Shaving day

As most of you know, most Japanese don’t have much in the form of facial hair so shaving isn’t something we have to do a lot of. I have my beard but even that has to be trimmed and the area around my mouth shaved and shaped from time to time. Now no one would think that would be an exercise to be excited about. My shaving days are different from most and I love them when they come.

It was Saturday morning and Aya had just gotten out of the shower when I woke up. She gave me a quick kiss as I headed to the bathroom to take care of my own business. When I came out of the shower she was still in her towel sitting on the counter by the sink, the shaving kit in hand and a chair for me to sit in. The counter is low of course and with her being so much shorter then myself, when I sat down in the chair it put my face about nose level on her. She pulled out the scissors and comb, trimmed my beard then added shave cream to the sides and under my lower lip. Years of practice made her quick, sure and very efficient.

Since she really didn’t have to think about what she was doing, she had a habit of placing kisses on my face as she shaved me. Guess being so close to all this awesome handsomeness is too much of an attraction. After she’d finished she cleaned off my face before pulling the hairs of my beard together and tying them off. She used her hold on it to reel me in for a kiss that made me twitch in a very good way. The whole time she was shaving me, I’d catch glimpses of her breasts or her inner thigh, sometimes the softly curling hair on her vagina, as the towel she was wearing would gape a little. By the time she’d finished kissing me, I had pulled her towel off completely.

I kissed down her neck as she ran her fingers into my hair. She grabbed a handful and pulled when I took a quick lick of one pert nipple. I love her nipples. The slightest thing gets them hard and flushed and oh so inviting. Since they seemed to be calling for me and conveniently at mouth level, I obliged them and myself. I took my time tasting each one, licking them, rolling each with my tongue and pulling on them gently with my teeth.

My hands weren’t idle during all this as I caressed her softly. Just the barest of touches at the small of her back, the insides of her thighs and knees, her small feet. She made soft little moans and the sound made me want to throw her down and ram myself into her but first things first. I let go of the nipple I’d been worrying and kissed my way up her neck to her ear where I whispered to her how good she tasted, like a peach just picked from the tree. I told her it made me want to take a bite out of her and savor her sweetness, to do nasty things to her. Then I chewed softly on her ear as my fingers ceased their slow circles on her inner thigh and began to tease at her entrance, flicking one finger gently across her clit just to make her jump and squirm.

She began to play with the soft hairs at the base of my neck, a zone for me, and my whole body just shuddered. I let out a sigh of pleasure as my mouth worked its way from her ear, down her neck, to clamp onto her at the junction of her shoulder and neck. I bit down on her and worried the spot knowing there would be a nice hickey when I was done. She’d be pissed later but she was sure enjoying it now. My hands had continued teasing her, one cupping her small breast and worrying the hard nipple there. The other was still playing at her entrance. She was breathing hard, a whine of frustration escaping from time to time.

We had a pattern that we kept to. If she initiated the shaving then I was the lead. If I asked her for the shave then she was the lead. While I never got into any details with him, Toshi has always believed that she liked shaving me because “she liked having a straight razor at your throat.” His words. Not mine. When she started whispering my name I knew it was time to kick things up a notch. I worked two fingers into her. She was all wetness and heat and pulsating tightness. She does these exercises where she contracts those muscles. She says it keeps her tight. It also feels amazing when she does it around my fingers much less around my penis. I’m not even sure if she is conscience that she does it. Whether it’s on purpose or a natural reflex it always makes me twitch. She was literally grabbing my fingers as they entered her, releasing when I withdrew them, repeating this action over and over. When I began to rub her clit with my thumb while I fingered her, the reaction was swift.

My head was wrenched back by an almost painful yank of my hair while my fingers were bathed in her juices. She pulled my hand away from her as she kissed me and the kiss was all fire and force and wild. I growled low in my throat, pulled her off the counter into my lap, positioned myself at her entrance and allowed her to impale herself. I put my head back, grabbed her buttocks and guided her where I wanted her and as fast as I wanted. Since she was able to place her feet on the floor, she was able to get some leverage and she used it to her advantage. She rode me like I was a wild horse, allowing me long strokes and short jabs, varying the frequency and intensity. When she leaned her upper body against me I knew she was close. I used my hold on her to keep her in place as I gave her short but hard jabs. I was buried as deep as I could get when I felt her shudder and whisper my name in one long syllable while she tightened around me almost painfully. I jabbed twice more as she twitched around me then I came with my own long sigh.

We sat like that for a couple of minutes just trying to get our breaths back and coming down off the high. When she sat up, she smiled a sleepy smile at me before we gave each other a kiss that was equal parts love, lust, heat, and the joy of being alive and with each other. It was one of those kisses that let you know that the fun was just getting started. Oh boy for that!


~ by jujuken on October 14, 2012.

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