The opening of the other part of the shop went off without a hitch.  We did it up with a grand announcement, specials on detailing, balloons, snacks, workshops, live music courtesy of yours truly and friends and a “car” fashion show where some of our best work went on display.   Okay so most of them were photos but there were a few real cars to even things out.

Ichi was there, tripping over his own feet and from the looks of things charming the hell out of Tomoka as if the poor besotted child needed any more charming.  She was there looking cute and happy as a lark showing off her sketches and making goo goo eyes at Ichi, which was one reason why he was tripping over said feet.  Aya helped out with the food and drinks while Michiko took orders, negotiated down payments and generally kept the books in order.  The weather was nice so both of the ladies were dressed in cute little outfits which didn’t hurt the attendance one bit.  Nice legs are nice legs and this was so a man’s  event that they sure didn’t hurt.  I only got pissed once or twice when some brain damaged guy wouldn’t take a hint and back off the ladies.  But other then that the opening was such a success that we’ve got orders enough to keep all of us busy for the next couple of months.

Everything would have been perfect if Aya hadn’t had to leave right after we closed shop.  She had a job she had to get to and I didn’t even get the chance to thank her properly for her help.  Hell, I’d practically ignored the woman for the past week trying to get everything ready.  The only lovin I’d managed to get was a quick kiss as she was leaving.  Okay, the kiss wasn’t that quick.  I wouldn’t let it be.  To add insult to injury she was going to be gone at least a week.  Two weeks with no squirming in my lap, no soft touches or moans, no SEX! ARGGGGGG!  Sooo, I did what any other self-respecting man would do, threw myself into my work.  It’s not like I didn’t have plenty of it.

The week dragged on, turned into two and my growl got louder.  The guys at the shop…the old ones…just ignored me.  They were used to it.  The new guys took to hiding when I was really on.  Things came to a head when Ichi and I got into it about something silly and I called him an obnoxious little shit where Tomoka could hear me.   The little sprite got in my face, pointed toward the backroom and gave me the “move it or lose it now buster” look.  I just knew she was gonna tear me a new one but I went any way.  I was surprised when she shut to door on a seething Ichihara after telling him she had it under control.  She put her fists on her hips and gave me an appraising look.

“Wow.  You must really miss her.  You’ve been getting crazier and crazier the longer she’s been gone.  Well we miss her too you know.  Her sanity balances out your insanity.  Look.  You’ve got a good crew here from what I’ve seen.  Take a day off and go see her, even if it’s just for a meal.  Hold hands with her and tell her you love her or something mushy like that.  I’m sure she misses you just as much as you miss her though why I’ll never know.”

I just looked at her like I’d never seen her before and maybe I hadn’t, not really.  “When the hell did you get grown?”

She laughed that laugh that usually had Ichi dropping things and looking be-spelled.  She got up and headed toward the door.  “At least call her because if you jump on Ichi again I’m going to have to get really angry with you.”   The look she gave me was the same kind of look I got from Aya when I was about to be in deep dog shit.   I just nodded and for once kept my thoughts to myself.  Damn that kid for attracting a woman I couldn’t charm.  My only consolation, when she opened the door Ichi and a couple of the guys almost fell in and the glare she directed at them must have been a sight.  They cleared the door so fast it made me grin.  I shook my head and called my baby.  It was a good idea but she nixed it.  She would be at the residence all evening and of course guests weren’t allowed but it was good just hearing her voice.  As much as I was disappointed, it took the edge off just hearing her tell me how much she loved me and what she was gonna do to me when she got back.  I went back to work with a lot more peace of mind and a little less growling.

I worked well past closing, had some ramen for dinner and climbed in bed rather late.  I’d told the guys I would be in late the next day since the project I’d been working on was finished.  Funny.  Not one of them complained.  Wonder why.  The sun was high up in the sky when I woke.  I turned over and there was my wife.  She was standing at the side of the bed with her back to me.  She had on her nurses uniform, one of the dresses not the scrubs, and was looking at a clipboard.  She must have heard me move because I was too shocked to say anything.  She turned around and looked at the clipboard.

“Ah, Ichihara-san.  You are awake.”  She walked to the bed and leaned over.  “Let’s just take your temperature.”  I opened my mouth to say something and she shoved a thermometer in.   She picked up my hand and took my pulse which I’m sure was racing to beat the band.  You see when she bent over I noticed that besides her top being open way more then was professional giving me a nice look at the top of her breasts, she was wearing her glasses.  I looked up into big brown eyes rimmed by gold frames and got an even harder erection then I had when I realized she was home.  She stayed in her professional mode even though I knew she had noticed.

I’ve got this thing about her and those damn glasses.  They were a recent requirement and totally for reading but damn they turned me on something fierce when she wore them and her nurses uniform.  She took the thermometer out of my mouth and didn’t even bother to look at before announcing that I was hot and that my pulse was racing.   She pulled the sheets off of me exposing the tent in my pj’s.

“Oh my!  This just won’t do.  I’m going to have to give you some medicine to cure this ailment. ”  She was trying hard not to grin when I moaned at the thought.  She climbed on the bed, straddling my waist, her uniform going north until the bottom of her round little tush was showing.  Ha!  Surprise, surprise!  No hose!  How unprofessional but who was I to complain?  She leaned over and peeked over her glasses grinning.  “So.  Are you going to take your medicine like a good little boy or am I going to have to spank you first? I nodded that I would because quite frankly if she had smacked my ass I probably would have come right then.  I wanted to be in a different position when that happened if you get my drift.

Apparently my wife did.  She knows me very well and the naughty patient play is one of my favorites.  If I wasn’t up to that it meant I was too up.  Yeah.  My attention was brought back to the here and now when she sat up and began to unbutton the top of her uniform.  She didn’t take it off  just made it easy for me to see and touch her pretty little breasts.  She was about to pull off her glasses when I finally touched her.  “Leave them on.  I want to make love to you with them on.”  She just looked at me and did as I asked.  I think next time she’ll say no.  I acted like a man who’d been starving and was set down at a buffet table that was all you can eat.   When I’d finally had my fill she told me that the next time I told her to leave or put on her glasses she was gonna act like a real nurse and give me a sedative.  I’ll take my chances.  Her in those glasses just push my buttons.


~ by jujuken on May 1, 2012.

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