It was late afternoon when Juken finally emerged from his bedroom looking like a raccoon with dark circles under his eyes.  He could have used more sleep but nature called and once that happened and was taken care of, anxiousness took over and he couldn’t go back to sleep.

Aya had given him some lunch and was now giving him the “I’m going to hit you with something if you don’t sit down” look.  He didn’t quite ignore her, just made sure he was out of easy reach.

“Does he usually sleep this late?  Figures the brat would sleep in when I want to talk to him.  You don’t think he’s awake and just avoiding me do you?  Aya…Aya….AYA!  WOMAN WILL YOU ANSWER ME?!”


~ by jujuken on August 14, 2011.

37 Responses to “Anxious”

  1. Aya put down the magazine she was looking through and sighed.

    “It’s Sunday. He doesn’t have school and there is no reason why he shouldn’t sleep in. He’ll get up soon now will you PLEASE sit down? You are beginning to work my nerves. He’ll be up soon love. Nature will make sure of that.”

  2. Ju sighed and walked over to the sofa where his wife was sitting. He pulled the magazine from her hands and tossed it on the table.

    “I know exactly how to get him up. I swear it never fails.”

    With that cryptic remark, he sat down, pulled Aya into his lap and began nibbling on her neck. Coming up for air he said, “Without fail the brat always shows up when we’ve got a make out session going…if it’s during the day at least. Knowing his bad timing, he should be in here by the time I’m ready to throw you down on the sofa and have at you right here.”

  3. Aya was to busy enjoying the nibbling to answer but considering the last couple of times they’d been “playing” during the day, Ichihara had walked in on them. She just sighed, pulled on his goatee and gave him one of THOSE kisses. May as well play her part to the fullest.

  4. Ichi opened his door and walked out, visited the bathroom to do his business. He’d been out late with friends, probably watching races he shouldn’t have been and clubbing where he shouldn’t have. But he wasn’t going to tell his mother or his uncle.

    He was pulling a clean tshirt over his head when he finally made it into the living room. Ichi rolled his eyes and just walked past the scene on the couch. Water was what he needed. Water and something in his stomach. He wondered if he could get away with making Takoyaki again.

  5. Aya nudged Ju who was busy trying to get a hand up her blouse, his face buried in the crook of her neck as he sucked gently on the delicate shoulder he had exposed.

    “Ju…let me up. Good afternoon Ichi. I left you some curry in the kitchen if you are hungry. When you get through eating, your uncle and I want to talk to you.”

  6. “Got any eggs?” Came the reply from the kitchen along with the rattling of silverwear and glassware and the fridge opening and closing.

  7. “Fucking brat.” Ju mumbled before Aya elbowed him and nodded toward the kitchen raising an eyebrow. Ju gave her breast one last squeeze which got a slap on his hand and got off the sofa, following Ichi into the kitchen.

    “Yeah, top shelf in the back but you got a minute before you start playing chef?”

  8. Ichi was on his toes, hunting for eggs and had pulled them out and was closing the door when he finally looked at Juken. “I’m not playing chef, I just wanted egg for my curry.” It was a matter of fact statement.

    He considered his uncle for a moment. “What’s up?” He felt kind of icky but once he got food in his system, he knew he’d be better but Juken was delaying that. So the faster he got this over with the faster he could eat.

  9. Ju narrowed his eyes at the smart remark but let it pass. He wasn’t trying to start anything.

    “Well…uhm…ya see…I…uh…I just wanted to say sorry for the way I acted the other night. That’s all. Ya know I wouldn’t hurt your aunt for all the money in the world. I…I really have no excuse for it so do you think ya can forgive your uncle? Ya know how I hate…are you alright? Ya lookin kinda green there.”

  10. Ichi nodded. “Yeah and yeah, I can. Can… can I eat please?” He smiled a bit, pleading with his uncle. He wasn’t sure that his stomach would be able to hold out any more.

  11. Aya walked into the kitchen and pulled down a plate for Ichi. “Ju, let the poor child eat. He’s not looking to good right now.”

    She put the plate on the table and began ladling curry onto the plate then rice, got a glass of water and motioned for him to sit.

