It’s in the details.

Ju looked at himself in the mirror once again. He readjusted his tie and gave a nod. He looked presentable. He was glad that Aya had insisted he have a couple of well tailored suits in his wardrobe. The suits had cost a small fortune but they had come in handy on more then one occasion. Aya. He smiled when he thought about how she would react to seeing him in a suit. She always did like it when he dressed up. It pushed her buttons something fierce.

He thought about his wife and how happy he was with her, how much he loved her. He knew that no one would ever take her place if something happened to her. She was his existence. She wasn’t perfect but she was close enough to make him stupidly happy most of the time. He didn’t know where he would be without her input. For all the years that they had been married, she had shown him unconditional love, support and an almost unshakeable faith in him. They had their misunderstandings but they had been relatively few considering the years they’d been together. Sometimes it scared him, how much he loved her. He didn’t think anyone could claim his heart and soul so effortlessly, as completely as she had. When he kissed her it was like the world stopped and only they existed in it. When they made love it was magical, wonderful, amazing. He knew he would gladly die for her and not regret one minute of their time together.

He thought back to those dark days when he was trying to mend both his body and his soul after Hayato was killed. Those memories still made his heart tighten in his chest. The only light in his life besides Michiko and her pregnancy was Aya. She was his rock, the driving force behind him mending completely. He hoped that if something ever happened to him she would find someone to make her happy. She deserved to always be happy and if he wasn’t there then she should find someone to replace him.

He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. He nodded at the mirror, grabbed his portfolio and headed out of their bedroom. He stopped in the living room and cleared his throat, striking a pose when his wife turned to look at him. She eyed him from head to toe, licked her lips and walked over to him.

“If I told you I wanted to peel you out of that suit and have you for lunch would you be surprised?”

He just grinned, grabbed her around the waist and kissed her…thoroughly. Once she was able to speak again she asked, “Where are you off to looking so handsome?”

He let her go and picked up his portfolio as he answered. “I’ve got an appointment with a prospective new client. You know that bakery that opened up in town? They are looking for someone to design a new logo for their delivery trucks. Well they have a design; they’re looking for someone to do the work. We are talking about 10 delivery trucks at least. Since this is not their only store in the province, it could be even more. It would be a lot of work but the contract would be awesome as would the advertising. Wish me luck?”

Aya’s eyes had gotten bigger the longer he talked. That would be a lot of money coming in as well as a hell of a lot of work. She told him as much but she also encouraged him to go for it.

“Have I told you how proud I am of you, how much I love you? Yes I know you haven’t gotten the job but the fact that you are even in the running is an accomplishment. You just go take that handsome, cocky, self awareness of yours and knock their socks off!” She gave him a goodbye kiss, told him to be prepared to be molested when he got home, that she’d see him later and wished him good luck.

Ju resisted the urge to kiss her senseless again, smiled, and with portfolio in hand headed out the door.


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  1. Ju returned home 3 hours later. He placed his portfolio by the table in the entrance way and headed toward the living room, loosening his tie as he went. He was tired, hungry and very unsure about whether he was going to get the job. The interview had not gone as he had expected. Far from it and truth be told he didn’t think he would get the job based on his actions but he wouldn’t have changed a thing for all the money in Japan.

    Aya met him halfway into the room, took one look at his face and gave him a hug before kissing him softly.

    “You didn’t get the job?” she asked him softly. Ju shrugged. He really didn’t know. “Are you hungry love? I can whip something up for you. No? How about a beer then? ”

    “A beer sounds good. I’ll take it in the bedroom while I change and I’ll tell you all about it.” Aya nodded, gave him a kiss on the cheek then headed to the kitchen for his beer. She decided to make him a sandwich just in case. She knew her man. He’d feel a little better after talking it out, then he’d want food. Might as well head him off.

    Ju was sitting on the bed in just his undershirt and boxers when she came into the room. Her baby looked tired and Aya’s heart went out to him. She gave him the beer and put the plate with the sandwich down on the nightstand next to the bed. She sat next to him and leaned her head on his shoulders, waiting for him to speak.

    “The wife of the owner was the person doing the interviews. She was younger then I expected. About your age. More handsome then pretty. She checked out my portfolio, was suitably impressed, then started with the usual questions. After about 15 minutes she came from behind her desk, offered me a cup of tea which I declined and then asked about me. She said knowing a person’s business skills was only part of an interview and she liked to get the measure of a person by getting to know them a little better. I didn’t think anything of it.”

    He paused long enough to take another sip of beer and pull a tee shirt on before continuing. “We talked about how I wound up doing what I do. I told her a little about growing up, school, Hayato and how the accident forced me to do something with my life. She asked if I was married. I told her yes with no kids. She nodded stating that she was childless herself and that the bakery was her child. We joked about being lucky that way and were having a pleasant conversation when I noticed that she had positioned herself on the desk in front of me in such a way that her skirt had risen up. I’ll admit, she has nice legs, not as nice as yours but nice and she was showing way more of them then she should have been under the circumstances. I should have known something was up.”

