That was so much fun.

It was late afternoon when I emerged from the shop. It had been a relatively easy day and since I was hungry I figured I’d go see what was on the dinner menu…while I ate lunch. I did say that I would eat anything I didn’t have to catch and kill and even that has exceptions.

“That was good baby. So what’s for dinner?” I wiped my mouth and looked at her expectantly. She just looked me for a minute before shaking her head and laughing softly.

“My baby. The bottomless pit. I have no idea at the moment. You have any suggestions?”

I shrugged. “I’ll think about it while I finish up this project. It shouldn’t take long.” I thanked her for lunch, gave her a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the ass then hurried out when she threatened to throw something at me. I gave dinner some serious thought which for me is a dangerous thing…serious thought that is…no matter the subject. By the time I was done with the car, I had planned out the evening.

Aya was sitting crossed legged on the sofa, her head deep into a Modern Medicine magazine when I came back upstairs. She looked up and smiled at me as she put the magazine down. “I couldn’t think of anything in particular. How about you?”

“Yeah I did. We are going out. Put on something chic but not too sexy. We are going to that swanky French restaurant you like so much. I made reservations for seven.” Good thing I was expecting it and had braced myself because I very quickly had an arm full of wife, kissing me all over my face. I gave her a breath stealer and told her to get going. I knew her. I could shower and be dressed before she could decide what dress to wear. Which I did. When she finally came out of the bedroom, I was sitting in the living room looking at some pictures that Tomoka had sketched when she made her grand entrance. She looked beautiful and I told her that. I had slicked back my hair and pulled it into a tight ponytail which you couldn’t see from the front. It lessened the amount of green showing in my hair. I had donned my cream colored suit with a matching shirt which I left open at the neck. Can’t be too proper. She gave me a once over, nodded her approval and gave me a quick peck on the lips. She didn’t want to mess up her make up, and off we went.

Dinner was amazing and expensive but I expected that. We talked, held hands, did the “we are so in love” stuff that couples do. After dinner we went to a club and did a little dancing. Most of it was of the “slow and personal” kind. I managed to get a few kisses in between dances, then we headed home.

Aya was a bundle of “I love you! Kiss me!” when we got home. So I did repeatedly. We made it to the bedroom where a few more kisses and some groping happened before we started getting undressed. Since I was wearing a suit it was taking me a little longer so when I turned around in nothing but my boxers, she was laying on the bed nude and watching me like a cat watches a canary. Good. I went to the bureau and pulled out a pair of jeans and a black tee and started putting them on. The look Aya got on her face was positively hilarious. Her mouth fell open as she sat up with an amazed look on her face.

“Ju? What are you doing?”

“I’m going to work on the books. I can’t do that in just my drawers. I’ll be in a little later. I hope the brat left some pizza in the box. Dinner was good but all that dancing made me hungry again.” I walked out and into the living room and proceeded to fall out laughing into one of the sofa pillows so she wouldn’t hear me. The look on Aya’s face had been priceless. I told her I’d pay her back for that Viagra prank she played. I gave her about 15 minutes to see if she was going to come out and push the issue. When she didn’t I went back to our room and stuck my head in. She was sitting on the bed, still beautifully naked with this very puzzled look on her face and counting on her fingers as if she was trying to figure out where things went wrong. I came into the room and looked down at her for a long time before I handed her one of the energy drinks we kept in the frig. “You’d better drink this. You’re going to need it.” She stuck her tongue out at me, called me a jerk then drank it down before giving me a smile that made parts of me twitch. Let’s just say I’m glad I drank mine before I gave her hers.


~ by jujuken on August 20, 2012.

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