  12. Ju watched Ichi for a moment. “I know that look. It’s called hungover!”
    He started laughing. “Boy if ya can’t handle it then don’t drink it. You look ready to puke!”

    He slapped Ichi on the back hard enough to force him a few steps forward. Then picked up the plate that Aya had just added an egg to and waved it in front of Ichi’s face.

    “Come on light weight. Follow me. I got the perfect thing to help with that. Trust me. It’ll be worth waiting another minute or two now downstairs and I’ll give ya the plate when ya get down there. Aya…you coming?”

  13. Aya nodded and grinned. “Just bare with us for a few more minutes please?”

  14. His face actually fell when the food was taken away from him. The slapping on the back was annoying and he really wished they weren’t making him wait. They were probably getting back at him for being a jerk. He hated it when they ganged up on him like that. It didn’t happen often but when it did…

    He shook his head, wished he hadn’t and followed after his aunt and uncle.

  15. Ju just grinned and slowly walked to the door leading to the shop. He waited until both had gone downstairs before walking over to the door of his work room. He opened the door quickly, placed the plate on a nearby table then shut the door before Ichi could even see inside much less go inside. Then he and Aya barricaded the door, both grinning like two school kids.

  16. Ichi looked visibly ill. “Why did you do that?” He asked in a small voice. “Can I just eat first, please?” He was going to resort to begging… but then again, he could always just go to the combini if they were going to play this game.

  17. Ju glanced at Aya and grinned. He pulled her to his side and waved at the door.

    “By all means. Go inside. Your plate is on the table by the door.”

  18. “You’re up to something.” Ichi stated as he looked from one to the other and put his hand on the door knob and turned it. He entered the room and picked up the plate. Ah. Sweet food at last.

    But something still wasn’t right.

  19. Both of them waited for some reaction from Ichi but when they didn’t hear anything they went inside to find him busy scarfing down his food and not really paying attention to the room.

    “Ichihara! Jeez dude. Ya got blinders on or what? Look!” Ju pointed over to the wall where Ichi’s “car” usually sat. The cover was off and facing Ichi was this:


  20. Ichi finally turned around, he was shoveling the curry into his mouth as he did so and nearly choked. He put the plate down, coughing and beating on his chest. God if he threw up now, he’d never hear the end of it.

    Once he got the air back in his lungs and wiped the tears from his eyes. “That’s… what? That’s.. that’s not mine… is it?”

  21. A grinning Aya placed a bottle of water in Ichi’s hands and nodded. She went over to Ju, put her arm around his waist and beamed up at him.

    “It’s your car jackass. Sheesh. Have a few and forget what your own car looks like…well looked like. I…uh…well this is to say thanks for the other night. I worked on it non-stop for two days while you walked around me like I had the plague which in a way worked. I could do it without worrying about you walking in on me. There’s still no engine but…I mean if it’s too much, I can maybe tone it down some. I just…well it’s for you so…shit, I’m no good at this kind of stuff.” He managed to look sheepish.

  22. Ichi gratefully took the water and took a nice long drink, but something didn’t feel right. “I… I thank you. I… wow… um…” He wanted to go look at it but he was afraid he’d lose his lunch on the beautiful paint job.

    “It’s… there aren’t any words, Unca Ju… but… I really need you to move.”

  23. Juken looked pained. “You don’t like it do you? That’s…that’s okay. I mean it is your car and it’s the thought right? Well whatever you want me to do, I’ll just have to do it.”

    He rambled on while the look on Aya’s face went from proud to alarmed. She began pulling on Ju to get him to shut up and move.

    “Woman will you stop that? I’m not upset. Well not that upset anyway. Quit it!”

  24. Ichihara was really happy. He was so happy but his stomach was rebelling and maybe the curry with an egg wasn’t a good idea… or maybe he hadn’t gotten food in time. It was coming back up and he couldn’t stop it.

    Juken and Aya were between him and the trash can. He didn’t want to push anyone out of the way and he started to reach for Aya to make them both move, but it was too late, he doubled over and wretched on the shop floor.

  25. Aya had the good sense to notice Ichi’s gradual color change. He was looking green around the gills, a sure sign of an eruption and tried to get Ju to move but Ju being Ju wasn’t paying attention.