  2. Aya had a bad feeling about where this was headed. She pulled her legs up onto the bed as Ju got up to pull on some jeans. He kept talking as he dressed. “I won’t go into details about the conversation after that but she alluded to the fact that whomever she hired would be working closely with her. Very closely. She asked just how married I was. When I said very she just gave me a “sure you are” smile and told me to think long and hard about it. I told her all I was looking for was a job and for her to consider my work and ONLY my work then call me when she decided. I practically ran out of there after that. From the laughter I heard I think she found the whole thing terribly amusing.” He sat on his heels in front of Aya.

    “I could have played along but I just couldn’t. Was that stupid of me? She could have just been testing the water. Trying to see if I’d work that way or something. I don’t know. ” Aya gave him a quick kiss on the nose. “You did just fine baby. Being so irresistible is a curse I know but you’ll manage. Now eat your sandwich. If she’s any type of a business woman at all she’ll consider your work and forget all about the other stuff.”

    She was about to say more when the doorbell rang. “That must be Tomoka. I asked her to come by so we could plot…I mean talk about Christmas. Can never start to early on gifts. I’ll be right back.” Ju sat with his back against the bed and started to eat his sandwich when he heard Aya squeal. He was on his feet in a flash and hurried into the hall and toward the door, plate still in hand. He came up short as he found his wife hugging another woman and laughing.

    “I haven’t seen you in almost eighteen years! You look amazing! The last time I saw you, you were on your way to France to continue your schooling! What brings you here? How did you find me? Oh dear my manners. Come in!” She hugged the woman again and turned to Ju to introduce her guest. “Ju this is Ayumi. Ayumi this is my husband Junishiro.”

    Ju just stood there with his mouth hanging open, the sandwich threatening to slide off his plate. Standing in his hallway was the woman who had just put the moves on him. She was standing there grinning and wiggling her fingers at him like a small child. He opened his mouth. Tried to speak. Succeeded in getting out a croak, then tried again.

    Aya looked at Ju, then Ayumi and shook her head. “Please don’t tell me that she…” She pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. “Yumi…what’s this all about?” Ayumi just grinned. “I’ll tell you as soon as you let me in. It’s a little chilly out here you know.”

    A short time later, they were all sitting in the living room. Aya had prepared tea for her guest and herself while Ju had gotten another beer. He was sitting in a chair fuming quietly and waiting for an explanation and it had better be a good one. Aya asked Ayumi to explain herself.

    “Junishiro…Aya and I went to college together and were very good friends despite the fact that we majored in two totally different areas. It wasn’t long after her miscarriage that I got a scholarship to one of the top bakeries in France. We had promised to keep in touch but I moved from where I was staying in Paris and apparently she moved at the same time and we lost touch with each other. We didn’t really share any mutual friends so I had no way of contacting her. While there I fell in love and married my husband and we opened up the bakery. We were too busy trying to make the business work for me to take the time to fly back to Japan so it’s been years since I’ve been home. When we were approached about opening a business here, I jumped at the chance. It took a while but we finally are established enough to branch out from Tokyo. I didn’t know Aya lived here until I ran into one of our old teachers who let me know where she was and that she’d married.”

    She paused in her narrative and drank her tea as she collected her thoughts. “Aya was never a good judge of men. I’m sorry dear but the truth is the truth and that person is example enough. I wanted to know what kind of man she’d married. The most I could find out was superficial stuff, his business, hobbies, appearance and so on. What I heard didn’t give me a lot of hope that he was any better then “you know who” so I decided to see what manner of man your Junishiro is. Let’s face it. A tattooed, rock musician, car jock doesn’t sound like the makings for a stable and faithful husband. Car and music groupies not withstanding. What I found was an entertaining and knowledgeable man who had no interest in catting around for any reason even to land a contract that would probably be bigger then anything he’d normally find around here. When he mentioned he was married, the look on his face… You seemed to have finally found the good apple dear and I’m very happy for you. Oh and you have the job Ichihara-san. Your work is first rate.”

    She put her cup down and stood. “Aya-chan I’ll be in touch. You have to meet my hubby and we need to catch up. Maybe I’ll get the chance to hear you play that bass of yours, she directed at Ju. Until then.” She turned to leave but not before handing a packet to Ju that she had pulled out of her bag. “The contract. Have a lawyer look it over before you sign it. My number is in there should you have any questions. Anything is negotiable but the design.” She gave Aya another hug and said her goodbyes.

