Revenge how sweet thy name or summin….personal diary entry

I’m sure Aya knows or thinks I haven’t quite forgiven her for the other day.  I know.  I know.  She did it for me but that was something we should have talked out before she just jumped in and did the thing so now I’m gonna give her a little of my special brand of pay back. This is how the day started:

My little bird was pressed against my back, one arm and a leg thrown over me as usual.  I have to admit, it felt good but I was determined to not let her get to me so I got up making sure I woke her.   She fell over on her stomach, complaining about me moving so quickly and not giving her any warning.  I just grunted and hit the shower.  She was sitting in the bed looking cute and disheveled when I came out.  I walked over to the bed and leaned down like I was going to kiss her.  I didn’t.  I grabbed my watch off the head of the bed and put it on.  She opened her eyes and pouted for a minute before heading off to the shower herself.   I was so gonna have fun with this.

She came into the kitchen a short time later wearing a pale blue shift with her hair up in a bun, loose tendrils falling around her face.  The little minx knew I loved it when she wore her hair up.  I ignored it and asked what she was fixing for breakfast.  She blinked in surprise but pulled out the ingredients for miso soup, rice and fish.  Nice enough breakfast.   I looked up at a sigh from her.  The miso was on the top shelf…where I’d put it…and she was having a hard time reaching it.  I stood up and reached over her to pull it down.  I made sure that I pressed my body up against hers in a very suggestive way.  I leaned down into her face, close enough to touch lips and said “here ya go” then backed off and sat back down.  She licked her lips and thanked me in a stammering voice.

Breakfast was good.  I said so then stood up to put my dishes in the sink.  She was already there washing hers so I moved my arms around her to put the dishes in the sink.  When I pulled my hand back I ran it up her arm…almost.  Close but not touching.  Enough to get the fine hairs on her arm tingling.  She swallowed hard.  I still hadn’t so much as kissed her.  She turned to ask for one I think but I just gave her a hard look like I wasn’t interested in the least and she kept what she was gonna say to herself.

This went on for a few hours, me being close and almost personal but not.   She decided that getting out might do her some good I suppose so she told me she was going to get some groceries for dinner and did I want anything special.  I just grunted and waited for her to put on her shoes.  I met her at the door and offered to help her put on her boots, which I did but as I was standing I ran my hands up her legs and thighs like I had her arms.  When I was fully erect (get your mind out the gutter) I leaned down and breathed in her scent, my mouth just barely brushing hers, barely barely.  I pulled her to me, put my nose into her neck then whispered.  “I changed my mind.  Could you pick me up a six pack of Sapporo?”  I stepped back grinning as I said that as if I hadn’t just been in full seduction mode a second ago.  Then I turned around and went back into the living room leaving her standing there with her eyes glazed over and her mouth slightly open.  I couldn’t do anything for a few minutes after she’d slammed the door.  I was laughing too hard.

I took the time she was away to work on the rest of my scheme.   I had gotten over being pissed at her.  This was something we would never agree on but something that was normal between a man and a woman as able as my Aya.  She considers us equals in the good times and the bad.   I tend to forget that sometimes.  Doesn’t mean I necessarily like it.  Nor does it mean that I can’t get miffed about it.  It just wasn’t something worth staying mad over.  I got what I wanted.  She got to be helpful.  I was still gonna make her pay for it though…kinda sorta.

We all most always have makeup sex.  I think the little minx looks forward to it.  I know I do but we hadn’t and I hadn’t really given her any indication that we would.  I was, however, in full tease mode and it was driving her up the walls.   I’m so mean.

When we bought the building, I converted one of the spare store rooms into a small studio.  I had to have somewhere to practice without disturbing everyone.  It can be reached using stairs in the back of the flat or through a series of doors leading through the shop.  I have a small fridge, futon, my amps and such, and of course a half bath.  Shower and toilet is a must.  Sometimes the guys will use it after work if they have to be somewhere and don’t have time to go home.  They just bring a change of clothes and make use of that bathroom.