    “Ju I think Ichi is going to….” It was to late as the young man doubled over and emptied the contents of his stomach all over the floor,some of it hitting Ju’s favorite pair of shoes. She ran to the bathroom in the shop and grabbed some paper towels, wetting them first and hurried back into the shop. She gave a shocked Ju some towels and went to Ichi, giving him some and rubbing his back as he dry heaved. Once she was sure Ichi was going to be okay, she looked to her husband who was turning a few shades of green himself. Sighing she got the trashcan and handed it to him just as he emptied his stomach.

    “Men and guess who gets to clean up this mess and take care of both of these witless….” She waited patiently to see who would recover first.

  26. Juken was the winner of that rather dubious race. He gulped some air after emptying the contents of his stomach which thankfully wasn’t much. He could never stand to see someone vomit. It would always set his stomach heaving. He wiped his mouth with the paper towels and was about to throw them in the can when he noticed that Ichi had managed to hit his favorite shoes. He was about to go after his nephew but looking at the kid trying to heave up his stomach was revenge enough.

    “Damn Hayato. If you thought it was that bad you could’ve just said so. Teach your ass to drink too much won’t it and you are going to clean my shoes and clean up this mess when you get your act together. Aya, I’m going to clean off my shoes and brush my teeth….ugh. Take care of the kid will ya.” With that he walked off muttering obscenities under his breath.

  27. Aya stifled the chuckle threatening to pop out from Ju’s grumblings and his contradictory instructions. She turned to her nephew, a soft smile on her lips. Poor thing.

    “Think you are through Ichi? Come on. We can use the bathroom down here for you to wash your face and rinse your mouth out. May not be wise to face the wrath of Ju right now.”

    With that she lead the young man to the bathroom, rubbing his back the whole way and talking softly about how Ju hadn’t done more then grab a bite or two and went for almost no sleep to get the car done.

    She really hoped that Hayato liked it. Aya had never seen Ju put so much detail in a design. It was flashy but that’s what young people went in for but she knew that Ju would change the whole thing if Hayato wanted. He really did love his nephew and it hurt him to be on the outs with the teen. She told Ichi as much and let him know that when he was able he should ask his uncle about the work, the paints and all that went into the work.

  28. Ichi felt terrible. He really had tried to hold it and tried to get them out of the way and he didn’t want to throw up on the car, he just would have felt worse. He wanted to cry he was so ashamed of himself.

    “Aya… I’m… I’m sorry. It really is awesome, I really do like it, my stomach rebelled. I really needed to eat. I’m sorry. I’ll clean it up, I promise. I didn’t mean to lurch on the shop floor and I didn’t mean to hit Ju. I tried to get you guys out of the way. I did. Please understand, I didn’t mean it.”

  29. Aya’s heart went out to the young man. She didn’t condone his drinking at his age and drinking to excess but she didn’t want to see him ill either.

    “Shhhh Ichi. I know. Ju knows too or he’d still be down here hollering. It’s just he’s a little embarrassed that he wound up emptying his stomach also…and his shoes of course. You didn’t get much on them. Just a few spots so he’ll live. Baby…you should have said you weren’t feeling well and I wouldn’t have let you eat that curry. Some soft scrambled eggs and dry toast would have been better. If you think you can keep them down I’ll fix you some as soon as you clean yourself up some. I’ll clean up the mess in here okay? It would only make you sick again and believe me, I’ve had to clean up worse as a nurse. Now stop fretting and go rinse out your mouth and wash your face while I do the clean up and we can go upstairs together.”

    She smiled warmly before turning to get the mop to clean up the mess. She really did love the young man like a son and it hurt her to see him sick even if he did do it to himself.

  30. Ju had walked back downstairs to give Ichi a piece of his mind when he heard Aya and Ichi talking. If he’d been a stupid man, he would have been jealous of Aya’s attention to Ichi. He was by nature a jealous man but stupid…no. He understood his wife all to well and to her Ichi was as much her child as he was Michiko’s.

