It turns out Aya does have a chemical imbalance or something that’s turned her into a raging sex goddess. I have found that if I just let her touch me it seems to calm her. Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of my off work time being caressed, not a bad thing actually, and pampered and being screwed to within an inch of my life sometimes.

So I’ve got this dilemma. How can I explain to the guys why I’m so tired without sounding like a wimp? “I’m sorry I’m falling asleep during practice but my wife is keeping me up giving me wild sex” sounds rather lame. Most of them would go “and?” or something. I mean she’s gotten better in that she doesn’t jump my bones the minute she sees me but we do still have an amazing amount of sex. I even threatened to buy some new toys thinking she’d back down a little. It only put a gleam in her eyes. I was at a loss until we realized that cuddling was almost as good and sex.

We spend a lot of time together on the sofa watching tv or talking with Aya in my lap or me sitting between her legs on the floor as she just touches me from time to time. That traitorous sister of mine thinks the whole thing is funny as hell. Ichi has been too busy walking around either grumbling something about surfing and the beach or being on cloud nine after going out with Tomoka. I want to make sure I’m around when he sees her in that bikini she bought. If Aya is to be believed, that boy’s winky is going to sit up and take notice. Granted they are both still too young to act on it but it doesn’t hurt to let him get used to the attention his body is going to demand. I’m all for a trip to the beach but I’ve got visions of sand in places that I don’t want to even imagine.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here. Aya just walked into the room looking entirely too enticing. She’s been doing that, dressing up…well not up but taking a little more care with what she’s wearing. She’s never been a slacker when it came to that but now she can dress to devastating effect. She gained a whole 3 lbs and you’d have thought it was the end of the world. I told her quite honestly that the extra weight went to all the right places. Her clothes fit her just a little tighter around the bust and the hips. Watching her walk in a pair of jeans is an exercise in self control.

I’m watching her head this way with a wary expression. I really never know which Aya I’m looking at sometimes. She just leaned down and kissed me. Nothing heart stopping, just an “I love you” kiss. She said she was going to be bringing lunch in soon and wanted to know if I wanted a beer with it. I smiled at her, gave her the thumbs up sign and watched her as she left. All in all I’m a lucky man if a tired one. Ah. She just came back. Lunch looks good and she looks better. Dessert is going to be all over me I think, only this time I think I’m going to be the cook and she’s going to be dessert.

Lunch was good and right now I have my lovely wife in my lap laughing at my attempts to type without typos while she’s in my lap. She’s pointing them out as I go along and ignoring my glares. I think I’m going to close this out. All that squirming and kissing has gotten parts of me interested in certain parts of her and she’s not helping with all of those kisses and touches. Oh well. I can’t ignore my husbandly duties now can I? Guess the guys are just gonna have to deal with late and tired.


~ by jujuken on July 28, 2012.

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