    Aya waved until Ayumi’s car was out of sight before turning back to Ju. He was looking at the contract with his mouth hanging open. She cocked her head to the side in question and he simply gave her the contract and turned away. Puzzled she looked at the first page and stopped. There had to be a mistake. There were way too many zeros in the payment section. They could pay off the renovations on the shop and most of the note on the flat with that one check alone. There had to be a catch. She was heading into the kitchen when she ran into her husband. He was talking to himself. He jumped a little when he saw her.

    “That’s a lot of money Aya. More then I thought I’d see in years of working and I want to take the job so bad but…did you notice when the delivery date is? To make that deadline, I’d have to not take any other jobs and work most of the day everyday until it’s finished. I’d have to work in vinyl and it’s a bitch to work with. I’m going to be tired and cranky and unavailable a lot. Even with everyone working all out, it’s going to be close. I don’t know if I can do it.”

    Aya put her arms around his waist and leaned her head on his chest. “I can’t make that decision for you baby. You know your business better then I ever could. Just know this, if you do take it, I’m with you no matter what. We do this together. Anything you want of me it’s yours because I love you.” Ju kissed her like he meant it and picked her up.

    “I seem to remember something about being molested from earlier today. I plan on holding you to your word.” He carried a laughing Aya to their bedroom, kicking the door shut behind him. Their love making was slow and tender that evening. When they were done and Ju was laying in bed thinking, it occurred to him that once the contract was signed and the job started he might not have the strength to do this again for weeks. He sighed wondering if the money was worth it. He’d find out soon enough.

  3. That Monday, Ju gave his lawyer the contract to review and called a meeting with his staff. He laid out the pros and cons of the job. He told the guys that he would split half of the money with them which worked out to about 4 months of their normal salaries for 6 weeks of grueling work. He told them that it would be grueling and anyone who wanted out he’d understand but while they did the project, no other work would be coming in. They took a vote and the aye’s won. Ju told them to spend some time with their families because their hours were about to double and they would be working seven days a week.

    They would have six weeks to do ten vans and two box trucks. The vans weren’t the problems since they were just logos. The box trucks were wraparounds and would be a bitch to do. Ichi and Tomoka would be special cases since school was more important then work but they would have things to do and would earn a nice piece of the pie. He sighed. He wondered if success was worth what he was about to go through. He did know one thing. If he still wanted to be married at the end of all of this, he’d better make sure his wife was well taken care of so he set about planning a romantic dinner for the two of them away from home.

    By the time Friday had rolled around he had signed the contract and had the weekend planned out. Since Aya didn’t work weekends and the shop was closed he decided that he may as well spend the whole weekend with her. He booked a room in a very nice hotel downtown with a 4 star restaurant. Then he called Aya and left a message for her to pack a bag for the weekend including something nice and sophisticated and he’d see her when he got home.

  4. Ju got back to the flat about an hour after Aya had arrived. He had already packed and taken his bag to the hotel. He looked at his wife and realized that she was beat. Must have been a rough day at work. He did a mental change of plans for the night which didn’t involve much work. He gave her a hug and a kiss and asked her about her day. She just shook her head, stated that it was just tiring and asked him what was up. He told her that he wanted them to spend some quiet time before the job started. She just nodded, pointed to her bag by the door and left out with him.

    When they got to the hotel, he ushered her to their room, opened the door and let her in first. She stopped just inside the door, her mouth and eyes wide with wonder. Roses, roses of all colors, everywhere. The room was filled with the scent of the beautiful flower. She turned to her husband who was standing by the now closed door smiling at her. He dropped the bag in time to catch himself an armful of happy wife.

    He kissed her, long, gentle, then put her back down. “I take it you like the room?” She nodded and went to the night table, bending down to smell the roses located there. “As much as I love the flowers and all, can you tell me why we are here…really?”

    “First things first.” He grabbed the phone and called room service to have some food sent up. Then he went into the bathroom and started the tub filling. He poured some scented bath salts in the water, made sure it was the right temperature, then went back into the other room as the tub filled. “I’ve got a tub filling for you. We can talk while you relax in the tub.” He held out his hand which she took and led her into the bathroom. He helped her undress with a minimum of groping and tickling and helped her into the tub. He washed her back and talked to her as she relaxed.

    “I talked to the guys today and I’ve decided to take the job. I had our lawyer look over the contract and with the exception of one or two things which he and that woman worked out, I’ll be starting on Monday if it’s okay with you.” He held up a hand to forestall her protests about it being his job. “This is going to affect us all baby. We are talking about six weeks of twelve to fourteen hour days, seven days a week to make the deadline she wants.”

    He leaned closer, took one soap covered hand and looked her square in the eyes. “I’m not getting any younger and this is going to take a lot out of me. I’ll probably fall into bed every night and I probably won’t have the strength to do much more then eat, shower and sleep. I just want you to know that up front.” He kissed her hand and let it go, sitting back a bit to wait on what she had to say.

