By the time Sunday had rolled around Aya had tried her damnedest to make sure I couldn’t walk, to the enjoyment of us both I may add, and had played mother hen, cautioning me about riding drunk or in bad weather…yada, yada. I was checking the bike over and making sure I’d packed what I thought I might need when Toshi pulled up. We gave each other the man hug and I hollered upstairs that he was here and we were getting ready to go. Aya came down and gave Toshi a hug and a look that made his face go pale. I made a mental note to find out what that was all about. She then turned to me. She put her hands on my cheeks and pulled me down for a kiss that was long and so sweet that I almost dragged her back into the house. She told me to behave and to be careful on top of having fun. Then she kissed me again, gave Toshi a smile that was just a smile, and hurried back into the house.

I watched her go in before turning to Toshi. “Okay. What just happened?”

“Your wife kissed the hell out of you then went inside?” he responded. I gave him the look that comment deserved. He sighed.

“You remember that incident a few years ago when you wound up at the emergency ward? Well that beautiful wife of yours told me in no uncertain words that if you had been seriously hurt or died, I would be following you soon after. The look she gave me reminded me of those old yakuza movies. You know where the bad guys are about to do something you know is extremely bad and painful to someone…and enjoy it? Yeah that look. She gave me an updated version of that just now. That’s one scary lady.”

“I’ve been telling you that for years asshole. I don’t know why you won’t believe me. She can be a monster but she’s my monster and I love her. I also know her and she’s as good as her word. I would suggest that you be ready to take one for me.” I laughed as Toshi flipped me the bird. “Come on man. We’re wasting daylight.”

We cranked up the bikes and eased into traffic, Toshi in the lead since he knew where we were going. All I knew was that it was about 200 miles one way which for us is a short trip. We swiveled and weaved our way past what little traffic was on the road at that hour and hit the highway at full speed. There is nothing like the joy of flying down the road on a bike.


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  1. We had been traveling for about an hour when Toshi motioned for us to pull over at a small diner. He said he needed to water the lilies and told me to get us some breakfast. I shrugged and went in behind him. I took a quick glance at the vehicles in the parking lot. I always do. You never know what gems you might find parked in the weirdest of places. There were a number of street racers, one that looked like it may have been worked on at my shop and a number of bigger sedans, mostly black. The sedans tickled something in the back of my head but I couldn’t put my finger on it until I got fully inside.

    The place was a decent size, a little dark and about a quarter full. Of that quarter, I’d say half could have been models for any tattoo parlor in the world and half of what was left were without a doubt yakuza. I sighed and prayed that Toshi would hurry it up, keep his mouth shut and let us get out in one piece. He had a bad habit of saying what he was thinking. True to form the first thing out of his mouth was “Damn did we step onto the set of a cheap gangster movie?” I just sighed, and hunched my shoulders in as if I could make myself invisible. I’m six feet tall with sea foam green streaks in my hair and dragon and skull tats on both arms. Fat chance of that happening.

    I hissed at him to go pee while I got us two hot teas and a sandwich for him, to go. If he got the hint he showed no signs of it. “Stay out of trouble while I’m gone will you? I know how irresistible you are to the ladies. ” He laughed and went to do his business. I sighed and turned to the counter. The look I was getting was not very friendly. The fact that the only women in the place were what looked to be the wife of the owner and two young women who had to be his kids, they looked like him, was probably the reason for the look. I just smiled and stated that my friend was an idiot and not to mind him. The guy at the counter just stared at me for a minute to let me know he was gonna keep an eye on me.

    I was going to say something else when a hand was placed on my shoulder. I turned around to see a guy that was at least my height but twice my width standing there. The only thing that wasn’t tattooed that I could see was his face. That face was glaring at me.

    “You’re the guy that plays in that band at Atsushi’s…uhm…Bloody Wound or something like that.” I nodded. “Lethal Wound yeah. I play the bass.” His face relaxed a bit. “Oh. I ain’t lookin for the bass player. I’m lookin for the guitarist. That bastard has my girl gushing all over him and I wanna know why.” I told him that it was probably just because he played in a band that I doubted there was anything to it. That’s when the walking brain dead decided to add his two cents. I hadn’t seen him walk up or I’d have cautioned him to keep his mouth shut. Caution nor self preservation didn’t seem to be a part of Toshi’s personality.

    “So. Your girl likes Ryo.” He gave him a once over. “Gee I wonder why? Is our order ready?”

    I put my head in my hands. The thug was looking like he didn’t get it but some of his friends did. When the laughter started he knew he’d been insulted. I threw some money on the counter, grabbed the tea and the sandwich and started for the door yelling at stupid to come on. I’d made it out the door and almost to the bikes when I heard Toshi’s voice. I turned and he and the big guy were in each others face and I just knew this was already going to be bad. I threw the bag with the sandwich in a saddle bag and went back to the diner with both of the teas.

    I kicked Toshi in the shin. “Yo dude. Let’s go. Day’s getting old.” He glared at me. The big guy glared at me. The guys in the diner were all checking out the scene. Toshi turned to leave and the big guy put his hand on his arm, keeping him from leaving. “We ain’t done yet little man.”

  2. Back at the house:

    Aya was dancing to some techno music. She had the house to herself and dancing was good exercise. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do with herself with Ju gone. She didn’t feel like shopping. Michiko was working and Ichi was out with his friends. When the phone rang she was grateful to have something to do. The voice on the other end of the phone wasn’t one she was familiar with. When she did find out who it was and why they were calling the devil in her took over.

    “I’ll take Ju’s car. Where do you want me to meet you? Okay. I can be there well before them. I’ll take the highway. Ju likes the back roads so it’ll take him a little longer to get there. I’ll see you there. Oh wait! Where can I find you? Okay and you’ll be wearing what?!”


    I sighed. I just knew we were going to be involved in a brawl, probably get our asses kicked if we were lucky and not make it to the car show at all. I tried to reason with Guido. “Don’t pay any attention to him. He fell out of a tree when he was kid. Brain damaged. I’ll just drag his ass out of here. No harm no foul?” I was hoping the pleading look on my face would be a clue to that idiot friend of mine to shut the fuck up and pray we got out in one piece. You would think I’d know better.

    Toshi snatched his arm away. “Look, how about we see who’s a real man around here.” He took the teas out of my hand and pulled off the tops. Steam rose from both cups. “Whoever can drink these down without flinching wins the pissing contest. The loser apologizes and buys drinks for everyone.”

    I turned my back and acted as if we were doomed but I’d seen Toshi do this before. I’ve never seen anyone who could drink stuff as hot as he could stand it. Unless the human tree had dead nerves in his tongue, he was buying today. True to form, Toshi downed the tea like it was spring water. The goon wasn’t so lucky. While he was fanning his mouth and moaning, his pals were laughing their asses off. I grabbed the idiot, dragged him to our bikes and the two of us left while the getting was good.

