On being a good boy

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks since the “fight” and things have pretty much gotten back to normal.  We took some of the money that Aya made and sent Michiko to a spa.  She’d had a freaking spaz attack when she saw Ichi’s car but we calmed her down after explaining that it was a gift to him from me for keeping me alive and in one piece and that the car still didn’t have an engine.  I didn’t see the need to tell her that we’d taken some of the money and I’d ordered some parts that were standard that he’d need for building an engine.  Even the brat doesn’t know that.  I’d rather have some quiet now and deal with the noise later.  Aya…she has been especially attentive and I’ve been appropriately grateful in return.

She showed up at the bar last weekend dressed in this sexy little number I’d bought for her, some shoes that made me want to kiss her dainty feet, a new hairdo and hair color and looking very much not like Aya which was what the little minx was aiming for.  I knew who she was from the dress, I’d had it commissioned, but no one else knew.  She’d put on some big shades, talked a little deeper then her normal tone, she usually sounds like that when we’ve been “playing” for a while, and a little more makeup then she usually uses.

She made a show of making a play for me and I was very receptive which put the guys in the band and Atsushi in a pure snit.  Acchan threatened to whip my ass for messing around on Aya so we let him in on the secret early.  I know my friend.  He would have punched me right then and there so it was best to clue him in.

It was fun fooling everyone and Aya got her ultimate revenge on Megumi.  She’s gonna post up the whole night in her blog later.  To say I enjoyed myself would be an understatement.  She was in rare form and I took stone cold advantage of it.  I asked her why she was so frisky that evening and she said that good little boys need to be rewarded and since I’d been so good lately….

Now I’m torn between continuing my good behavior or going back to tormenting the hell out of the brat.  Wonder if I can figure out a way to do both.  I’ll get back to ya on that.


~ by jujuken on October 26, 2011.

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