  5. Aya studied him for a moment. She took in the worry lines around his eyes and mouth, how nervous he was. She’d never seen him like this…well never this bad. She leaned over the tub, dripping suds and water, and smiled. “You know I seem to have gotten my little problem under control. I don’t need to be watched over love. I’ll be fine. If you think you can do this and more importantly to me, if you WANT to do it, then you have my full support.” She leaned back, sinking up to her chin in bubbles. “Besides, I don’t have the patience to train someone to do what I like so I’ll just have to wait for you to finish.”

    Ju clucked his teeth at that. “You couldn’t train someone to be as good as I naturally am if you had all the patience and time in the world. I’m a one of a kind! Hey! You’re the one taking the bath so why am I getting wet?” he exclaimed as she flicked water at him for the remark. “Why don’t you finish before room service gets here? I’ll help you dry!” He waggled his eyebrows comically. Aya just laughed and splashed more water at him calling him a pervert the whole time. When she’d finished washing and soaking for a bit, she let Ju dry her off which he did with a minimum of groping and a lot of kissing. By the time he’d bundled her up in a plush bathrobe room service had arrived.

    They ate a sumptuous meal complete with wine, which had Aya tipsy after two glasses and a dessert of strawberries dipped in rich chocolate, one of Aya’s favorites. They talked about the job and what it entailed, what Aya should expect from him, grumpy being at the top of the list, and generally had a good time. By the time dinner was over Aya was practically nodding at the table. Ju shook his head with a smile and pulled his wife gently out of her chair and lifted her into his arms. She protested, stating that she could walk but the protests quieted and a soft snore replaced them. Ju carried her to the bed which he’d had the foresight to pull the covers down on, and placed her on the sheet. He managed to get the robe off without totally waking her up. He looked down at her for a minute, savoring the sight of her naked before pulling the covers up to her chin and tucking her in. He had some things to do before he retired for the night so he set about doing them. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

  6. Aya awoke to the sound of light tapping. She stuck her head from under the covers enough to see Ju at the desk typing away on his laptop. He had a number of magazines on the desk, a few open, and was referring to them from time to time. She yawned loudly and looked at the clock on the nightstand before eeping. It was almost ten. She got up and walked over to the bathroom, naked as a jaybird. Ju didn’t even look up that is until he heard the bathroom door slam. He turned around, noticed the bathrobe was still in the chair and grinned. He made sure that he was facing said bathroom when she came out. She finally opened the door and stopped when she saw the look on his face. She put her hands on her hips and pouted. “JU! You shouldn’t have let me sleep so long! Why didn’t you wake me?”

    Ju got up and walked to her, his eyes roaming all over her body. He pulled her into his arms and gave her a long, slow, kiss, before speaking. “You looked like you needed the rest and I had some manuals to look over. Besides. I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to see you all naked and inviting if I had.” He cupped one of her breasts and tweaked the nipple before letting her go. She shook her head muttering pervert and went to put on some clothes. After dressing in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, she sat down at the table and looked it over.

    Ju had ordered breakfast sent up before the kitchen had stopped taking breakfast orders. There was a carafe of tea, some croissants, a bowl of mixed fruit, and a covered platter of eggs and bacon. Aya exclaimed with glee, blew a kiss at her laughing husband, grabbed a plate and filled it to overflowing. She settled back in her chair and began chomping on food like she hadn’t eaten in a few days much less a few hours ago. She looked up between bites of bacon and asked what he was working on.

    Ju just shrugged. “It’s been a while since I’ve worked in the medium. I was checking up on any new techniques that may have come out and making a chart with stats and instructions for the guys who’ve never worked with it. Vinyl can be bothersome at the best of times and I’m trying to cut down on any mistakes. How’s your breakfast?” Aya tried to answer with a mouth full of food, gave up and just nodded. Ju laughed and sat down at the table with her. He put his elbows on the table and grabbed a piece of fruit. He ate it very slowly and very messily. She watched him with eyes gone hungry for something other then what she was currently eating.

    “You do know if you keep that up I’m going to try to eat you for breakfast or I should say brunch. So what’s up for today tall, tattooed and incredibly sexy?”

    Ju grinned. “You forgot handsome. Very handsome. Well I got us some tickets to that movie you wanted to see. You know the one with all the American hunks running around? Uhm…the Avengers! Then dinner in the restaurant downstairs and in between…anything you want.” He waited patiently for the squeals to stop then pushed back from the table as a pint sized woman suddenly dropped in his lap and smothered him with kisses. The last kiss she gave him was more then a peck. She eyed him coyly and asked when the movie started. He laughed at the pout she gave when she found out that there wasn’t enough time for her to jump his bones but got over it quickly enough. She went back to her meal and he to his studying. A while later, they changed and headed out to the movie and if he knew his wife some shopping.

