Progress report

The renovations have started on the space next door.  I had purchased the empty space to expand the shop.  We were going to knock out the wall between my shop and that one, add some bays and extra work areas.   Things are on schedule mostly because I’ve been driving the workers hard.  If I have to bust my ass they damn sure are gonna join me.  Between overseeing the renovations and working on projects I’d be  dead tried when I finally dragged my ass home.

Aya has been worried about me and has done everything she can to make my days easier.  She’s stayed up and made sure I had hot food to eat when I came home and a hot bath to soak in.  She’s made no noises about me falling asleep on her more times then I’d like to admit.   She signed on at the hospital on a weekend alternative shift.  She’d be on call all weekend working basically two twelve hour shifts just so she’d have some income coming in while still being around most of the week to make sure I was okay.   I’ll tell anyone and everyone that marrying her was the best decision I’d ever made and then some.

If  I can keep things on schedule, the new part of the shop should be ready in about a month.  I’ve got customers lined up already.  Going from a 3 to 6 months waiting time down to 30 days made a lot of guys happy.  The economy might be in the tank but guys like their toys and will forgo eating if they have to if it means they can do what they want to them.  I’ve been interviewing guys to work for me.  They have to be recommended, have a portfolio of their work and references.  Most of them I already know…well their work so I know who is a slacker and who isn’t. I work the guys hard but I’m fair.  You don’t want to work hard, go somewhere else.  You need a baby sitter?  I gave up that job once Ichi was of age.  If you more then blink at my wife…you just don’t want to go there.  I may let you slide the first time if it’s not too bad but she is off limits even in your dreams.  Doubt if that’s gonna be much of a problem.  Most of them know better and the ones that don’t will have to deal with me or even worse sometimes her.  She has no problem embarrassing the hell out of a guy.  She’s got a mouth on her and she can use it for good or bad.  I make sure I stay as much on the good side as possible.

Speaking of the devil, she just walked in with lunch and she locked the door behind her.  She has informed me that she told everyone I said to take an extra hour for lunch.  Looks like I’m going to get a little love in the afternoon.  I can go for that.  Later peeps.




~ by jujuken on February 13, 2012.

4 Responses to “Progress report”

  1. How did you enjoy “lunch”?

  2. “You were…I mean it was very tasty. Thank you. It was just what the doctor ordered. What made you decide to serve that to me for lunch, not that I’m complaining.”

  3. “Oh I don’t know. I was doing the laundry and it just hit me. Maybe it was having your scent around me without you. Whatever it was I acted on it and I’m glad I did. Go back to work handsome. The guys should be back any minute. I’ll see you later. Love you.”

  4. “I love you to woman and I promise I’ll try not to be here too late. I miss being with my baby. Now git so I can get some work done.”

    I watched her leave and sighed. Life was good. Now if I can just keep Michiko from killing me when she finds out I’m going to offer Ichi a job in the shop. Nothing major but he should start using what school is offering and it’ll help pay for his engine parts. He might turn me down but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now it’s back to work.

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