And so it begins.

When Aya and Ju got back to the flat on Sunday, they were met at the door by Toshi of all people. He was leaning on the door, suitcase by his feet and scowling. “Took you long enough to get here. I’m freezing my unmentionables off out here while you two are meandering along taking kissy face breaks.” He glared at them for a minute then a smile spread across his face that made Aya want to slap him. “Someone looks like she’s been very well taken care of. Glad to see you took my advice Ju my man. I know what of I speak.”

Ju pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. “Toshi. Why the fuck are you here? The guys aren’t playing tonight are they?” Toshi shook his head. “No they aren’t but we still have to practice together. I’m good but no one is that good dude.” Ju nodded. That made sense. What didn’t was why the man was there with a suitcase. So he asked.

“Well Kiba is off doing his thing so there was no good reason for me to travel all those miles back and forth and it would be counterproductive since we have to practice and all. You’ve got a spare room in the shop with everything I’ll need to survive so here I am!” Aya groaned and Ju cursed but he couldn’t argue with the logic. The man was doing him a big favor and no one wanted to pay for a hotel room for that long.

“Alright Toshi but you have to promise to behave. You don’t want Aya to give you the look do you?” Toshi paled a bit at the thought then nodded vigorously. He didn’t even want to turn around to see what expression Aya had on her face. He was fairly sure he wouldn’t like it. He literally squeaked like a startled girl when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned slowly, worried about which Aya he’d find looking at him and smiled in relief when it was the not spooky, pretty little thing that his friend had married. Ju must have done some real good stuff with that cock ring. Toshi figured he may as well take advantage of her good will for as long as he could. He turned to Aya. “I promise I’ll be on my best behavior okay?”

Aya gave him a suspicious look but finally smiled and said okay. She pulled out her key and let them all in. The place was quiet and from the looks of things had been for a while. She spotted a note on the table in the entrance way and picked it up. Seems that Michiko was at the captain’s for the weekend and Ichi was staying over Remu’s. She passed the note back to Ju who read it and laughed. “Seems we weren’t the only ones making out like rabbits this weekend. I’m gonna have to tell that boy he can’t use all the money he’s getting on condoms. He needs to save some of it and his winky is gonna fall off at this rate.” That last got him a slap on the arm from Aya and a curious look from Toshi. “I’ll tell you about it later…maybe. Common trouble. I’ll open up the shop long enough for you to put your stuff up. I’ll be back in a minute to help you unpack.” He gave Aya a kiss on the cheek then grabbed the extra set of keys off the hook and pulled a grinning Toshi down the stairs to the shop.

Aya was almost done unpacking by the time they came back up. Toshi was laughing and Ju was trying to shush him up. Aya ignored them both and headed to the kitchen to see if she needed to do some grocery shopping. Toshi was small but the man could pack away twice his weight in food and not gain an ounce. He and Ju together could out eat a small army and neither one would gain more then a pound between them. Aya thought about having Toshi around for six weeks and shuddered. At least Ju would be too tired most nights to get into any trouble. She liked Toshi, she really did, but the man had a way of getting her husband to suspend his common sense and he didn’t have a whole lot to begin with.

She sighed before standing up and turning as the two men spilled into the room talking about music. Ju looked at her, gauging her mood before asking what was for dinner. If they’d been alone she would have said him, naked on a platter, but she refrained. “Curry and rice. It’s quick and I have everything I need. You could make a store run for me. It would keep you two out of my hair and we could get stocked up since we’ll be having a guest for the next few weeks. Besides…you’re almost out of beer.” She knew that would get them out of the house if nothing else did. She wrote out a very long, extremely specific list and kicked them both out of the flat then went to work on dinner.

When Ju exited the flat he looked at the mustang first then Toshi’s van. It was old and well worn. It needed a paint job badly and some new tires. Ju turned to him. “You make enough money. Why do you still drive this pos van?” Toshi took offense and stated that it was a classic and he was very attached to the thing. It was where he first confessed to Kiba how he felt about him. Ju held up his hands in surrender. “At least let me give you a decent paint job when this is over. Call it a thank you gift.” Toshi thought that over and nodded. “Deal but you have to stop calling it a pos. Got it?” Ju nodded and headed for the mustang muttering that there was no way he was going to be seen riding in that thing. Once they were seated and strapped in Toshi asked why he didn’t take Aya’s van.