  7. Ju enjoyed the movie despite all the sighs and giggles coming from Aya and the young woman sitting next to her. Aya doing the former. Her partner in crime the latter. He got nasty looks from both women whenever he cheered one of the heroes getting his ass handed to him. What he enjoyed the most were the special affects and the vehicles of course. His wife’s sighing over the actor playing Iron Man did get on his nerves. This had him pouting like a small child especially when the woman next to Aya commented on how hot the men in the movie were. She said that she liked the guys playing Thor and Captain America and couldn’t understand why Aya liked the guy playing Iron Man more than the other two. She calmly stated that older men with facial hair just did it for her. The woman looked around Aya to a now grinning Ju and nodded her head. “So I see.”

    When the movie was over, they hit the mall. To Ju’s surprise his wife didn’t buy much and what she did buy she fit into a small bag….a very small bag. She had gotten him another cross to wear around his neck. This one had a skull in the center of it and had bought herself some barely there undies with matching bra. He never could understand why she spent the money when he was just going to take them off of her as quickly as he could but he humored her and let it pass.

    They had more time left before dinner then Ju was expecting so they stopped at a little cafe and ordered some refreshments. They sat outside on a bench in the park nearby and talked about the movie, the job and finally they got around to the people they loved. She commented on how much time Michiko and Kenji had been spending together and wonder to Ju’s scandalized sputtering if the man had talked her into sleeping with him yet.

    “Speaking of sleeping with someone…have you noticed our Ichi seems to have aged a couple of years since we went to the beach?” Ju grinned and nodded. “Oh he got that winky wet. I’d bet good money on it. I kind of wished they’d waited another year but I’m in no position to bitch. I was thirteen when i lost my virginity.” That comment got Aya choking on her drink. After Ju had patted her back until he was sure she was okay he continued when she just stared at him.

    “I was thirteen and tall for my age. I already had one tattoo and the outline for a second. I guess I could have easily been mistaken for 16 or 17. I was passing out flyers for the wife of a friend of my dad. The friend had passed and the widow was looking to open up an udon shop or something. We’d never met before my dad offered my services. I got serviced all right. Woman had a set of world class knockers on her. Almost suffocated me with the damn things. Probably why I prefer smaller breasted women now.” He reached out a hand and patted around Aya’s chest for a second before joking. “Of course I could always change my mind.”

    Aya picked up her now empty container along with his and put them in the nearby trash can. ” You know it’s amazing. You’ve been having sex for that long and you still can’t get it right!” She laughed blew him a strawberry then whooped, turned and sprinted across the grassy area behind the table with Ju in hot pursuit. She ducked and dodged before being caught, squealing in delight when Ju began to tickle her. She managed to get away and they ran around the park laughing and acting like two small children before she turned and ran back toward him. He picked her up twirling her around and kissed her. “I love you woman,” he said in a whisper. “I love you too handsome,” was her answering remark before she exclaimed, “My bag!”. They both ran back to the bench where they’d been sitting. The bag had fallen off the bench and was sitting on the ground with everything intact. She grabbed it up, took Ju’s arm and they headed back to the hotel.

  8. Aya and Ju arrived back at the hotel full of squeals, giggles and raucous laughter, which drew a lot of attention their way. When a woman frowned in displeasure, Ju swept Aya up in his arms, announced they were on their honeymoon and headed toward an open elevator. Aya tisked him when the doors shut but he didn’t put her down. “We are on a honeymoon of sorts. At least that’s what I feel like. Besides, it’ll be our cover when the bed starts banging on the wall later.” The leer he gave her should have stripped her bare right there.

    Aya just clung to him, called him all kinds of perverts and asked if that leer was a promise of things to come. He was about to answer her when the doors to the elevator opened. He carried her to their room before putting her back down. “Maybe” was all he said before opening the door and ushering her in.

    When Aya entered the room she noticed that the roses had been replaced by bouquets of flowers meaning love, devotion, happiness, and eternal love. The room was awash in fragrance and color. Aya just turned around in the room, marveling at the variety, the various exotic flowers and the beautiful arrangements. She turned to say something to Ju only to close her mouth abruptly. He was standing there with a velvet box in his hands.

    He cleared his throat, looked somewhat embarrassed and began to speak. “I don’t know if I’ve ever done this before…well not to this extent I know but I want you to know that I have been stupidly happy since the day we first started dating. I love you woman, more than I thought it was possible to love anyone. I want you to remember that and remember this in the weeks to come because honestly, I’m going to be a nasty piece of work and probably completely unlivable with. I want you to remember that it’s not you but me that’s got something wrong going on in the head and to please, please bare with the moodiness, any nastiness, and being alone.”

    He looked down at the box in his hands and back at his speechless wife. “This job may well run into Xmas and we may not be on the best of terms by then so I want this to be our early Xmas. I’ve been wanting to give you something this nice for forever and now I have the money to do it.” He gave Aya the box and waited for her to open it, hoping that it was all he hoped it would be.