  4. Toshi had the sense not to say anything until we’d gone down the road a piece then he signaled for us to pull over. He bitched about not having anything to drink while he ate his sandwich only to grin at me and the scowl I was giving him. “That’s your own damn fault! What in the world got into you?”

    Toshi shrugged and answered around a mouth full of sandwich that the guy was just too easy to pass up and that we were supposed to be having fun. I looked at him like he’d grown two heads. “Getting our asses whipped by a bunch of thugs is your idea of fun? Me and Kiba are definitely going to have a long talk. ” I fumbled around in my saddlebag and pulled out two bottles of water. I seriously considered throwing it at him with murderous intent but just tossed it instead.

    I was about to say something scathing when I noticed a car coming down the road like the demons from hell were chasing it. We had pulled off the main road onto a side road but we could still see the highway though it was a nice distance away. In case you hadn’t noticed I wear glasses at times. I can see just fine up close but distance is when I needed them so all I could see of the car was that is was red and the engine sounded sweet. It reminded me of my mustang but I knew it couldn’t have been. It was probably some car on the way to the show. I was going to point it out to Toshi but it flew past before the man could have even looked up.

    I shrugged, climbed on my bike and started it up, cruising back down the road without even looking to see if “brain damaged” was with me or not. He was and we continued on our way.

  5. Aya pulled into the fair grounds where the car show was being held and looked for a place to park. The place was crowded with cars of all types. She found a nice spot in a group of other muscle cars. Most of them had the hood up but she didn’t pay much attention. When she was getting out of the car a man walked up to her, asked her name, what kind of car and year she was driving and told her to put the hood up. She gave him the info though why he needed it for her to park was a mystery and put the hood up. She had been putting the car through it’s paces so a little cooling down may have been in order. He gave her a ticket to put on the windshield like the other cars had and told her to enjoy the show. She thanked him and turned around to survey the area.

    There were a number of tents around some selling souvenirs, others food, some had live entertainment , and others were selling alcohol. There were classic cars, racing cars, and motorcycles everywhere. Since she wasn’t hungry she leaned against the car and waited for either Ju to show up, as if he could find her in that crowd, or Kiba to show.

    She smiled as she thought of her ride there. She’d stopped to ask for directions and helped a poor man who had severely burned his mouth with some hot tea. The guys there had been very nice if a bit scary. Then there was the nice policeman who told her he wouldn’t give her a ticket but to slow down a little. She really hadn’t realized she’d hit 100 in the car. She admitted that she worked him a little. She was wearing a baby tee, low in the front and high at the waist showing off a little skin and a lot of cleavage from his standpoint. Her jean skirt was short and tight with a small slit up the back. She was wearing socks and running shoes. She was going to a fair after all. Comfortable shoes were a must. After lots of giggling, leg crossing and unnecessary bending, he’d let her go.

    Being a little bored, she looked at some of the other cars parked near the stang. Many were American made cars that she wasn’t familiar with as far as names were concerned though she’d seen them in movies. There were a number of men milling around, looking at the vehicles and few were looking at the mustang. Ju had put a lot into the car and as far as muscle cars were concerned it was a thing of beauty. His words. A couple of the guys nodded at her and she smiled back. She did keep an eye on them. Looking at the car was one thing. Touching it was something else entirely.

  6. Toshi and Ju pulled onto the fair grounds near the entertainment tent. Toshi had insisted and Ju didn’t feel up to arguing since it didn’t matter to him one way or the other. On the one hand it was farther from the cars he wanted to see but on the other it was right next to the food tent and across from the tent selling the beer. Worked for him. He waited for Toshi to secure his bike then threw an arm around his shoulders.

    “Come on slow poke. I’m hungry and thirsty for more then just tea. A cold brew would hit the spot right now.” Toshi looked up at him. “Didn’t you promise Aya you’d lay off the booze?”

    “A couple of beers won’t kill me and what she doesn’t know won’t hurt any of us. I’ll make sure to stop well before we are back on the road. It’s driving without that break that concerns her so unless you are planning on shaving your legs and putting on a dress, you don’t get to nag me.” He shuddered at the mental image.

    Toshi laughed. “I’ll have you know I’ve got great legs but Kiba looks better in a dress.” He laughed even harder at the horrified expression on Ju’s face. “Believe me. His legs look better and he’s got a great as…” The last word was cut off by Ju putting his hand over Toshi’s mouth. “Too much information Tosh. Come on dude. You are holding me up from my date with a cold brew and some grub.” Toshi laughed and the two friends headed toward the drink tent pointing at cars and bikes and people along the way.

  7. Before the Diner, Kiba Contemplates What he has Done:

    When he had made the call to Aya, he was still putting on his face. He’d had her on speaker phone and put it into her head to show up. He knew Toshi was coming and he’d never bothered to call Ju-ken’s number and it was just his luck to get the wife. Kiba would feel bad if Ju-Ken suddenly found himself alone when Toshi abandoned him for Kiba, so inviting the wife, or putting it into her head that she should come down, was worth it. After all, he was only thinking of Ju-Ken’s well being.

    The show sponsor had made sure he had a dressing room. It wasn’t much but it was better than what he was usually given at these kinds of events. He had his face on, now it was time to dress. For this event he had chosen one of his long time favorites, something he liked to call the Dragon Lord. This was going to be a hell of a night out.

  8. Ju stuffed himself on a hamburger and a mountain of fries, something he could rarely do. Aya said that eating American food was like eating a heart attack so she rarely let him indulge. Toshi on the other hand didn’t have that problem and indulged along with him. They washed everything done with a few beers before discussing what to do next. After much discussion, they decided to check out the vintage motorcycles since that’s what was closest. It was also Toshi’s favorite motor vehicle. Then they would head over to the muscle cars which was Ju’s. The classic cars usually got to parade in for display after the entertainment portion, usually as the last song was being performed. Neither of them bothered to see who was on the bill. They were there for the vehicles.

    The motorcycle section had old and new on display. Toshi was practically salivating over some. There were old Harleys, a few bikes dating back to world war II, crotch rockets, customized bikes, chopped bikes and even a few trikes that Ju considered getting for Aya until he found out what they were running for. After some time and a lot of whining from Ju, they finally headed toward the muscle cars.

    There was a large crowd by the cars that varied from old to new, sports cars and roadsters. He checked out a couple of American made cars, corvettes, and the new camero. Both had been detailed to the max. He spotted a couple of cars that he’d done which pleased him no end. They usually gave out awards for the best detailing. He’d never actually won the first prize. Honorable mention and one second place was the best he’d ever done and that was a couple of years past.

    As they headed down the line, he noticed a larger group of people at the end. He couldn’t see what was down there so he stopped a guy who was heading from that direction. “What’s down there?”