I took some of Aya’s favorite make out/love making music down there along with some dance music with a kick ass bass beat of course, some wine, and some assorted cheeses, crackers and fruit.

I went back to our bedroom.  I laid out a white wife beater, a black dress shirt, a pair of black dress slacks and some black dress boots.   I waited until I heard the car door slam and hurried into the shower.  I could hear her putting things away and from the sound of things she was still a little agitated.  I just chuckled and waited for her to come upstairs.   When I heard the door to our bedroom open and her tentative call, I came out of the bathroom dressed in only my boxers…the silk ones she’d gotten me…her favorite cologne, a towel around my shoulders and my hair pulled back into a ponytail.  She eyed me then the clothes laid out on the bed.  “Are we going out?”

“I don’t know about you but I’ve got plans.  What’s for dinner?  I think I’ll eat first.”   I was making a show of getting dressed as I said this.  The look on her face went from surprised to hurt to pissed.   She turned and stalked out of the room without answering.  I almost changed my mind but I’d gone through too much trouble and to be honest it was fun yanking her chain.   I called after her that she never told me what was for dinner and was answered with a “beef pot”.  The “you jerk” wasn’t verbalized but you could hear it in her tone.   Oh yeah.  She was riled up.  I hoped she didn’t shake the six pack up.   I finished dressing and hurried out just in case the thought crossed her mind.

By the time I got to the kitchen, she had dinner started.  I knew it wouldn’t take long to cook so I busied myself with setting the table.  I made a point of brushing up against her when I could and acting like I didn’t notice.  She certainly did.  I smelled good and looked good enough to eat.  She kept giving me these looks.  It was as if there was an internal feud going on.  She didn’t know whether to hit me with something or jump my bones.  I was hoping she was leaning toward the bone jumping thing.

We ate dinner in relative silence.  We weren’t talking much but that didn’t mean I wasn’t actually doing anything but eating.  Since I didn’t want to “get anything on my dress shirt” I was eating slowly, making sure that I licked any and all stray strands of juice from the pot off the utensils I was using.  Every now and then I’d lick my fingers or my lips while watching her.  It was all very suggestive but when she looked as though she was going to say something I’d play it off.  I’d opened one of the beers and thankfully she hadn’t thought to shake them up.  I had two with dinner and got a third when I went to put my dirty dishes in the sink.  She commented on me driving after having three and I told her it was my business not hers.  The look she gave me should have killed me on the spot.

She got up from the table and went to wash the dishes.  I took my hands and turned her around.  I pretty much pinned her against the sink and leaned down staring into her face.  “You have a problem with that Aya?”  I spoke it softly, gently, with a little bit of sex in my tone.

Her nostrils flared as the scent of the cologne wafted around her.  Our lips were close.  Our bodies were close, almost touching.  I put my lips against her ear and asked her again if she had a problem with it.   Her whole body shivered.  She placed her hands on my chest and whispered no.  I backed up slowly.  “Good.  Now I’ve got to go.”  I backed away from her, buttoning up my shirt until just the top of the beater was showing.  I gave her a long heated look, then turned and left the room.

I was slipping into my boots when she came out of the kitchen.  Her breathing was a little heavy and her face flushed.  She called my name and I waited as she walked toward me.  She looked up at me and told me she was sorry, for me to please be careful and could she at least get a kiss before I left.  I graciously accepted her apology, gave her a peck on the forehead, then grabbed my coat and left.  I took the mustang and left in a flurry of squealing tires and smoke.  My destination…the local flower shop.

An hour later, the heavy thrum of my bass could be heard faintly in the house.  When Aya came down to investigate she found the fruit and cheese tray, the wine and a dozen white roses waiting for her and one sexy husband of course.  She just stood there in shock.

“I thought you were mad at me.  Why…?”

“Oh I was but I got over that last night.  You needed to be taught a little lesson so I let you think I was still mad at you but baby…this isn’t worth us fighting over.  This is my idea of a peace offering. “

“Why all the hot and cold?  I didn’t know whether to tell you to just fuck me or fight me.”  Aya was advancing on me as she talked.  I’d put the bass down and turned on the CD player when she’d walked in.