    Aya took the box and opened it. Inside was a Heart Infinity Diamond Necklace (two hearts entwined) with a set of diamond stud earrings to match. She gently ran a finger over the hearts before closing the box and turning to put it on the table. She kept her back to Ju who was frowning slightly not knowing what was wrong. His shoulders began to slump thinking she didn’t like the gift when he realized that she was crying. He went over to her and turned her to face him. “Aya?”

    As if hearing her name was the key to unlocking the dam, the tears started flowing in earnest. She leaned against him and cried while trying to talk in between sniffles. She told him how beautiful the gift was, how much she loved him and that she’d always love him, and wondered how he could afford such a gift. Ju sighed in relief, glad that she liked the necklace. “You had me worried there for a moment pretty lady. I took some of the money from the check and bought the set. They were having a special so I didn’t faint at the cost but it was a close thing. The lady at the store said that I’d be forgiven anything with that as a gift.” He lifted Aya’s face up. “I’d say you are worth every penny and much more. I promise that’s all the mush you’ll be getting from me for a few hours.”

    He gave her a kiss on the forehead and went for some tissues. “I love you but not enough to risk getting snot on me even if it’s yours so clean up that beautiful face so you can thank me properly.” She did and she did, giving him a kiss that made him consider canceling the dinner reservations but he wanted to show every man in the place just how lucky he was. He told her that and she hit at him calling him an idiot but smiling the whole while. After a few more kisses and promises of a proper thank you, they got ready for dinner.

    Ju dressed in a navy blue, cotton silk shirt with matching slacks that were tailored to make it look like he did have a little ass. It was a pair of slacks that Aya loved seeing him in. He had his hair pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. She was wearing a black knee length cocktail dress with sheer sleeves, a box cut neckline (that showed off the necklace very well), with striped satin piping. She had her hair in a loose french braid. They looked the picture of elegance and respectability. They gave each other the once over, smiled at what they saw then left, arm in arm.

  9. There was champagne on their table, compliments of the hotel. Seems one of the staff had overheard the honeymoon comment and Ju wasn’t about to correct them. He had noticed the approving smiles from the patrons when they entered and chalked it up to Aya being her usual stunning self.

    He spoke while he poured them both a glass of bubbly. “You know every man in here had his eyes on you when we walked in. You look stunning by the way.” He held his glass up and said, “To us. If we survive the next six weeks or so, our marriage will last forever.” Aya just shook her head and tapped glasses with him before taking a sip. She smiled at him, putting her glass down and leaning her chin on one hand. “What did I do to deserve you?” Ju just grinned. “At the risk of being hit…you just have very good taste.” When she glared at him, he laughed softly. “Come on woman. I’m hungry for food amongst other things. Time to order.”

    Aya looked at the menu and almost choked at the prices but Ju told her he had it covered to a point at least and to get what she wanted. He did tell her that if she wanted Kobe steak she’d have to pay for it herself. He refused to pay the price of a whole cow for a small piece of beef no matter how good it was supposed to be. She couldn’t argue with that logic and left the steak alone. They both wound up ordering the same thing for the most part. The meal was excellent as was the service. They spent much of the evening touching hands from time to time and talking about some of the things they could do with the money he’d make. He was going to put a lot of it toward paying off the loan for the expansion but not all of it. He didn’t tell Aya but she’d been wanting new furniture for a while and he was going to let her get some things. They drank about half the bottle of champagne with dinner. Ju took the bottle with them when they left. He had plans and spending a lot of time in the restaurant wasn’t part of them.

    When they got back to their room, Ju got ice to put the champagne bottle in. He then put on some slow music and they danced together for a while. They would stop and drink more of the bubbly while eating pieces of the sugared strawberries that he’d had sent up. He would lick at Aya’s fingers after she’d fed him some while she sucked on his slightly, getting certain areas of his body very awake. During their last dance of the night, Ju made his move.

    They had been trading kisses throughout the night and the last dance was no different except that Ju’s hand on her back had begun to trace up and down her spine. Aya looked up at him and shivered a little. He took that as a good sign and carefully began unzipping her dress which allowed him to touch even more of her soft skin. “If you keep doing that I won’t be responsible for what happens,” Aya said as she nipped one of his earlobes. Needless to say, that comment got his hand even farther down her dress until he could cup one ass cheek. She was wearing that next to nothing lingerie set she’d bought earlier that day.

    After giving her ass a nice squeeze, he brought his hand up and stepped back just enough to peel her dress down her arms until it lay on the floor in a pool at her feet. He ran his eyes slowly from her face to her feet and back up. He licked his lips. “So beautiful.” Aya blushed and raised her hands for him to come to her. He did, picking her up and carrying her to the bed as they kissed. He placed her on the bed on her knees and faced her toward the door of the bathroom. It had a full length mirror on it and they could see each other in it.