    The guy grinned. “One sweet as hell mustang with an added attraction. She’s sweet as hell too. Doesn’t know shit about cars but it really doesn’t matter. I didn’t know which to look at her or the car.” He shook his head and continued on his way. Ju looked at Toshi and shrugged. It wasn’t all that unusual for a model or someone modeling by the cars. He motioned to Toshi to follow him. “We may as well take a look. AT THE CAR ASSHOLE!” He whapped his friend on the back of the head in a good natured way. “You are incorrigible you know that?”

    “Of course. Why do you think everyone loves me?” Ju looked at him and laughed. “Keep believing that cause I sure don’t.” He dodged the fist thrown his way and the two continued walking until they were a few yards from the mystery car. Ju stopped, squinted, then shook his head. He took a few more steps toward the crowd. Toshi being shorter couldn’t see over the crowd so didn’t know what had his friend puzzled. “What’s up Ju?”

    As if on cue, the crowd parted and Ju’s mustang came into view. Toshi smiled at him. “Hey man. That looks like your car! What’s the odds that someone has a…HEY JU! WHERE YOU GOING?” This was yelled at Ju’s back as he used his long legs to good advantage, getting to and parting the crowd in a few seconds. He took a good look at the car, then looked up at the front and saw shapely legs in a short skirt leaning over the front under the hood with a guy pointing at things and explaining from the looks of it. He opened his mouth closed it, then bellowed.


  9. The lady in question looked up and smiled. “Hey baby! I decided to come up but Michiko had the van so I drove the mustang.” She narrowed her eyes in warning. “You don’t have a problem with me driving the car now do you?” A couple of the guys who had been hanging around came closer to Aya. One of them asked if anything was wrong. She turned to him smiling innocently, her face totally different from the face she’d given her husband. “No problem. It’s just my husband about to put his foot in his mouth but thank you.”

    She turned back to Ju just as Toshi made it to them. He shook Ju’s arm.
    “That’s the look! That’s the look! Be careful dude! She’s about to go all Yammy on you!” They both turned to look at him and said in unison, “Who the devil is Yammy?”

    Toshi looked at them like they’d gone alien on him. “You know Yammy, the big Espada in Bleach. The madder he got, the bigger he got.” Aya looked at Ju. “Is he serious?” Ju just nodded. “I think so.” Toshi grinned. “I got you two to stop fighting for a minute. Now behave. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about surprises like this from Kiba. He likes to let me know what he’s up to. Now why don’t you two kids go over there and talk while I guard the car?” Ju nodded and gently took Aya’s elbow and steered her away from the car but not before she shot Toshi a “cat with canary feathers on his mouth” look. All Ju could do was grumble about Toshi being lucky in that respect. Aya just kept her consul and set about trying to calm her agitated husband.

  10. A smirk crossed painted lips as Kiba eyed his target. Looks like they found Aya and the car… funny, he hadn’t put that idea in her head, and now Toshi was by himself, not paying any attention as usual. He waited until the other man’s back was to him and then he walked over, his walk turning heads as the leather lined fabric of his dress parted to show the skin of his hip. The boots he was wearing gave him at least four inches and did amazing things to his ass.

    It was a lot like a big cat stalking it’s prey, and Kiba knew just what he wanted to do. The crowd parted easily for him and he reached Toshi in no time. His hands snaked around Toshi’s neck and middle, dark red laqured nails digging in just enough to leave pleasant trails along the other man’s chest and stomach as he leaned in, painted lips finding the other’s ear and whispered, “Hello, lover.”

  11. If Toshi hadn’t been held as he was, he would have jumped out of his skin. As it was his whole body shuddered. He turned his head around slowly, not believing his ears. When he caught sight of the person who had captured him his voice caught in his throat. He coughed trying to clear his throat and whispered a hoarse “Kiba?” His eyes took in as much of his lover as he could. What he saw made his eyes widen and his pants tighten.

    “Must think non-hentai thoughts.” kept running through his mind. He turned in the mans arms and gave him a shaky smile. “Kiba. Not that I’m not happy to see you, parts of me are REAL happy to see you but what in the world are you wearing and why are you here?”

  12. Kiba raised an elegantly pencilled eyebrow. “You’re really going to ask me that? I’m working, silly. As for what I’m wearing, it’s something I like to call the Dragon Lord.” He let the other man go and stepped back and struck a pose. The dress was sleeveless and black with leather accents, slit on either side all they way to the hip. It stopped and disappeared into a brown leather corset that only drew in his middle. Shapely legs were encased in soft black leather with matching brown accents and had a good three to four inches of heel. Brass accents were on the corset and he wore a matching slave bracelet, studded with black gems on his right hand and a few rings on the other. A black silk choker covered most of his neck and on his head was a feathered head dress, it was almost warrior like.

    Kiba’s lips were painted a dark red and he smiled, showing white teeth. “Well? What do you think?”

  13. Toshi looked him over, motioning for him to turn. Once he was facing him again Toshi said the only thing he could say. “You look like my idea of a walking wet dream and you know you do! The boots alone got me drooling and splits up to…yeah. Sooo….whatcha doin after work gorgeous?” He wiggled his eyebrows and gave Kiba a leer that would have done the world’s biggest pervert proud.

    While Toshi was enjoying his eye candy, Ju was still trying to chastise Aya but she was having none of it.

    “First of all, both of our names are on the registration and just because you drive it 99% of the time doesn’t mean I can’t drive it any time. Second, we used to go to these shows all the time. I know I haven’t been going lately and you know why but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least ask every now and then. And third…I wanted to surprise you and let you get all hot and bothered. Toshi is not your cup of tea and from the looks of things, he’s going to be busy later himself.”

    Ju was about to start up again when she got close to him and ran her hands down his chest. She looked up at him with innocent eyes, a slight pout on her lips. “Here I am all sexy and eager and you haven’t even bothered to kiss me.”

    Ju was about to protest again when a guy walked past and whispered, “Dude just shut the fuck up and kiss the lady. I would.” Ju glared daggers at the man then sighed in resignation. He knew he’d lost the minute she’d got close enough to touch him. She giggled as he pulled her closer then gave her a kiss that had her swaying on her feet for a few seconds. He turned her in his arms so that they could head back to Toshi and the car. He tisked and shook his head when he saw that Toshi was more interested in the leggy brunet with the outrageous outfit then keeping an eye on the car.

    Aya started to giggle which got Ju asking if she’d had any alcohol. She just shook her head but there was something in her eyes that made him a little wary. They walked up just in time to hear Kiba’s response to Toshi. It caused Ju to stumble which got Aya laughing. No lady had a voice that deep. WTF?

  14. Kiba grinned. “Well, I dunno, maybe we can go for a ride on your bike.” The look he gave Toshi was equal to the one Toshi was giving him now. When Aya walked up with Ju, Kiba turned and gave her a bright smile. “Ahhh! Aya-chan! Come give Momma Kiba a hug!” He held his arms out wide to accept his hug from the aforementioned woman.