“I wanted you to remember that the fucking is way better then the fighting but if you’d rather fight…….”  I didn’t get to finish the sentence before I had an armful of hot wife all over me.  She twirled the end of my goatee around her finger and reeled me in for a kiss that would have curled my toes if I hadn’t been expecting it.  It was all soft lips, exploring tongue, sweetness that is all Aya and heat.  Breathing became an issue so we broke off the kiss for some much needed air.  She nuzzled her nose against my neck.

“Is that a mic in your pocket or are you happy to see me?” How she managed to make something so corny and cliched sound so damn sexy is beyond me.

I put a finger under her chin and tipped her head up.  “It’s all about the happy, woman, and you make me very, very happy.”   I gave her another long lingering kiss before backing up from her.  I went over to the door and locked it.  Didn’t want any unsuspecting visitors to walk in on us.  As I walked back to where she was standing, I pulled my shirt out of my pants and began to unbutton it.  I left it on but let it swing wide open as I walked.  It was pure effect but I know my wife.  I know what turns her on about me and sophisticated sexy drove her nuts.  Even I have to admit I look good in black dress clothes.   I stopped just short of her and stretched out my hand to her.  She took it and I pulled her in close to me.  One of those mushy slow songs that she likes was playing.   We danced slowly to the song.  I tried to plaster my body to hers so she could feel every inch of me, so I could feel every inch of her.  We kissed as I ran my hand down her back and over her pert little ass.

I swept her up into my arms as the song ended and carried her to the futon.  I sat down with her in my lap and began nibbling on her neck.  I wished, and not for the first time, that she had worn something either two piece or with buttons.  I wanted to feel her under my hands but I wasn’t quite ready to disrobe her yet.  I contented myself with rubbing and squeezing her breast through the dress.  From the way she ran her fingers through my hair I could tell she didn’t mind either.

She began to squirm in my lap sending delicious thrills to my groin.   I mouthed a now visibly hard nipple through her dress.  She moaned softly and pressed my head harder to her breast wanting more.  I managed to get a grip on it with my teeth and bit down on it gently.  She squirmed some more causing her dress to slide up her thighs to her hips exposing a nice amount of leg.  I ran my hand down her body until I hit skin.  I ran my hand up and down her thigh, teasing at running it up the inside of her dress.  Apparently she was having none of that and slid down in my lap even more, her legs opening, inviting my hand to explore more.  I did.

I ran my hands across her wonderfully soft skin till I reached the line of her panties.   I ran questing fingers around the edge before moving my fingers up and down the center of her sex.  My fingers pressed in enough to cause her to gasp as I flicked a finger across the little nub I found there.  I ran my fingers up and down the cleft, flicking her clit on the upstroke and pressing into her opening a little on the down.  My mouth was still worrying her nipple and she had a death grip on my hair.   She was making these soft little mewling sounds that were making me hard.  I could feel how wet she was through her panties.  I let go of her breast and licked a path up her to her neck.  She turned her head to me for a kiss.  I placed my mouth close enough to hers for us to breathe the same air but I didn’t kiss her.   I waited until I had slid my fingers into her panties and into her wet heat.  I worked two fingers in and out of her, my thumb rubbing her clit, mouth a breath from hers.   I kissed her hard as I worked my fingers in and out of her at a frantic pace.   She broke the kiss as she came, my name a moaned whisper from her lips.

When her breathing had gotten close to normal, she looked up at me with eyes still dark with lust.  She watched as I placed my fingers to my lips and licked them, enjoying the taste of her.   She called me a naughty boy before pulling me down for another kiss.  The kiss promised even more fun and by that time I was more then ready for some.   I have been with a lot of women in my life.  A whole lot of women but my Aya, if I hadn’t already been in love before we made love, I’d have married her anyway.  It’s not every day one finds a multi-orgasmic woman and she is that.   I have learned over the years to work her up to a big one with a couple of smaller ones.  I’d almost embarrassed myself the first night we were together.    She surprised me with her first one and it felt good like it should to the point where I almost lost it but I realized that it wasn’t as earth shattering as it should have been.  Okay so I’ve got an ego a mile wide and two miles long, sue me.   I thought some very unsexy thoughts to keep myself from coming especially since she was practically impaling herself on me asking for more.  Once I had determined what I had to do to fully satisfy her, the rest was wonderfully easy.

