No minors allowed! Heheheheh

It had been a busy day down in the shop.  I had finished up a major detailing job and test drove two vehicles that had been customized.  Both ran like a dream and to thank the guys for jobs well done, I gave them the next day off on the condition that they show up for work the day after WITHOUT hangovers.  If they all did I’d eat my hat but a guy can try.

Having been down in the shop all day, I hadn’t seen but a glimpse of Aya and she was heading out at that.  I didn’t see her come in so I assumed she was still out doing girly things.  She’d left me a note on the table that she’d be home shortly. I went in our bedroom for a nice hot shower.

I like my showers like my women, hot and steamy, so I had the bathroom all nice and tropical muggy by the time I’d finished washing my hair.  I had started washing my torso when the shower door opened and my wife stepped in.  This brought a nice smile to my face as our showers together are always  “fun” times.  From the look on her face I had the strongest feeling that this time was going to be memorable.

She greeted me with a “hello baby” and a kiss that set my soul (and other places) ablaze.  She took the soapy cloth from my hands and began washing me.  When she got down to my groin area she gave me one of those sultry smiles of hers, then proceeded to take waaaay more time then was necessary to wash that area.  By the time she was done, I was at full attention.

She gave me one last, quick tug which drew a moan from me, then proceeded to put on a show disguised as a shower.  My eyes were drawn to her smallish but still pert breast as she ran soapy hands over and under them, lifting them as if presenting them to me like two ripe melons.  She pinched and pulled at her nipples until they were erect and a very becoming peach color.  She closed her eyes and ran her soapy hands down her torso, taking care to make sure she had soaped every inch of her lovely body.  She opened her eyes and looked at me as one hand dipped between her legs,  spreading her legs enough to give me a good view of what she was doing.  The sight drew a groan from me as my penis twitched in anticipation.

We have one of those detachable shower heads and she pulled this down while taking a step closer to me so that our bodies almost touched.  She dialed it to a pulsating stream and began to rinse the soap off of us both.  She placed her hands, with the shower head, behind me.  One hand trailed down my back and shoulders as the other rinsed off the soap found there.  We were still close but not quite touching.  She looked at me as she slowly pulled the shower head around to my neck then chest.  She kissed my skin as she rinsed the soap clear of my body.  She looked at me as she descended with the shower head to rinse off my buttocks, the back of my thighs and calves, her hands still tracing hot streaks down my body.  She came back around to my groin area.  The look she gave me then had me twitching in anticipation.

She nudged my legs apart and pointed the shower head up between them so that the jets of water were stimulating my balls and that space between them and my ass, while she licked around the tip of my already rinsed penis.  I let out a strangled “shit!” and placed my hands on the shower rod for support.   Aya worked more and more of me down that hot throat of hers while using the shower head’s pulsating stream to stimulate me in other areas.  The combination of the two was bringing me close to the edge.  I made the mistake of looking down to tell her and the sight of her working me in and out of her mouth almost ended things right then.

She must have sensed this as she pulled back with one last flick of her tongue that wrung another groan from my lips.  I was breathing hard and waiting, watching to see what she’d do next.  She began exploring my body as if this was our first time together.   She pulled me down for a kiss that was long, hot, and hungry.  I pulled her to me, let her feel me hard and ready against her body and whispered down at her, “I’m going to make you scream tonight.”  Her whole body shuddered as she smiled a smile that promised pleasure to the utmost degree.

I reached over and turned off the shower, my eyes never leaving hers.  I’d been in there long enough before she came in to know that the hot water was close to done.  I looked down at her and gave her a lecherous grin.  “We seem to be short a towel.  Whatever shall we do?”  I leaned over and licked a slow line down her neck from just behind her ear to her collarbone.  She gasped softly when I bit her there oh so lightly.  My lips traveled from her collar bone to the mound of one breast, licking beads of water off her body.  I ran my tongue around her nipple, flicked at it then pulled it into my mouth and sucked gently on it.  I was rewarded with another gasp and a soft whimper.

While the water may have cooled the bathroom was still pleasantly hot and steamy and considering the fact that my wife was making little needy noises and running her hands all over me, I saw no real reason to leave our present location. As hard as I was, I wouldn’t have been able to walk very far at any rate. I backed Aya up, still worrying her breasts, to the wall before I raised my head up to look into her eyes. “Grab on baby and hold on tight,” I growled, low and husky. She locked her arms around the hand holds and licked her lips.

When we had bought the place we did some renovating. We left the bathroom pretty much alone though. The guy that owned the place before was elderly and living alone. He had hand holds mounted to the walls of the shower for his own security and peace of mind. He used them to get into and out of the shower and tub safely. We didn’t see any reason to remove them and I was glad of that. They came in quite handy for shower sex. Aya is almost eight inches shorter than I am which makes some positions rather uncomfortable if not down right impossible. I’d found that if Aya held onto the holds tightly, I could easily lift her enough so that sex was possible and neither of us had to worry about slipping. I took full advantage of being able to do this.

I worked my way down her body with tongue and teeth, biting and pulling at the places I knew were her hot spots. I finished with me on my knees, her legs on my shoulders and my head buried between her legs. I gave her a few long, wide, slow licks from one end of her opening to the little nub at the other end before hardening my tongue and using it like I was planning on using other parts of me later. I have always enjoyed giving oral sex as much as receiving it and was known for my skills. I put them all to work until my baby was a quivering mass of begging need. I held her to my mouth, eating her until she came, as she clamped down on her tongue to keep from screaming. She was still twitching gently when I let her legs down slowly as I stood until she could wrap them around my waist. I only waited long enough to make sure she still had a good grip before entering her quickly, not stopping until I was buried in her warmth up to the hilt. Her back arched driving her pelvis into my groin. I took the opportunity to grind myself even harder into her. I set a bruising pace, pulling almost all the way out and then entering her as fast and as hard as I could.

I knew I wouldn’t last long at that pace and I wanted to make sure when I came I took her with me. I kneaded her pert ass, pulling the cheeks apart and fingering her opening. Not having to hold on to her had some serious advantages. She began to draw in huge breaths of air as if she were going to sneeze but I knew what was coming. I started fucking her even faster, barely pulling out before slamming back in. When she started whimpering between breaths of air, I knew she was barely holding back. Evil minx. She wanted me to go first. Not today. I waited until she’d drawn one of those breaths and rolled my hips hard as I entered her while inserting two fingers into that pert little ass I’d been teasing. The added little shock of pain plus the pleasure she was getting from the front did her in and she came with a shout of my name that just sounded so good that I followed her.

To this day I’m glad we kept those hand holds as I needed them to hold me up after that orgasm. Aya was just a limp ball of twitching woman with her arms wrapped through the hand holds the only thing holding her up. She managed to speak before I did. “Damn that was good!” I couldn’t do more then just nod my head in agreement. Once I was able to stand, I turned the shower back on, cleaned us both up and carried her to our bed. We curled up in the covers and I ordered some take out since neither of us was up to cooking. The rest of the evening was spent snuggling and watching tv, talking and just relaxing. I couldn’t think of a better way to end my day.


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