  15. Aya squealed “Senpai!” and glomped Kiba giving the man a big kiss on the cheek. Ju didn’t know whether to run and hide or shake his hand. Right then, running was winning. Instead he steeled himself, stopped the fish out of water movements of his mouth and tried to say hello. What came out was a squeak that sounded lame even in his ears. He cleared his throat and tried again.
    “Kiba…uhmm…I’m sorry. I can’t help it but what the fuck are you wearing and why? On Aya I’d say it was hot. On you…it’s kind of disturbing. Hell it’s a lot disturbing.”

  16. Kiba laughed and accepted the kiss and gave Aya a hug. He then released her and let her go back to her husband if she wanted.

    A smile was on his face and it only got bigger as he asked, “Why’s it disturbing Ju-ken? That I’ve got a nice pair of legs better than most women?”

  17. Ju just backed up a little. “That’s disturbing enough. The fact that you’ve got the nerve to wear that outfit in public is even more disturbing. I can see Aya in it but a guy? I don’t even want to know.”

    Aya was busy giggling. “My husband is a little too hetero for your outfit Kiba-chan. Besides, why look at your legs when he can have mine? She smiled innocently when Ju swallowed audibly. A teasing in public Aya just did it for him.

    Toshi knew better and let Ju hang himself. He for one had no problem with his lover in something that was easy access. Besides, Kiba looked hot.
    “Pay no attention to the cave man sexy. He’s hopeless.”

  18. Ju looked at Toshi and opened his mouth to say something that probably wouldn’t have been nice when a gentleman came up and cleared his throat. “Is there a Ichihara Aya here?”

    Aya looked around Ju. “I’m Ichihara Aya. Is there a problem?” He gave her a slight smile before answering. “No there isn’t. Are you the owner of this fine vehicle?” he asked, pointing at the mustang. Aya pointed to Ju. The man turned to him. “Would you be so kind as to move the car over there?” He pointed to a spot behind a group of classic cars. “The parade will be starting as soon as the entertainment portion is over.” He bowed and started to walk toward some of the other cars.

    Ju called after him. “Wait! You want me right behind the last classic car?” When the guy nodded yes, Ju let out a whoop, picked Aya up and twirled her around till she was dizzy. He began to kiss her all over her face while telling he how much he loved her.

    “Why didn’t you tell me you’d entered the car? Do you know what the position means? It means the car placed first in class! They line them up for the parade by position in the competitions. I won! We won! Hot damn woman! We won!” He began to dance before heading toward the car, talking and laughing to himself.

    Aya just looked at the others and shrugged. “I didn’t know I’d entered it. I just parked there because it was easier to pull in than parallel park. I thought it was kind of strange to have to give so much information just to park. ” She watched as her husband parked the car in the right place, jumped out and came running toward them. She got a thought.

    “Toshi I think it’s safe for you to kiss Kiba like you mean it. Ju’s so happy right now you guys could be in a full blown make out session and he’d probably give you pointers.”

    Toshi wasted no time. He grabbed Kiba before the man could protest and planted his lips on the man’s full mouth, hoping that Kiba would let him in…just for a taste…to tide him over. It’d been a while since he’d seen his lover.

  19. “Wait! Aya don–” Kiba was cut off in mid explanation when Toshi grabbed him and kissed him. He was attempting to do so and as much as Kiba wanted to let Toshi have his way with a breath stealer, he had to pull back. Smearing lipstick would just delay his show and then the promoter would have his head.

    Making a soft sound of disappointment as he pulled away from Toshi, he leaned in and whispered into the other’s ear, soft lips just shy of caressing the shell. “It takes me awhile to get into this outfit, as well as putting on my face. I want to return your kiss, but I can’t risk smearing my lip stick. Though, afterward, I will return that kiss to you ten fold.” He took the lobe of Toshi’s ear in his perfect teeth and bit gently, dragging his teeth across the soft flesh as he pulled away from the other man.

  20. Toshi visibly shuddered. Damn Kiba. He knew Toshi’s ears were very sensitive but the man did have a point. He would have gladly smeared that lipstick all over Kiba’s face if it meant he could kiss like he wanted.

    “That felt good. You know I’m going to hold you to that promise sexy. Playing kissy face with you is a lot more fun than watching Ju over there, molest his wife though things do get rather hot with those two.” He waited until Ju, who had been watching them from a distance, mouth hanging open, got closer than his eyes got that sparkle in them that let his friend know that he was about to say something outrageous.

    “You know I got to kiss him once. He was drunk off his ass and paying back a bet he lost but I have to admit he’s good. REAL GOOD.” He winked at Kiba to let him know he was up to no good. “You know. I’ve been thinking. Maybe we should turn him to the dark side. We can both work on him and Aya can watch. I think she’d like that.” The look he was giving Ju was like the look Ju gave Aya after he’d come from a show. Wounded gazelle and hungry lion.

    Ju hid behind Aya, his hands protecting his ass. “You come over here and I’m gonna hit you! This ass belongs to my wife and no one else! She’s the only one I’ll let near it!” He thought about what he’d said after Toshi raised an eyebrow and a whispered “oh?”. Aya was busy wiping tears from her eyes and trying hard not to laugh at her husband.

    “You are no help you know.” That was all it took and she broke down in peels of laughter. Toshi had turned his back, shoulders moving up and down as he tried to stifle his own laughter. Aya turned to her poor suffering husband. “Oh baby. I’m sorry but the look on your face was priceless.” She wrapped her arms around his waist and made a kiss motion with her lips, clearly asking for one. He bent down and gave her a peck but kept his eyes on the other two men. Since she had his head that close she whispered something to him. The more she talked the wider his eyes got and the beginning of a smile graced his lips.

    “I’m so gonna hold you to that woman.” To Toshi and Kiba he said. “If either of you think of doing anything to anyone other than each other….” He let the sentence trail off while waggling a finger at them. Toshi was about to say something when the loud speaker went off announcing that it was time for the show.

  21. Kiba smirked, now it was a challenge. His thoughts were interrupted by the loudspeaker and a curse from his own mouth. “I’m going to be late, I’m surprised they haven’t come looking for me.” He then looked to Toshi. “I have to go, we’ll talk later, okay?” He took the other’s hands in his and leaned in to kiss Toshi lightly on the lips, then drew himself away. He knew that if stayed there, holding the other man, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

    The tarento disappeared into the crowd and headed for the stage.

  22. Toshi sighed. Even his patience had limits and he hadn’t seen his lover for a while. Kiba was right though. If he had stayed they would have wound up making out somewhere and that wouldn’t have been good for Kiba’s reputation. Not the making out part but the not showing up for his gig part. He turned to Ju and Aya, and gave them a look.