We were both breathing hard when we broke the kiss.  She sat up, pulling her dress over her head and flinging it to the floor.    She popped the front closure of her bra spilling her breasts out like two ripe peaches.   Her nipples were hard and inviting so I reached out and played with them both, twisting lightly and pulling gently before leaning down to mouth one, worrying it with my tongue before sucking on it.  She was making the most delicious sounds, that death grip in my hair back with a vengeance.  She pulled my head away from her and I moaned with disappointment until I looked into her face.  The look of want and need on that lovely face made my penis twitch in pants that had gotten too tight a while ago.  I ran my fingers into her hair, pulling on it until her head leaned back to expose her slender neck.  I bit her neck, sucking on the spot hard enough to leave a nice hickey, my hand tracing a path down her torso to the top of her panties then in.  I fingered her again marveling at the moist heat, her body trembling once again.

I whispered into her ear between pulling on the lobe with my teeth. “What do you want Aya?”  I moved my mouth down and pressed my lips against hers, asking again.  “What do you want my beautiful Aya?”  By this time I had two fingers buried in her as far as they could go.   I moved them in and out of her slowly, teasingly, twisting them from time to time.

She licked at my lips as she spoke, her hands under my wife beater, nails leaving a trail of sharp sensations as she caressed my chest.  “I want you naked against me.  I want to taste you.  I want to feel you buried so deep in me that no one else will ever find that spot.  I want you to ruin me for any other man over and over again.”  She paused for a moment, breath catching as my twisting fingers found a certain spot.  She began to tremble.  “I want to know why you are still dressed?!”   Her whole body shuddered as her second orgasm washed over her.

That sounded like a very good question.  I removed my fingers, licking them slowly and began to strip.  I watched her watch me.  The lust in her eyes was a palpable thing.  It excited me, coaxed me, challenged me, called to me on a primitive level that made me want to ravish her completely.   Her breathing evened out as she watched me remove my shirt, then wife beater and slacks.   She sat up and reached out to stop my hands as I got ready to pull down my boxers.   She pushed my hands away and slowly peeled my boxers down around my hips being mindful of the erection that was straining the material.   I sucked in a deep breath and put my hands on her shoulders to steady myself when she ran her tongue around the exposed tip of my penis.

She mouthed, kissed and licked each inch as it was exposed.  I moaned softly at each feel of her tongue on me.  She finally got them down to my ankles and I stepped out of them kicking them aside.  Through the haze of pleasure my mind was in, I vaguely noticed that she had lost her panties at some point which was fine by me.  I was about to make some comment about it when she took the tip of my penis into her mouth and sucked gently before slowly swallowing me down inch by inch.   She is very good at fellatio.   Guess she put all those yaoi mangas and such to good use.  Teaching guides she calls them.  They taught her well and she was putting everything she’d learn into pleasuring me.

She began to play with my sack as she sucked on my penis.  She knew just how much pull and squeeze I liked.  I was in heaven and it was taking all of my self control not to thrust into her hot mouth until I came.   I did run my fingers into her hair urging her to suck a little harder, a little faster.  She easily complied.   It felt so good that I just closed my eyes and moaned from the sheer pleasure of it.  When she started scratching lightly at that spot right behind my sack I couldn’t hold it back any more.   I tried thinking of anything other then what was about to happen but nothing was working.  “Aya…baby…I’m….com…”

She released me from her mouth and wrapped her fingers tightly around the base of my penis like a cock ring effectively stopping me from coming.  “Oh no you don’t lover boy.  I’m not done with you yet.”   I couldn’t respond to that.  I was too busy trying to recover from coitus interruptus.  I was so hard it hurt and she still had her fingers wrapped tightly around my base.   She motioned for me to lay down on the futon which I did…slowly.  She looked at me, the question on her face and I nodded.  She could let go.  She did let go with her hands but promptly straddled me and before I could say a word she had positioned herself and dropped down onto my penis.  She arched her back with a soft oh while I had the edges of the futon in a death grip.  She was moist heat and tight passage.  She fit me like a glove and she felt exquisite.  I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to.  I groaned and rolled my hips just so I could feel more of her.  Her whole body trembled.  Oh my baby was primed.

