What did I say?

I came upstairs from the shop and found Aya on the sofa reading the latest medical journal.  I hadn’t seen her all day so I started a conversation up after I’d given her a kiss and gotten myself a beer.

“Ryu came by the shop today.  He gave me some pills and told me I should take one since I’d been jumpy as a cat in a dog pound lately,” I said.  She looked up then.

“You know you shouldn’t take someone else’s prescription.  It’s not safe.”

I nodded.  “I know this but he said I’d be fine.  It’s these blue pills….”  I looked up as she stood up.

“Blue pills?  What are they called?”

“I don’t remember exactly.  It begins with a V.”

She started walking toward our bedroom.  “A V.  The name starts with a V?  Are you sure?”

I nodded.  ” He said that I’d really feel better.  He wouldn’t give me anything that would hurt me so I don’t think…Aya?  Where are you going?  AYA?”  I went to follow her but she’d locked the door and she wouldn’t unlock it.  She kept telling me to stay away from her, that I damn sure didn’t need any help and that I was a pervert and could sleep on the sofa.

I didn’t remember until later that night.  I told her that the pills were Valiums, at least that’s what I thought he’d said.  She unlocked the door and let me in.  It wasn’t until she threatened to have me spaded that I realized that they were called Viagra and not Valium.  I got the V right at least.



~ by jujuken on March 10, 2012.

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