Wearing my clothes.

It had been a long day in the shop. I had two customs to finish and some preliminary sketches to do. I hadn’t seen Aya since breakfast. She had a job for the day and had gotten back a few hours ago. I knew she was beat because she’d only had time to make a little something and run out the house. She had to be at her clients house almost at sun up. She usually would take a nap when she had jobs like that so I figured that’s what she was doing.

I went straight upstairs from the shop. I had to shower and leave for the bar. We were playing later. I saw that I was right about the nap. What surprised me was the fact that she was laying on the bed in one of my dress shirts and very little else. I admired the view for a few minutes before hitting the shower. The sound of running water must have woken her up because she was staring at me when I came out of the bathroom. Her hair, which was below shoulder length…odd for her, was gently tousled as if she had run her fingers through it to comb it some. It curled gently around her face and down the front of the partially open shirt to cover most of her breast. She smiled a slow dangerous smile. Oh my goodness! and I didn’t have time for it. I told her as much.

I went over to the chair and started getting dressed. Being on the bed would have been an open invitation for fun and games and I really didn’t have the time. Desire yes, time no. I asked her why she was wearing my shirt. One of these days I’ll learn. She flowed off the bed like a sleek jaguar and glided toward me with that same smile on her lips. She smoothed the shirt around her frame, ran her hands down her body, pressing it close too her, then she pulled the collar up and inhaled sharply. She said that it smelled like me in a voice slightly husky. I knew the look she was giving me and it made certain parts of me happy to see it. I reminded her I had a gig to play. She acted like she hadn’t heard me. She leaned down letting me see that beautiful body all the way down the inside of the shirt from pert breasts to the barest of lace panties. She sang softly. “If I could wear your clothes, I’d pretend I was you and loose control.” She kissed me then. One of those long, slow, get your attention, kinds of kisses that blind you to whatever else is going on.

She slid into my lap and my hands had cupped her bottom before I remembered that I was supposed to be leaving. I reminded her of that. She just looked at me like she was a lioness and I was a wounded gazelle. She slid off my lap and did that walk again until she reached the bed. She climbed up on it, holding a few seconds when she was on all fours, that lovely tush of hers pointed in my direction, before she slid down onto her stomach.

“I’ll be dreaming of you and waiting for you when you get home.” Then she was sleep. Just like that. It made the hair at the back of my neck stand on end. If she could be like that still half asleep, what the devil was I in for when she was fully awake? I just finished dressing as quietly as possible and fled the house. When I told the guys I thought Aya had been possessed by a sex demon, to a man they asked why that was a problem? After thinking about it, I guess it wasn’t.

I was dog tired when I got home. I showered and climbed into bed. Aya hadn’t so much as moved the whole time. I breathed a sigh of relief. I really was too tired to be at my best. As I got comfortable, she snuggled up against me. I looked down at her and figured it was just my imagination when she said quietly, “Get some rest. You’re going to need it in the morning.” and just like that she was sleeping again. She proceeded to loose all of her control in the morning. I haven’t decided whether to get locks for my closet door or not.

It was late when I woke again. The woman had tired me out all over again but since it was Sunday, I could sleep in. I turned toward the woman in question to find the bed empty. I spotted her in the chair across the room. She had her feet up under her Indian style and apparently had been reading a magazine. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Hey baby. How are you feeling? I feel wonderfully well rested. It’s been a long time since I’ve slept that soundly. Ju? Why are you looking at me like that?”

I asked her if she remembered anything from last night or earlier. She unfolded herself out the chair and walked over to the bed. When she reached her hand out to touch me I actually pulled the covers up and scooted back before catching myself.


~ by jujuken on June 10, 2012.

11 Responses to “Wearing my clothes.”

  1. “What in the world is wrong with you? Answer the question?” She narrowed her eyes a bit then answered. “I came home from the job, showered, put on one of your shirts because…I don’t know why really. It just smelled like you and I wanted to feel you around me I guess. Then I went to sleep. Why?”

    • I just looked at her with alarm. She’d practically torn my clothes off of me when we woke up this morning. The sex had been wild, hot, and rough. I told her all of this. She put her finger on her chin and thought for a moment.

  2. I thought about it for a minute. “You were awfully quiet for you. You just whispered “I love you. I love you.” over and over again for a while then you told me to stop treating you like a china doll and to and I quote…”fuck you like I meant it.” Which I did. You sure you don’t remember any of that?”

    • “Oh really? All of that? What if I told you that I don’t remember doing any of that? What if I told you that since I didn’t remember it doesn’t count and we have to do it all over again?” She was crawling across the bed practically purring.

  3. I swallowed hard and backed up from her until my back hit the head board. “You are so beginning to scare me woman, demon, whatever you are!”

  4. She smiled then. Her normal smile. “You are so cute when you are being silly. Of course I remember last night and this morning. How could I not have? You were oh so strong last night to leave me like that and oh so very very good this morning. To be honest, I don’t think I’m up for round two just yet.”

  5. I breathed a sigh of relief and pulled her onto my lap. I hugged her so hard she squeaked. “Thank goodness! You had me completely freaked out woman. First you were a minx then you were sleep in less time then I could blink.” I nuzzled her neck before kissing her thoroughly. “The sex was amazing too! I don’t know what got into you but I’m so not going to complain if that’s the outcome.”

  6. “Hmmmm….you got into me you naughty boy and from the feel of things you may just get into me again. Have I told you I love you to pieces lately? Oh yeah, earlier and repeatedly. Well I meant every last word.”

  7. “I’m gonna get into you again alright especially if you don’t stop wiggling like that.” She didn’t. I did. We both enjoyed it immensely and I’ve decided that locks on my closet won’t be necessary. Hmm…I wonder if I could get her into a pair of my boxers….and nothing else. It has possibilities.

  8. PS
    I found out the next line in that song which is: “They’ll be some heart breakin, soul shakin, love makin” I don’t know about the heart breakin but the soul shakin love makin was sure there. Damn.

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