    Ju unhooked her bra and slowly pulled it off of her. He tossed it on the nearby chair before turning back to Aya. He lifted each breast in his hands, kneading them gently, tugging on the nipples until they peaked. “Look at how beautiful you are Aya, how sexy and desirable you are.” He ghosted a kiss along the side of her neck and smiled when she shivered.

    Ju climbed on the bed behind her, still fully dressed. She could feel his erection against her back through his pants. There was something decadent about her being almost nude and him being fully clothed. She was about to mention it when his hand began dipping down her body and into the very rim of her very small pair of panties. His hand stopped right there, gently caressing her but going no further then the very top of her line of pubic hair. He settled back on his heels, pulling her down so that her ass was on his erection. He did a slow grind against her as he slowly pulled at the rim of her panties with one hand, still playing with her breasts with the other. “Can you feel me baby? Can you feel how much seeing you, touching you affects me?”

    Aya started to speak but Ju gently shushed her. “Shhhh baby. Don’t speak. All I want you to do is enjoy this. You can call my name when you come but this is going to be quiet time. Can you do that? Be mouse quiet for me?” Aya knew this game and nodded with a small smile. He nodded and raised her up off his lap, pulling her panties down until they would go no farther. He motioned with his hands for her to lay on her stomach so that he could pull them down her legs. He kissed her down the spine and on each buttock as he did so, continuing the kisses down both legs until he was able to pull them off.

    He moved from behind her and began removing his clothing. She could see him in the mirror. When she started to turn, he shook his head no so she continued watching him in the mirror. He took his time taking off his clothing making sure to run his hands down his chest to his waiting erection. He pulled on it a couple of times then turned away. He opened the drawer to the nightstand and pulled out a sleep mask, tossing the satin blindfold on the bed and telling her to put it on and then lay on her back. She did and waited until she felt his weight on the bed. He didn’t touch her but she felt his breath close to her neck then her ear moments before he spoke. “I’m going to show you just how much you affect me. I’m going to make love to you until you think you are going to die from the sheer pleasure of it. I’m going to make you come so hard your bones are going to try to break but you can’t speak until you are about to come. Oh you can whimper a little, maybe a soft whine but that’s all. No touching either. You understand?” Aya nodded. Ju grinned and leaned down long enough to place a kiss on her lips. Then he began to use that talented mouth on her body.

  10. Ju took advantage of Aya’s lack of sight. He would breathe softly in one spot but touch in a completely different spot making her twitch and stifle an exclamation of surprise from time to time. He worried at her earlobe, nibbled and licked along her collar bone, down her neck. His hands traced down her sides, sometimes hitting her ticklish areas. He watched as she bit down on her lips to stay quiet, to keep the game going. Sometimes he wouldn’t touch her anywhere for a while, watching as she tried to anticipate where and when he would touch her next. Good. He wanted to keep her guessing.

    He got an idea and left the bed for a moment. When he returned he was carrying the bucket that the champagne had been in. He placed it on the floor in easy reach, making sure it didn’t rattle and let Aya know he had it. He carefully picked up a smallish piece of ice, placing it in his mouth and crawling back up on the bed. He took the hand that he hadn’t used to get the ice and caressed one of her breasts, tweaking the nipple gently. He moved to the other, cupping it and placed his mouth around her nipple. He rolled the ice cube along the nipple with his tongue, cold offset by the heat of his mouth. Her reaction was instantaneous. Her back arched off the bed, her hands raising up to hold his head on her breast so he could do it again but she wasn’t supposed to touch him yet. She whimpered in frustration as he removed his mouth from her.

    He smirked and got another piece, this time running it and his tongue down her stomach to her navel, rolling the piece of ice around it before slurping it back into his mouth and gently blowing on the area. Aya’s whole body shivered. He repeated this on various parts of her body causing the most delicious sounds to escape through clinched teeth. She had a death grip on the sheets and Ju wondered idly how they managed to stay in place. He looked down at his wife. She was sweating slightly, breathing hard, her body flushed. She licked her lips slowly as if sensing him watching her and his penis twitched from the sight.

    “Hungry pretty Aya? Would you like something to eat?” He asked this in a purr as he straddled her upper body. She was about to put her hands out to touch him, guide him to her mouth when he told her no. He would do it. He gently guided himself to her mouth which she opened readily. Her tongue flicked out to tease at the head and Ju let out a slow moan. When she closed her mouth around his tip and bathed it with her tongue, he hissed. When she began to suck he let out a strangled curse and began rocking slowly to the time of her sucks.

    Aya was in heaven and hell. She wanted so much to see him, his reactions to what she was doing. She wanted to touch him but at the same time, the things that he had done had set her whole body on fire and if he didn’t enter her soon she was going to explode. Since she couldn’t touch him she decided that she’d let her tongue do as much touching as he could stand. She flicked and lapped at his penis when he was pulling out, rolled her tongue around the head on the way in, using all the skills she had to drive him as wild as he was driving her. She knew she had succeeded when he stopped moving, his breath harsh, his voice strained as he told her he was going to make her see stars.