    “So. Which one of you is going to explain just HOW Ju’s ass belongs to Aya and just what kind of “letting close to” were you talking about? ”

    Ju just glared at him. “Even if there was something to tell, hell would freeze over before I’d say anything to you.” Aya chimed in. “Toshi. My baby is magnificent in a lot of ways but sadly…he has no ass to speak of. If he didn’t wear a belt all of his pants would slide off. That’s the only thing I can fault about him. My baby has no booty.” She made motions like she was crying only to squeak when Ju smacked her on the rump.

    “That’s why I have you. You’ve got plenty for both of us and not in a bad way. In a “damn I can’t resist that” way. It’s one of your best features and you know how much I love seeing you shake it. Come to think of it….we are at a car show now aren’t we?” He gave Aya a look that let her know the car demon was primed and ready. She sighed but it was a happy sigh. Ju after a show was always exceptional even if he did wear her out.

    Toshi just shook his head. “Come on you two sex maniacs. MY baby is about to do his thing. I don’t want to miss it.” He motioned for them to follow as he headed toward the entertainment tent.

  23. Kiba had finished freshening up when the band found their places on the stage. His manager was rushing him but the tarento wasn’t having any of it. He finished with his lipstick and headed for the stage, where the band had started the music for Kiba’s intro.

    When Kiba hit the stage he was all smiles and welcomed those that were gathered to the car show. He interacted with the crowd and his natural charisma slowly infected the crowd. No wonder he’d been the front man for a band before his current gig, which could have been said it was a step down, but Kiba didn’t care, he enjoyed being on stage and in the spotlight, no matter how small that stage might be. He did a few songs, his voice was better than Toshi remembered, must’ve gotten vocal lessons and so when he started to sing the opening notes of Journey to the Promised Land, it got everyone’s attention.

    It was a beautiful song to start with, but with the vocal lessons, it was even better. Kiba smiled as he sang, using the song to close out his entertainment portion and bringing out the man who was running the show and let him say a few words, thank everyone for coming and to enjoy themselves. After that, Kiba waved, thanked the crowd and left on the promoter’s arm.

    The show was over and at this moment Kiba wanted nothing more than to untuck.

  24. Toshi clapped like a mad man, grinning from ear to ear. Kiba’s performance was first rate and made Toshi very glad to be able to be claimed and claim the man. Ju was holding Aya in his arms and rocking back and forth to the beat of the song. Kiba had gotten better. Aya just grinned as Toshi sang the chorus along with Kiba.

    “Senpai has gotten better. He worked with me and we both worked with a voice trainer. He’s a lot of fun. He can be scary one minute and goofy the next. Usually on the same day.”

    Toshi nodded his head in agreement. “That’s why I love the crazy, sexy, scary, moody bastard. I’m doomed.” Toshi was laughing as he spoke. Seeing Kiba always put him in a good mood even if he wasn’t always sure what type of a reception he was going to get. When you loved someone you took the good with the crazy.

    Aya walked over to Toshi and put her hands on his arms. “You should see the look he gets on his face when someone mentions your name. He might not admit it but I think you are just as special to him.”

    Toshi grinned. “Now if I could get him as amorous as you are with Ju….” He let the sentence trail off as Kiba left the stage. “I think I’m going to go see if he needs any help. I’ll see you guys in a bit…or maybe longer.”

  25. Kiba took his leave, biding the owner good bye and slipping into his room. He was all smiles and finally slipped the door closed. The man wouldn’t take no for an answer and Kiba just wanted to get out of his costume.

    His head dress came off first and he placed it on a wig head, then he unzipped his boots and worked them off, then came the hose. That felt good, he could feel his toes again. He looked down at them and realized that he needed to add another coat of polish to them. Shrugging he sat down at his makeup table and started getting the things he needed to remove the paint he was wearing.

    It had been good to see Toshi. He looked like he was having a good time and it was nice to see him smile, to feel his lips on his, the smoothness of his skin. He sighed wistfully, making a note to call him when he was back in town.

  26. Toshi waited until the owner had left and the crowd around the area had moved on before he knocked on the dressing room door. He had to wait a little longer than he had wanted for the crowd to dissipate and hoped that Kiba was still wearing some of his outfit…or none of it truth be told. The sight of Kiba in that outfit, those boots, the feel of his lips on his and not being able to have the man had been torture. It really had been too long since he’d seen him much less done anything intimate with him. He cursed both of their hectic schedules and not for the first time.

    “Kiba? It’s me Toshi. I’m coming in before someone notices me.” There would be no asking. Toshi wouldn’t have taken no for an answer at any rate. He wanted to see Kiba even if all they did was talk. Then he remembered the promise Kiba had made on the fair grounds. He licked his lips. Kiba always kept his promises. The thought put a smile on his lips and heat in his eyes. He opened the door and walked into his own version of heaven.

    Kiba was sitting at his dressing table, bootless, bare legged and without the elaborate headdress. His dress had opened at the split showing a wide expanse of creamy leg and thigh. Toshi knew how much power was in those legs and the thought of them wrapped around him made things in him tighten. He smiled. “Hello gorgeous. Need some help with that dress?”

    Ju and Aya watched as Toshi strode off, Ju with a shudder and Aya with a sigh. Ju looked down at his wife. “You are so creepy sometimes. What is it with women and thinking two guys together is hot?”

    She looked at him for a moment trying to figure out what to say to that. “I really can’t explain it to you but think about this. Don’t a lot of guys think watching two women go at it is hot?” Ju nodded. “So what’s the difference?” Ju opened his mouth. Closed it then shrugged. “I guess you’ve got a point there but still. I’ve been with Toshi when he was enjoying the company of some buxom beauty so I guess it still kind of throws me that he’s bi.” Aya smiled at her husband.

    “I think this is more a case of you love who you love more than anything else. I think they really love each other in a non-committal type of way. One of these days they will either part ways or say to hell with it and just be together. I’m hoping it’s the latter. Kiba keeps Toshi with him, the less trouble he’ll get you into. Now we have a parade to be in and then you can be in me. ” She gave him a kiss that left no room for doubt, not that Ju had any intention of arguing with her.

  27. Kiba turned around when Toshi entered, a smile on his face. “And I was just thinking about you.” He reached for a make up wipe to start removing his face. “And yes, mostly the corset, but I won’t object to the rest of it.” He pulled his hair around to give the other man access to the corset and the side of his neck, before returning to removing his makeup.

  28. Toshi didn’t need to be invited twice. He started to work on removing the corset but couldn’t resist nibbling on Kiba’s neck while he was about it. Once the corset was off, he ran his fingers through Kiba’s hair. “I love your hair Kiba. It feels like mink against my skin.” He worked the clasp on the choker and carefully placed it on the table after it came free. He molded himself against Kiba’s back as he waited for the man to finish removing his make up. “I’ve missed you.” he said as he laid soft kisses on Kiba’s neck and shoulders.

