Oh God. I think I’ve….

Died and gone to heaven. My beautiful sexy wife turned me into a puddle of sexually satisfied goo on our anniversary. I mean she was supposed to be the one screaming names right? So why was I the one going “OH GOD AYA! YES! FUCK YES! SHIIIIIIT!” and coming so hard I thought I’d break something?

It was a setup I tell you. That sadistic sister of mine and Aya’s deviant friends packed her a bag for our stay at the hotel. I figured it’d be full of lace skimpy stuff and maybe a few toys I could use on her. It had the skimpy but the toys….all for her to use on me and she did with a skill that makes me afraid to find out how or where she learned it. Hell, I’m getting hard just remembering it. I don’t know when it happened but………………………..



~ by jujuken on May 26, 2012.

12 Responses to “Oh God. I think I’ve….”

  1. You called?

    • You stay away from me woman! I’m too old to be food for one of those sexual demons. I mean it Aya. There’s not enough blood in my body left for what you…what are you doing? Okay I know what you are doing but….omg…yessss…damn. Caught again.

  2. Come here woman. I’m done being mister sane and good. It’s time to unleash the sexy beast on ya.

    • Is that a promise or a threat old man? Oops. Got a little twitch going on do we? Want some help with that? I could always………Ju? Ju? What are going to do with that? Eeep!

  3. What, these? You know how you assaulted me with them last night? Pay back is me showing you how to really use them. Oh by the way, I had the cuffs. Guess who’s going to be wearing them in a few minutes.?

    Eeep? That’s all you can say? I’ve got you cuffed to the head board with an assortment of toys and lotions and I’m threatening to show you why the guys say I’m a perv and all you can say is eeep?

    • Well I could say hurry up and do something. Talk is cheap but that would probably get me into more trouble then I seem to be in already. Oh by the way…you are really talking to much.

      • I’m gonna enjoy this more than you can possibly imagine. Get one year older and you think you can out perv the master. The next sound out of my mouth will be me whispering what I’m gonna do to you next. Be afraid woman.

  4. I’m afraid I’m going to fall asleep if you don’t hurry up and do something. Ju? Ju? Junichiro! Not that anything but that! I’m sorry don’t….falls into a fit of laughing as Ju begins to tickle her.

  5. Screams out uncle between bouts of laughter. You win! I’m sorry! You can let me go now. What? You’re going to do what to me? That much?! Have I told you that you are my sexy beast lately?

  6. Not often enough but I think I’m about to earn one right now. Give me a kiss you minx. It’s gonna be a while before my lips are up this far. waggles eyebrows

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