. LOL

  8. Thanks to you I’m already up. I’m assuming that you are going to remedy this situation since you created it.

  9. My! My! So you are! You are my Energizer bunny. Come on bunny-chan and I’ll scratch you behind the ears before showing you JUST how many situations I CAN create.

  10. Hey! How can I project a manly image if you call me bunny-chan? I….damn woman do that again and I’m gonna forget the manly and bunny hop on you right here right now.

  11. Mmmm…sounds tempting but I doubt Michiko and Ichi would enjoy the show. How about a compromise? You can lift me up so I can wrap my legs around you and get some good ideas for creating those situations and you can bunny hop me in our bedroom.

  12. Works for me. Just remember…the Energizer bunny keeps going and going and we’ve got a lot of daylight and moonlight to go.

  13. No use in wasting any of it. Come on lover. Time to see just how long those batteries last. Have I told you I love lately?

  14. Yep but I can never hear it enough.

  15. Much later………

    Ju..I’m hungry. It’s way past time for dinner. Let me up.

  16. Mmmm…you’re good enough a dinner for me.

  17. Ju! Will you stop that? JU!!!

  18. Stop squirming woman! I’m not finished with you yet!

  19. Don’t make me get the hose! Dinner…as in real food…then dessert! I need all the energy I can get to keep up with you! What’s gotten into you?

  20. *sigh* If you insist. Pizza or Chinese? I’ve got 20 minutes to play with you until they get here and it’s not what’s gotten into me but what’s about to get into you.

  21. Stop you pervert! Chinese and what makes you think I’m staying here with you for another twenty minutes? Oh! OH! Ooooh!

  22. Yessss and the Chinese place is busy. It’s gonna take at least 45 minutes for them to get here. I’d say that was time enough for another round.

  23. Remind me to have you neutered later. Mmmm…much later.

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