I rolled my hips again wanting to feel that tremble and was rewarded with another one complete with a short gasp.  Aya was breathing hard, her head down, tendrils of hair falling loose from the bun.  Her skin was flushed, her nipples hard and inviting.   I placed my hands on her breasts and began to kneed them softly as I rolled my hips, pushing myself into her as far as I could.  Every movement sent tremors through her body, her passage clenching and unclenching around me.  I placed both hands around her small waist and lifted her up until I was almost out of her before bringing her down on me as I lifted up into her, my hips rolling as our groins met.   I placed my feet flat on the futon, legs bent at the knees for better leverage, and increased my pace and the force of my thrusts.  She was whispering my name over and over, telling me she wanted to me to kiss her but the difference in our sizes and her position made that difficult.  I slowed my thrusts, wrapped her tighter in my arms and rolled us both until she was on her back.  Her legs wrapped around my waist as she ran her fingers up into my hair and pulled me down for a kiss.   There was nothing gentle about this kiss.  We ravaged each others mouths.  Tried to eat each others face.   I broke the kiss, trailed my mouth down her neck, licking and biting, until I reached her shoulder where I worked another hickey onto her pale skin.   I was giving her shallow thrusts the whole time but my control was about done.  I lifted one of her legs over my shoulder.  Her being so much shorter then I, this made her hips rise off the futon.

I continued the shallow thrusts for a space and then plunged into her up to the hilt pounding fast and hard.  Her body arched off the futon as I pounded into her.  I could feel her trembling beneath me.  She was calling my name, her fingers digging into my arms.   I leaned down to kiss her, practically doubling her in half.   She devoured my mouth, moaned my name when the kiss broke, told me to take all of her.   I was planning on doing just that.  I pulled out of her, turned her onto her stomach, pulled her hips up and re-entered her.   I draped myself over her, one hand abusing her nipples, the other rubbing the hardened little nub between her legs, as I slammed into her.  She began to tremble beneath me and I knew she was close.  So was I.  I thrust into her one more time and she came screaming my name.  Her passage tightened around me as she came and drenched me with hot come and that was it.  I came…hard.  I think I may have called out her name but my mind was awash in pleasure so intense that I couldn’t be sure.  I thought I’d die from the intensity of it. When the white light and spots cleared from my eyes and my mind began to function again, I realized I’d pinned Aya beneath me.  She wasn’t complaining.  She had this dazed look on her face which morphed into one of such calm and contentment that I chuckled softly.  Nothing like a good screw to make things right with the world.

I pulled out of her slowly and carefully.  I’d been rougher then usual and I was sure she was going to be sore but all she did was groan softly.  I managed to grab a few napkins from the table where the cheese and fruit tray was sitting to clean us up.  Gay or straight, sex was a messy affair.  When I’d finished tossing the napkins away, I turned to find my wife looking at me.  I raised an eyebrow.

“When I said I wanted you where no one else had gone, I didn’t think you’d take me literally.  I think I’m going to be sore for a while.”

I grinned but was smart enough to hold my tongue.  We snuggled together for a while, talking and laughing softly.  I’d pulled a blanket out to cover us.  We had some wine and ate off the tray and actually had sex again.  I was much gentler then before.  She’s sleeping right now.  I figured that I should get this in my personal diary while she was out.   I write these encounters down from time to time.  I go back and read them for “inspiration” during those times when she’s on a job for more then a week or two.  Remembering this one is gonna be fun.

~ by ayaichihara on January 29, 2012.

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