Making amends.

When your wife comes home and starts complaining about the hell that was work that day and the only thing you are doing is sitting on your ass watching tv, I would suggest that you at least pay attention to a few words and make sure to ask politely if she could hold on a sec while you use the facilities. I did neither and as such I’m so deep in the dog house that even the dog can’t find me.

I’ve been here before but since I hadn’t had any loving all week, I was looking forward to some cuddle (and other things) time with the missus, it made the whole situation intolerable. She wouldn’t even look at me. If I asked her a question she either ignored me or grunted. She’s only cooked foods that I’m not fond of and of course there’s the matter of that damn sofa. I was at my wits end. Apologizing didn’t work because she doesn’t think I mean it or I’m only saying it to get back into our bed and some loving which makes it moot in her estimation because I’m an insensitive neanderthal. What? I can use big words when I want to and if the dictionary is close by.

I had to do something before the whole weekend was gone. Once she went back to work, she’d probably be too tired for any fun and games or at least not a lot and I’d gotten kind of use to her jumping my bones all day every day. I was suffering from withdrawal. I needed my Aya fix. I’d gone down to the bar to cry on Acchan’s shoulder. I’ll pass on writing what he called me but on the way back I noticed some activity at the pet shelter. They were having one of those adopt a pet-athon’s so I parked and checked it out.

They had a wide variety of animals up for adoption. I figured that the snake that I wanted would have probably gotten me into divorce court and a dog would be too much work. No small rodents because…well they were rodents. They didn’t have any birds at all. The only things were that left were cats. I don’t like cats as a rule. Quiet sneaky bastards. Aya loved the things so a cat it would be. I’d put up with anything if it got me in good graces with the wife. The clerk gave me a disapproving eye but nodded when I explained that it was for my wife who was a nurse and wouldn’t have a lot of time to keep up with a dog or a very small kitten. He said he had just the cat for me. It turned out to be simple tabby cat around 6 months old, litter trained and cute as a button…for a cat. When the guy told me how much it was gonna set me back I looked at him as if he’d grown a third head and told him I could get one for that price at the pet shop. He told me that it include the fees for spaying, it was a girl cat, a carrier, shots, a couple of toys and a weeks worth of food with a litter box. I sighed and paid for it with the money I’d been saving for a new amp. Hopefully it would be money well spent.

Sona…the cat, looked at me warily when they brought her to me but seemed to find me non-threatening enough to not try to bite or scratch me when I put her in the carrier. I stopped at the store long enough to buy more litter and food then headed home. When I got there, Ichi’s car was gone as was the van. I cursed and prayed that Michiko had it. I went in and looked around. No Aya. I called and was greeted with a terse “what?”. She sounded like she was in the kitchen so I called out that I just wanted to see if she was home. That comment was met with silence and I sighed again before looking down at Sona. I told her she’d better be worth all the money I’d spent. The cat cocked her head to the side like she was paying attention and was quiet when I got her out of the carrier. She had on a pink collar with a tag showing she’d had her shots, her name and an id number that could be used to trace her back to us if she got lost. I patted her on the head, told her to stay quiet and headed toward the kitchen, biting back a curse as the cat took the opportunity to nibble on my fingers. Cats have sharp teeth and she made me remember why I didn’t like the things.

I poked my head into the kitchen and said hello. She grunted a hello back. Not good. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. I put Sona on the floor, pointed at Aya and said, “Go give mommy a kiss.” The cat looked at me for a moment then made a beeline for Aya, bumping her leg and crying for attention. Aya smelling like food probably helped a lot. Aya looked down. Her eyes got wide and the smile that she gave to the cat made me sure that I’d done the right thing. She picked up the cat and the two began to nuzzle each others cheeks. She looked up at me and I told her how sorry I was and that Sona was a peace offering and someone who will give her undivided attention and a calm aura when she got home. She held Sona out and asked if she thought that she should forgive her incredibly stupid husband. The cat did what cats do and meowed. My wife took that as a yes. She curled Sona up in her arms and came over to me. She told me that Sona was beautiful and thanked me. She kissed me once. Then she kissed me again like she was tasting me. I pulled her closer and was promptly scratched by Sona who apparently didn’t appreciate being squeezed to death. Lucky for the fur ball, her claws just tore my shirt a little. Aya laughed and scratched her behind the ears until she started purring then forgot all about me and got Sona acclimated to the house, found a place for her litter box and food, then played with the little fur ball for an hour.

When the cat had finally decided on a nap, Aya came to me to talk. I had used the last of my cash and ordered some Thai take out and had set plates for us both. She waved the receipt from the pet shelter in my face and asked me where the money came from. I told her that I’d emptied out the change bottle that I had been saving money in for my amp and used that. She asked me why and I told her that I had hurt her and I didn’t want her to be mad at me. She teared up after that and called me an idiot for using my amp money on her but she loved her gift. We spent some time feeding each other, laughing and talking and generally being us. Sona joined us after a while and Aya gave her some kitty treats I’d bought. Thai food was way to spicy.

We both played with the cat until Ichi and Tomoka got home. Tomoka fell instantly in love while Ichi just looked on in amazement. He knew my feelings about cats. He stated that I must have messed up badly for there to be a cat in the family now which got a glare from me and a yes from Aya. When Michiko got in she just patted the thing like it had always been a family member and went into her room. I think she had a date with the captain that night. Any time she went out with him she forgot about everything else. I had a gig to play so I got ready to go, let Aya kiss me until I thought she’d pass out and left with a spring in my step.

When I got back in, the house was dark save for a light on in the bedroom. Aya was up reading and petting a purring Sona absently. She looked up and smiled at me when I came in. I patted the cat before bending down to give the wife a kiss. I then went and showered. When I came out the cat was gone and Aya was in bed watching me. She watched me as I walked over to the bed, losing the towel somewhere along the way. She gave me a long look from head to toe and back while I just stood there admiring the view. She told me to hurry up and get in bed and I of course did what I was told. The minute my head hit the pillow my hands were all over her and hers all over me. We kissed and touched like two horny teenagers on the clock. She rubbed that delicious body against my very appreciative parts and I caressed, pinched and sucked everything I could. I flipped her over onto her back, put her legs on my shoulders and gave her warning that I was going to try to pound her through the mattress. She told me to shut up and do it so I did. She felt so good, hot and wet, still fairly tight after all these years. I almost bent her in two as I released all the pent up sexual frustration I’d had for the past week. She must have been feeling some to as she had grabbed the headboard, using it for leverage as she met my thrusts and urged me on. I knew I’d done a great job when she stiffened under me and came hard taking me with her. I got the big one on the first try. No little precursors this time.

We laid there just holding each other, passing soft kisses from time to time when there came a scratching at the door and the plaintive wail of Sona. Aya got up and let the cat in who took a sniff, wrinkled her nose then promptly turned around and left. I was liking that beast more and more. At least I knew that the afterglow of sex would not be interrupted by a spoiled feline. I waved my slightly put out wife over and pulled her back to bed and into a cuddle. I told her that I was happy the cat left because I didn’t want to share her right then. She kissed me, told me she loved me even if I was an idiot sometimes and we both went to sleep.


~ by jujuken on September 30, 2012.

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