    It had been like that from the moment she first laid eyes on the brat. And she was right, he did love the kid even if he did give him a hard time. That’s what dad’s were supposed to do. Keep their kids on the straight and narrow as much as they could and he’d promised Hayato that he would do just that. He was relieved that Ichi did like the car. He’d have to make sure to tell him that Aya helped pay for the special paints with the money she made from that ill advised job she took. After he had shown her the car she volunteered to help.

    They’d decided to use that money for something other then going to the onsen that had originally caught her interest. Ju thought that it would make up for the grief caused if it was used for something else so they used part for the paints and planned to give Michiko some so she could take a much needed vacation. As for the onsen, they would go to one, just one that was closer and smaller which suited Ju just fine.

    He cleared his throat and stepped back into the workshop just as Aya finished cleaning up.

    “Ya feeling better kid?”

    • Ichi had a deer in head lights look. “I.. uh… yeah. I do. And I do like the dragon, I wasn’t being sarcastic when I said I liked it the first time… things were conspiring against me…”

      He really was waiting to be read the riot act, but it didn’t seem to be coming.

  31. Ju breathed an internal sigh of relief. The kid had him worried for a number of reasons. One. He didn’t think he had another feat like what went into the dragon in him. Two. Ichi must have done some serious drinking to get that sick. Wasn’t good for a kid his age. He cleared his throat.

    “We are gonna have a very long talk about you drinking kid. If you have a beer or two there’s no problem but you had way more then that AND you weren’t home which meant that someone had to get ya here. If I find out that someone was as drunk as you, I’m gonna kick his ass and if it’s a female…well I wouldn’t want to be her when Aya gets done with her. So you like the paint job? I’m glad. You did do good the other night takin care of your drunk ass uncle and his car which you are going to wash later…when you’re back to feeling human again. Consider it payback for my shoes.”

  32. Ichi nodded. “I do like the paint job.” Yeah he knew he’d be in trouble but it was okay. He didn’t say anything else, just went over and hugged his uncle.

  33. Ju was surprised when Ichi hugged him. He was unsure of what to do until Aya caught his eye and motioned for him to hug Ichi back. When he did he was flooded with memories of Ichi’s father. Ichi was a lot like his dad was at his age. Those memories, both good and bad, brought tears to Ju’s eyes. He gave Ichi one last hard hug then turned away from the kid to hide the tears that had formed in his eyes. He coughed to clear his throat.

    “You really do deserve it. You’ve worked hard in school and probably saved my life the other night. I know I disappointed you the other night so I hope this will make up for some of that. We still need to get you an engine and you may not want to say anything to your mom just yet. She sees that and she’s gonna blow a gasket.”

    He held out his hand to Aya and pulled the woman into his arms, kissing her on the forehead. “Come on you two. Ichi, you need to eat something light and clean up. I can take the heat for the car but your mom will own your hide if she finds out you’ve been drinking. I’ll give you the lecture when we drive to the bar to get my bike.”

    He winked at Aya knowing that Ichi’s eyes were probably going to be the size of saucers when he realized that Ju was gonna let him drive the mustang back to the garage while he rode the bike. He was still gonna make the kid wash his car but he was feeling much better about life in general.

  34. Ichi let go and nodded, he wiped at his eyes, playing it off like he’d gotten something in them. Yeah, he’d had too much to drink, but he hadn’t been expecting to walk into a mess of noise and his uncle making out with his aunt on their couch.

    There were times when he wished that Ju would just say what he wanted and not torment him. Sometimes things would go much smoother if he just said what he meant. But they were working out either way. “Okay. I’ll get a shower and then eat something.” Ichi replied.

  35. Ju nodded. “Good boy. I’ll see you in a bit then.” He then turned to Aya wagging his eyebrows as spoke.
    “Did I do good enough to get a little snuggle before you cook the kid something to eat?”

  36. Aya just laughed. “Yes you did good and no you do not! I swear I’m going to get a hose with your name on it. I don’t know about you but I’m going upstairs and fixing enough for all of us. You can come help if you want but no attacking! I mean it Ju…I know that look…Ju!”

    She ran upstairs trying not to squeal figuring that Ichi’s head would probably explode. Ju was right at her heels.

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