    Ju began a slow trip back down her body. He kissed her first, all tongue and teeth and heat. He kissed both breasts before taking first one nipple and pulling it gently, chewing softly on it until Aya made small whimpering noises, then giving the other the same treatment. He kissed, nibbled and sucked his way down her torso before spreading her legs with his hands and burying his face between them. He curved his tongue and licked her parts like a cat licking cream from a bowl. He looked up a moment at the muffled exclamation from his wife. She’d grabbed a pillow and was busy chewing on the thing to keep from yelling aloud. Ju grinned and went back to torturing his wife.

  11. Ju loved giving Aya oral sex. He loved the taste of her, how heated it made her, the sounds she made. It was taking all of his control not to just pounce on her now. That and the cock ring he’d put on. He hadn’t clued Aya in on that and since she couldn’t see, he didn’t see any reason to tell her. Let her think he had iron self control. He pulled her closer to him. He teased her, tongued her, mouthed all of her parts, sucking, nibbling, lapping until she was literally trying to fuck his face. Every time she started moving to get more friction he’d stop causing her to whimper. It made his penis twitch when she made those sounds and he was more then ready to take the next step but he waited. He didn’t have to wait long.

    He was using the tip of his tongue to flip at her clit when she let out a low moan of his name, shivered and came. It was a small orgasm by her standards and he knew she was just getting started by how she tried to get even more friction on that part of her body. Ju gave her one last quick lick, which sent more shudders through her, before retreating. He took a deep breath, steeled himself and slowly entered her.

    Aya’s head slammed back into the pillow, her mouth a wide oh as Ju penetrated her. He moved at a maddeningly slow pace. Long strokes in and out of her, then pulling out until a little more then the tip was in, moving just that much in and out of her, worrying the spot he knew was there and causing Aya to buck her hips up trying for more. He held her down by the hips and continued his teasing of her for a few strokes more before quickly entering her up to his hilt then pulling out to do the small teasing strokes again. Sweat dripped off of him as he worked, grateful for the cock ring he was wearing. There was no way he would have lasted for more then a few strokes after he’d entered her. She was so warm, just wet enough for his tastes and tight around him. Truth be told she’d been a little too tight early on and he’d learned to get her good and wet to make things easier on them both. After all these years she now fit him like a glove and it made him want to throw back his head and howl his pleasure.

    He increased his pace and deepened his thrusts. The ring helped yes but it was a newer version that would allow him to come. It just slowed down the process and he was close to the edge. He could tell Aya was close to the edge also. She was breathing hard, her breasts rising and falling with each deep breath. They looked so inviting he bent over and licked one nipple causing her to jerk in surprise, a small keening sound coming from her lips. He took pity on her and told her to touch him, kiss him, take off the blindfold and let him see her lovely eyes as she came for him. She didn’t have to be told twice.

    The blindfold came off first, the sudden light causing her to blink for a moment and then she saw the man she loved, the man who was giving her pleasure she could barely contain. She ran eager fingers into his hair, pulled him down and kissed him deeply as she wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling up on his downward thrusts causing him to go even deeper into her. She moved her hands up and down his body, nails leaving light welts in their wake. She kissed him all over his face, down his neck, licked at his collar bone before nipping at it and it was more then Ju could take. He quickened his pace, knowing he wouldn’t last much longer but he didn’t have too. Aya threw her head back and hissed out his name as she came taking him with her.

    When Aya opened her eyes again, Ju was leaning on one hand watching her, amusement clear on his face. She looked at him then traced a finger down his cheek and across his lips, then leaned over for a gentle kiss. “You were magnificent! Where did you get a cock ring and who gave you that idea? It was cheating you know but considering the outcome, I’ll forgive you.” She was smiling at him in that way that let him know that she would be suggesting he use it again one day.

    Ju laid down on his back, pulling her across his chest for another kiss. “That pervert Toshi suggested it. Oh you’ll be seeing a lot of him for a while. I asked him to help out with the band when he wasn’t busy.” Aya snuggled up against him. “I’m glad you told me that after screwing me half to death. Makes taking the news a lot easier.” She tried to stifle a yawn without much success. She looked up into her husband’s eyes. What she saw there made her heart beat faster. “I love you Junishiro. This…all of this…it was wonderful. You are wonderful and I’ll always cherish this weekend.”

    “We’d better get some sleep pretty lady. They are gonna kick us out of here by noon and I want one more go at you before then but honestly, I need the rest.” He gave her another kiss and sighed contentedly as she spooned up against him. Monday would bring reality crashing back around their heads but for now, he was the happiest man on earth.

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