Carry on!

I was having one of THOSE kind of dreams. I was on my back in bed taking in the sensation of my balls being licked and sucked on gently, of wet warmth sliding up my hard penis to circle the tip and take it in just a bit before tracing a hot path back down. I must have bucked my hips trying to get more of that warmth when I felt hands holding me down by the hips. My sleep and lust filled mind cleared enough for me to realize that it wasn’t a dream I was having. I lifted the covers to find my beautiful wife in the process of licking a path up my length. She gave me a “what?” expression. I told her to carry on and she did with a skill that still amazes me.

By the time my brains had returned to their normal confused state, she had brushed her teeth and was crawling into bed. She cuddled up to me and gave me a quick kiss before getting comfortable and running her hands softly over my chest. I frowned down at her. I know my wife. Something was bothering her.

“As much as I love it when you wake me up that way, you usually don’t do it unless you are upset with yourself about something. What’s going on baby?” She started to protest but a sharp warning from me and she finally fessed up.

“I got a look at the books. You didn’t tell me that money is tight. I know why. I haven’t been keeping up my share of the income. All those short jobs don’t pay as much. I’m sorry I’m not pulling my weight love.” She sounded on the verge of tears and I wasn’t going to have that, not here on our last vacation of the summer. I pulled her into my arms and kissed the top of her pretty little head.

“It’s not as bad as you think and it’s not your fault. Things happen and once you are back to somewhat normal I know you’ll be doing the longer jobs unfortunately. You know I miss the hell out of you when you’re gone like that. It’s the nature of the beast I know so don’t sweat it.” She squirmed around until I let go of her. She sat up on one elbow and looked down at me.

“Ju! It’s not alright! Winter is coming. Things slow down during the winter, you know that. We’ve got the mortgage, the payroll, the loans…how are we going to manage all that this winter?” I pulled her back down and held her.

“I’ve got it all planned out. The new guys all know that their hours will be cut. I told them coming in and most of them opted to take a little less in their pay up till winter in order to get a small check during the down time. The regulars all know about the slow period and have taken their usual precautions. I’ve talked to Tomoka and let her know I won’t be needing her as much but since she only worked on a small salary and commissions it wasn’t a big thing for her. She’d work for free if it meant she could be around the brat. Doesn’t hurt that she doesn’t need the money. Besides, school will be starting soon and neither one of them will have much time to work in the shop. Senior years are a bitch. If things get too bad I’m sure Michiko will help out more.” That last comment got her up and glaring at me.

“We are not going to Michiko for money! She’s got enough just paying what she does and paying for Ichi’s school so you can get that out of your head right now buster!” She jabbed me with her finger a few times which tickled more then hurt. She laid back down and took a deep breath. “Why Ju? You knew we could have just done a day trip to the beach. Why rent out the bungalows and the boat?” I pulled her square on top of me and kissed her long and slow before answering.

“Because I love you all. Because I wanted to do something nice for the summer. Because Ichi wanted to surf and maybe spend some winky wetting time with his girlfriend. Because his girlfriend looks at him like you look at me sometimes and needs to give in to her urge to let him wet that winky. Because Michiko works too damn hard and never takes a break. Because I want to have this memory to fall back on when things get stressful. But most of all because I want to see my beautiful wife laugh, see her in a bikini, see the wind sweeping through her hair and the sun kiss her skin. I want to cuddle up with her next to a fire on the beach. If you’d known about the books you would have nixed the trip and I needed it more then the few extra dollars in the bank.” I was looking into her big brown eyes while I talked. I watched as they got shiny from the tears she was holding back. I watched as the determination that was just her crept into hr face. She swallowed hard and blinked back the tears before speaking.

“Hmph. Your secret’s out mister. You, are a romantic and I love you for it!” She gave me a kiss that got me stirring. She laughed. “You and your short down times. Before things go any farther…I’ve been offered a position at the hospital. I think I’m going to take it. No arguments from you. The money is too good to pass up and I don’t have to do weekends unless there is a major emergency or pediatrics. You may have to eat more take out but we can work on that later.”

She edged her way down until our groins were rubbing against each other. She sat up and began rubbing herself against my shaft, warm moist heat making me moan softly. Since she’d done all the work earlier, I figured the least I could do was return the favor a little. I rolled her onto her back and settled between her legs. I took the time to suck at each pert little breast before working my way up to kiss her again. “You just lay there looking and feeling amazing. I’ll do all the work.” The look I gave her must have been something else considering how wide her eyes got and the smile that she tried to suppress. There really was only one thing she could say to that…..she told me to carry on and I did with a vengeance.


~ by jujuken on September 3, 2012.

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