  29. Kiba sighed happily, leaning against Toshi he finally put the makeup wipe aside and smiled, reaching his hands over his head and running his fingers though the other’s hair. “I’ve missed you too. It’s been far too long.” He could move freely now that the corset was gone and they were alone. “You smell good.” He turned to nuzzle gently at Toshi’s hair and ear.

  30. Toshi pulled Kiba to him in a tight hug. He placed kisses on Kiba’s mouth before kissing him deeply. He ground himself against Kiba then stopped. He pulled away from the man and gave him wide eyes. “Uhm…Kiba. I know I haven’t seen you in a while but the last time I did you were 100% male. You seem to be missing some very important bits. Is there something you need to tell me?” Toshi was hovering between alarmed and ALARMED! Somewhere in the back of his head he knew the answer but the smoothness he had rubbed against was giving him an answer he couldn’t fathom.

  31. Kiba moaned into the kiss and then hissed in pain. He could feel himself strain against what was holding himself down. He blinked when Toshi stopped, the look on his face was too much and he started laughing. He reached up his dress, there was just no way to be sexy about unbinding himself. “Hang… hang on a second.” The smile turned to a grimace as he finally freed himself of the duct tape. “There. That was becoming very uncomfortable.”

    Kiba waded it up and threw it into the trash can. “Now, where were we?” The vocalist all but tackled the other man, pressing against him and kissing him urgently. It had just been too long.

  32. Toshi barely had time to register what had happened when he found himself with an armful of hot Kiba kissing him breathless. He sure didn’t mind and let his hands wander up and down Kiba’s body. This time he felt all the things he was supposed to feel and that made his important parts very happy.

    He backed Kiba up until the mans ass hit the dressing table, his hands running up and down the slits in the dress and finally cupped the round buttocks that he loved so well. He kneaded the mounds in his hands and he ground against Kiba, breaking the kiss so he could run his tongue down Kiba’s neck, biting gently at the junction of neck and shoulder.

    “I want you Kiba and I don’t know if I can wait much longer,” he said in a hoarse whisper.

  33. “Then let me help you with that.” He was breathless as he spoke, his hands working quickly to get the hem of his dress out of the way, he ran a finger up Toshi’s fly and then worked the button open and the zipper down. “Mmm. Hard already.” He rocked his hips, allowing Toshi the friction that would surely drive him crazy.

    Too long. Much too long. If they weren’t careful, the sex would be frantic and possibly brief. He hoped not.

  34. Toshi sucked in a breath and hissed a warning to his lover. “You keep that up and I’m not going to last long and I want this to last.” Then he kissed Kiba and the kiss was all about tongue and teeth, lust and even a little love was thrown in for good measure. If they’d had more time and a more secure place to be in, the sex would have all been about love and passion but they didn’t and they weren’t though Toshi had thrown the lock on the door when he’d closed it behind him. That wouldn’t stop anyone from knocking and he was sure the staff would have a key if needed. No. This wasn’t the place for gentle and slow. This was the place for hard and wild and Toshi was going to give that to Kiba in spades.

    While he may have been thinking, his hands had a mind of their own and were busy touching Kiba in all manner of ways, caressing his arms, down his chest, stroking sensitive nipples until they became hard little nubs, cupping Kiba’s buttocks, squeezing the firm mounds,even spreading them just a touch and circling his entrance with one finger.

    He continued kissing Kiba and rocking against him while his hands reacquainted themselves with Kiba’s body. He finally pulled away from Kiba’s mouth long enough to tease just a little.

    “I see I’m not the only one hot and bothered”, he said as he ran his tongue around the shell of Kiba’s ear and down his neck. He nibbled on the man’s neck just enough to get a reaction from him but not enough to mark. He knew better. He released Kiba long enough to get rid of his pants. He was hard, long and more than ready.

  35. Kiba shivered, loving the feel of Toshi’s hands on his body, the kiss, his bottom lip inbetween Toshi’s teeth and then reclaiming the bassist’s mouth in a passionate kiss. Hands ran down Toshi’s chest, painted nails leaving pleasant trails in their wake and then a deep throated laugh at Toshi’s words. “How long has it been Toshi?” He watched the other with lust in his eyes as he worked his pants off.

    He was perched on the edge of his makeup table, reaching for a bottle of floral scented lotion as he waited for his answer. Kiba smiled, the front of his dress had fallen back down to cover him up, but it did very little to hide how hard he was.

  36. “About three months I think, maybe four. I lost….” Toshi looked up after he’d removed his pants and stopped speaking. His eyes took in the vision before him. There was just something about the way Kiba’s dress tented in the front showing how happy he was to see Toshi, how his legs were exposed up to the hip and the smooth line from his hip to his ankle was interrupted by a few metallic bands. Kiba was grinning and it made him that much harder. He stroked himself a few times to take a little of the edge off.

    He slowly closed the small distance between them and took the bottle of lotion and looked at it, eyebrows raising and a smile crossing his lips. “Floral? We are both going to smell like roses when we are done.” He laughed as he lowered his lips to Kiba’s once again. He pulled the man’s hips to the edge of the table while popping the cap on the lotion and spilling some of it on his fingers. He moved the dress to the side and slowly worked first one finger then two into his lover. His other hand he used to stroke Kiba while he searched for that special spot that made his lover gasp and squirm. It didn’t take him long to find it. He pulled his fingers out, put more lotion on his hand and made sure he was well covered before he placed the tip at Kiba’s entrance and carefully worked his way in.

  37. While Toshi was about to have some “quality time” with his lover, Ju and Aya were busy waving to the crowd in Ju’s mustang. Ju was as happy as Aya could remember him being in a long time. He would squeeze her leg amongst other things from time to time. He was a master at driving with no hands and at the slow pace they were going it was easy for him to do that so he could wave out the window with one hand while doing a good job of molesting her with the other. She finally slapped his wandering hand hard enough for it to sting and told him to stop. He gave her a very fake pout then grinned. “You do know I’m going to have to burn off my excitement somehow right?”

    Aya just smiled at him. “Yeah I know. That’s why I booked a room in that little inn down the road. And since Toshi is going to probably be busy for a while, why don’t we go check in. You can send him a text later and let him know where you are.” She crossed her legs in the car causing her skirt to hike way up showing a lot of thigh. The smile she was giving him made his pants get a little tight. He drove the car to where the bikes were parked, told Aya he’d follow her and they both pulled out off the grounds. He didn’t worry about Toshi’s bike since it was well secured and there would be people around for hours more. He and Aya would be coming back after he burned off some of the energy that he’d worked up.

