It’s been four weeks not three….

and I haven’t seen Aya in all that time.  I’m pissed because she knows how I feel about this type of assignment but she took it any way and I’m not talking about the length which is bad enough.  I’m talking about terminal cases involving kids.

This kid is ten with a brain tumor and parents who think their jobs are more important then spending the last few weeks of their kids life with the kid.  Aya has called me in tears on more then one occasion.  She’s practically been the poor boy’s parents for all this time.  Reading to him, playing games when he could and holding his hand when he was hurting.

She called last night to say the kid had slipped into a coma.  I know I’m going to have to put her back together when this boy passes.  Nurse or not, sick kids do things to her.  That’s why we agreed no terminal children.  I’m glad the kid had someone with him who cared but he’s not the one who is going to have to hold her while she cries her heart out after he’s gone.  She’ll be cool and professional until she sees me then the storm will break.

The phone is ringing and I’ve got a bad feeling.  Be right back.


Back.  I knew it.  She’ll be home tomorrow.  She sounded like a robot.  She’s gonna be a mess when I see her.  Damn it all to hell!  We are going to have a long talk when I think she’s ready.  I’m not gonna do this again.  I love her too much to see her tearing herself up like this.


~ by jujuken on August 1, 2011.

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