    They had barely made it into the room and closed the door before Aya was all over him. She pushed at him until his knees hit the end of the bed and he sat down on it. She pulled off his shirt then hers before claiming his lips in a searing kiss. He managed to get her skirt up around her waist so that he could run his hands over her pert little ass. He smacked it sharply once which made her jump then rubbed the area to sooth it. “That’s for taking the car without letting me know.” He gave her another smart smack. “That’s for driving like a maniac.”

    Aya just squirmed in his lap. She put her lips oh so close to his and licked at them with quick light flicks of her tongue. “Clothes off now.” Ju didn’t need any prompting. He lifted her off his lap long enough to undo his pants and kick them off. She’d pulled off her panties but left the skirt on. She was already wet but still tight. It didn’t matter. She wanted him right then and without much in the area of foreplay she straddled his groin, guided him to her entrance and dropped down on him. She looked down at him as he fought to not loose his self control. It was almost painfully tight but he felt so good being inside her.

    Aya rolled her hips. Ju’s eyes rolled back into his head from the feel of it. She leaned over and licked at his lips. “Fuck me Junichiro.”

  38. Kiba grinned as he looked up at the other man. “I could’ve sworn I grabbed one that was a floral…” Kiba started to reach for it but was silenced with a kiss. He gasped as Toshi worked him over with experienced hands. He allowed his hips to be pulled forward, one leg wrapped around Toshi’s waist, drawing the other man closer. Kiba’s hands ran up Toshi’s shoulders and stayed there, refraining from digging in though his t-shirt. He leaned up just enough to whisper in the other’s ear. “Fuck me, Toshi.”

  39. Toshi was never one to deny a “damsel” in distress though Kiba would have punched him if he’d heard that damsel thought. Toshi smiled that smile a man gets when he knows he’s about to have great sex. “Your wish is my command my dear Kiba” he said as he slid in. “God you feel so good!”

    Toshi took a minute to get himself together before he started moving. He set a bruising pace knowing that Kiba wanted it that way and that time was an iffy thing. It had been a while since he’d been in his lover and it showed in how tight Kiba was. He was almost too tight but Toshi was beyond the point of caring. He moved in and out of Kiba, holding the mans hip with one hand as he stroked him with the other. He had purposely angled himself to rub against Kiba’s sweet spot but the angle wasn’t giving him all he wanted. He pulled out, pulling Kiba’s hips to the edge of the table and over. “Turn over” he said and his voice was deep and husky.

  40. Kiba squirmed at the feeling, it had been awhile yes but it didn’t take him very long to find the pace and start to enjoy what he was being given. He kept pushing his hips into Toshi’s as best he could, but he couldn’t quite get the leverage he needed. He groaned when Toshi left him but when the other pulled him down off the table, he got the idea. He grinned and turned around, moving the dress out of the way so Toshi’d have a good look at his ass.

    “You make me think I should’ve left my heels on.” He was breathless as he spoke, waiting for the other man to take him hard and fast.

  41. Toshi groaned at the mental image but wanted to be back in his lover too badly to wait for him to put on shoes. “You don’t have to worry. This perfect ass of yours is right where I want it.” He guided himself back to Kiba’s entrance and reentered him in one swift stroke. “OH FUCK!” slipped from his lips at the feel of it.

    He placed his hands on Kiba’s hips, adjusting the man’s position until he was just right and then he began to fuck Kiba in earnest. He draped himself across Kiba’s back, moving in and out of him with long, hard strokes that practically raised Kiba’s hips off of the table. “Oh God you feel so good!” Toshi was working hard not to be his usual vocal self in case someone walked close to the dressing room door and the act of staying relatively quiet added a bit of intensity to the act that heightened Toshi’s experience.

    He began to stroke Kiba, loving the feel of him hard and long in his hand. He wanted his lover to get the full benefit of the act as he shifted just a bit until he heard the tell tale gasp that signaled he’d hit Kiba’s sweet spot. He shortened his strokes but made them harder, more intense, as he centered on that one spot, going over and over it. He almost wished he’d pulled off the dress so he could run his tongue over the man’s back and taste the bitterness of his sweat. He knew he wouldn’t last long like that but he didn’t care. It just felt too damn good.

  42. Kiba’s hands tightened on the table as he pushed back against Toshi, matching the other’s pace. He bit his bottom lip to keep from screaming in pleasure as Toshi hit that spot, again and again and again. He knew that his legs would be jelly by the time it was done and walking normally would be out of the question.

    “Ah… Toshi… yes Toshi…” It was almost a mantra. Pale skin glistened with sweat and his long dark hair clung to his face and covered his eyes, he could see himself in the mirror and he knew he looked like quite the harlot and that thought made it that much more intense.

  43. Toshi used his free hand to push Kiba’s dress higher to expose more creamy white skin. He leaned over Kiba’s back pinning the man to the table and licked and nipped everywhere he could reach on Kiba’s back as he rode him even harder. He didn’t know when he’d get the chance again and he wanted to make sure that Kiba got hard every time he thought about them together in this room.

    Kiba calling his name just spurred Toshi to move faster, take the man harder. He looked up and noticed them in the mirror. Kiba looking so decadent, him moving in and out behind the sexy man and it was his undoing. “Can’t, can’t hold out much longer Kiba. Come for me baby. I wanna feel you so tight around me that it hurts.”

    He wrapped an arm around Kiba’s waist, laying his head on the man’s shoulder, rubbing his cheek against it in a gesture that only be described as one of love. He slammed into his lover a few more times, directly onto Kiba’s sweet spot as his own orgasm started to take him.

    • Kiba’s back arched under the other’s attention. “Ah…” His hands gripped the side of the make up table so tightly his knuckles were white. His legs were starting to give under him but he knew that Toshi held him tightly. Kiba pushed back against Toshi, meeting him stroke for stroke. “Yes…” He felt the other inside him, their mutual movement intensifying the feeling and with Toshi’s urging, he froze and then shuddered as his own orgasam took him.

      He was doing his best to not be loud, but he failed. He came shouting Toshi’s name.

  44. “Fuck me Junichiro”. Ju had every intention of doing that and within an inch of her life. He grabbed her by the ass, lifted her until he was almost out of her then brought her down as he lifted up. Their groins met with a satisfying slap that made them both groan. Ju did it a few more times as Aya rotated her hips on the down stroke.

    He closed his eyes so he could concentrate on the feel of her around him, so warm, so moist. She was short enough that she could lick and nip at his nipples which she was doing at every opportunity. She pulled one of his hands from her ass and began licking from his wrist to the tips of his two middle fingers. She placed them in her mouth, sucking on them suggestively, getting them dripping wet. His eyes popped open when she returned that hand to her ass, leading his fingers to the tight opening there.


    “When I said fuck me baby, I meant fuck me.”

    “You sure baby?” Aya just nodded then tried to crawl into his mouth. She had to practically pull off of him to do that so he took the opportunity to mouth a nipple when the kiss was over. He lifted her and placed her kneeling on the bed. He kissed both of her cheeks then began to work one finger into her being as gentle as he could but being quick about it. He caressed her body as he worked the second finger in. She was rocking back on his hand, moaning softly. When his hand found her clit, he pinched it then slid his fingers into her then out, both hands working in and out, his thumb rubbing her clit on the out stroke. She began to shudder and he knew she was ready.

    He removed his fingers from her and looked around for something he could use for lube. She panted a “skirt pocket” at him and he dug around in the pocket of her skirt with one hand while the other kept stroking her clit. He pulled out a packet of lube. The little minx had planned well. He used both hands to open the packet. He smoothed some on himself and the remainder he used on her opening. She had taken over fingering herself when he had stopped. The sight of her masturbating in front of him made him twitch. He draped himself over her back, positioned himself at her hole and ever so slowly began to easy in. He snatched her hand from between her legs as he rocked himself slowly, inching his way in. “Mine” he growled in her ear and took over fingering her with abandon.

    Aya was panting. It always hurt at the beginning which was why she didn’t do it often but once past that she did enjoy it. Ju knew this and just as he was half way in, he gave her clit a hard twist. Aya had her first climax and he finished entering her when she did. He didn’t move. She was so very tight. He never lasted long when he was doing anal. The woman was just too tight and too hot. The really good thing was he didn’t have too. She never lasted long either. As if she read his mind she began to move. He got the message.

    He began slowly, his hand between her legs mirroring his strokes. His free hand he used to abuse her breasts. He wanted to fill all of her at once but the only way to kiss her was to change positions. He turned her on her side, lifting one leg to hook over his arm, spreading her, exposing her as he continued to ride her sweet ass. He couldn’t get as deep in this position but he really didn’t need too. His one hand was finger fucking her in earnest, the other was pinching, twisting and pulling at her breasts. He was able to reach her face, nibble on her ear and finally kiss that sweet mouth of hers. He began to fuck her harder everywhere as she whimpered and urged him on. When she began to shake he knew she was close.

    He redoubled his efforts while telling her how hot and tight she was and how wanton she looked. He was so close but he wanted her to go first. He put both hands between her legs, one to finger her clit, the other to rub that spot in her as he continued to move behind her. When she began to shudder he sped everything up. She came with a shout of his name, her body clamping down on fingers and penis. It was too much. Ju came a second after her with an intensity that bowed his spine and blinded him to everything. When he came back to himself, Aya was sprawled across him limp and twitching mildly with a stupid grin on her face. He carefully pulled out of her, grabbing some tissues and wiping them both as clean as he could. He wrapped his arms around her.

    “I knew I married you for a good reason Ju.” She smiled at him and despite the fact that she was going to be very sore she was also very happy.

  45. Toshi gave a shaky sigh, carefully pulled out of his lover, and looked for something to clean them both with. He managed to reach the makeup wipes and used them to clean both himself and Kiba. Kiba’s dress however was going to need some time in the laundry. Toshi considered it money well spent. He took Kiba into his arms and kissed him breathless before letting him go with a cheeky grin. “We are so going to have to do this again and soon.” He just laughed at the glare he got and the whine that came about limping for the next couple of days.

    “That just meant it was good and you know it. Let’s get dressed before Aya and Ju come looking for us.” The two men got dressed, Kiba rather gingerly, and left to find the other two.

    Aya and Ju had taken a quick shower, jumped into the stang and headed back to the show. They had just pulled up when they spotted Toshi and Kiba by Toshi’s bike. They parked and headed toward the two. When Kiba saw that Aya was limping slightly he headed toward them wondering what had happened. It took Toshi laughing for Ju to notice that both Aya and Kiba had similar limps. Ju looked at them both and shook his head as he headed toward his friend.

    “Dude. Aya got us a room up the road. They have some empty rooms in case you’re interested. Just try to get a room as far from us as you can. I don’t think I want to hear anything.” He shuddered. Toshi clapped him on the back.

    “From the looks of things you can’t talk about my activities. Seems we’ve got a matched set over there. You do realize this had to be a set up. What’s the chance of your Aya and my Kiba showing up here at the same time? I think my lover wanted you out of the way for some quality time with yours truly. Whatever or whoever, I’m glad it happened.” He nudged Ju and pointed at Kiba and Aya. “We’d better go. Those two are having too intense of a conversation over there and from the looks Aya’s giving you I’d say you are in for a very long night.”

    Ju looked at his wife and grinned. “Come on slacker. I’ve got a beauty waiting for me and you’ve got…you’ve got…dude I just can’t get over you and a guy even if he does have great legs.” He shrugged. “He makes you happy so why should I complain? Let’s go get our loves before they plot something else nefarious. I know mine is scary when she puts her mind to it. I’d hate to think Kiba is just as bad.”

    They went and collected their lovers and headed to the inn. They had a lively dinner together before heading off to their rooms. For a road trip both men had to admit it was a memorable one.

    Ju was stretched out on a divan in back of the inn, deep in thought, when Toshi bounced out. He was in an extraordinarily good mood thanks to his night with Kiba. He handed Ju a beer as he roused the man from his thoughts.

    “Dude…I know you and Aya enjoyed yourselves last night so why the pensive face?”

    Ju thanked him for the beer, took a swig and thought about what to say, how to explain it when it was really a mystery to him.

    “That’s part of the problem. Aya had too good a time. Something is a tad off with her lately. It’s nothing bad. Hell. Most men would rejoice if their wives had turned into a horny teenager. That’s what she’s becoming it seems. I had to come out here just to get a little rest. The minx has been at me all night and most of the morning.”

    Toshi’s mouth dropped open in surprise. He gave Ju the “who are you and what did you do with my buddy?” look before shaking his head. “If anyone had told me that you were being out sexed by a little snip of a woman I’d have laughed at them before having them checked into the nearest mental hospital. Are you sure it’s just not you getting old?”

    Ju gave him a look that should have killed him twice. “No it’s not you jerk. Why are we friends again? Nevermind. I don’t want to think about being this hard up for friends. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the setting. Could be anything. I’m not really complaining, just curious.”

    Toshi nodded. “Blame it on the setting. Kiba was unusually amorous last night himself. He left a little while ago. Told me to give you and Aya big kisses from him. So where do you want yours, cheek or lips?”

    Ju turned around and bent over pointing at his ass. Toshi just laughed. “No thanks. I think I’ll just give Aya a kiss for both of you. What time are we heading out?”

    Ju thought about it for a minute. “How about right after lunch? I want to make sure Aya gets off okay.” Toshi nodded and went to make sure all of his stuff was packed on the bike leaving Ju to his thoughts. Yep. Something was up with Aya and while he was enjoying it, not knowing what was gonna drive him crazy. Well when she was ready to tell him she would. Now if he could only survive until then, all would be right with the world. He finished his beer and then headed toward his own bike. He had a feeling that things were about to get real interesting in his life.

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