“Aya and Michiko share the van and since Aya was with me Michan took it. I wanted to try to find a small car for Aya for Xmas but I won’t have the time now. We really do need an extra car.” He pulled out into the busy street and headed downtown. The grocery store Aya liked was down there. Toshi didn’t believe in quiet and wasn’t about to let Ju brood with him around so of course he asked the most intrusive question he could think of. “So how’d that cock ring work?” Ju just looked at him for a second before turning back to the road. “It worked fine you pervert. Make that voyeuristic pervert. Thanks.” Toshi grinned. “Told you. Now what’s this I hear about Ichi becoming a real man? What’s she like? Have I met her? Spill man!”

“She’s a cute little thing. Feisty as all hell and very protective of the brat. I think she’s the only girl besides his best friend’s sister that didn’t fall all over my feet. Hell when we first met she didn’t like me at all. I’m sure she just tolerates me now. She’s a talented artist though. I’m not as dumb as I act. I hired her after seeing her portfolio. Oh and she’s got money. I haven’t been to the house but if it’s like they say then she’s got a LOT of money.” Toshi’s eyes got wide at the money part. “So what’s she doing slumming around these parts? You’d think she’d be all high and mighty.” Ju glared at him for the slumming part but he understood what he meant. “She’s a bit of a free spirit and pretty down to earth for a rich girl. Must be her guardian’s influence. Met the woman once. She seems very level headed if a little to soft on the girl but then she’s raised her from infancy. Kids parents were killed when she was an infant. No siblings. From what Aya tells me, between what her folks left her and some smart investments by her guardian, that young lady probably will never have to work a day in her life if she is conservative with her spending.”

Toshi whistled as Ju pulled into the parking lot of the store and parked. “And she is in love with your little Ichi. Wonder of all wonders. Say…why haven’t you seen the house? I say we take a side trip and check it out. I’m very curious especially if it impressed that wife of yours.” Ju shook his head no. “We have groceries to get and I for one am hungry. I’ll start shopping and you can grab a couple cases of beer.” He got out without another word, pulled the list from his pocket and grabbed a cart. Toshi looked after him with an all to familiar glint in his eyes. His mind started working on what he could say or do to get Ju out to that house. He really wanted to take a look.


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  1. Ju was busy checking off items from the list as he put them into the cart when Toshi came up beside him pushing a cart full of beer and liquor. Ju’s eyebrows went up. “I hope you don’t think I’m paying for all of that. I’ll barely have time for a beer or two much less getting plastered.” Toshi laughed at him. “Silly boy. These are for me. I got you a case of beer. Here.” He held up a case and handed it to Ju who put it on the rack under the cart. “Dude, if I hear that you’ve been throwing wild parties in the shop I’m gonna tell Aya she can do anything she wants to you. I’d be afraid.” He laughed when Toshi paled. “I swear there are only two people on this earth that can do that to you. I married one and you’re sleeping with the other one.”

    He continued down the aisle chuckling at Toshi’s declaration that Aya was much scarier then Kiba. “Kiba would just gut me but Aya would probably coat all my important parts with honey and stake me out on an ant hill. She can be a very scary lady.” Ju had to laugh at that. He knew Aya was more bark then bite but he wasn’t about to tell Toshi that. Her disapproval was the only thing that kept him half way in check.

    They continued walking the aisles, Toshi randomly throwing things into the cart, Ju taking them out (for the most part) and putting them back on the shelf. Toshi asked him a million questions about Tomoka, most of which Ju knew the answers too but when it came to where the house was located Ju told Toshi he didn’t have an exact address because he never needed to go there.

    Toshi ground his teeth. How could he talk Ju into going if the man didn’t know where to go? He pondered his dilemma as they paid for their purchases and loaded up the trunk of the mustang. He was about to give up when he nudged Ju. “Hey! Isn’t that your nephew’s car over there?” He pointed down the street at the local burger joint as Ichi and a laughing Tomoka exited the place. They climbed into the car and headed in the opposite direction of both Ichi’s and Remu’s. “I wonder if he’s taking her home. Come on Ju. Let’s follow them. Maybe they’ll lead us to the house. I know you want to see it.”

    Ju just shook his head no but Toshi kept needling him until he threw up his hands. “For heaven’s sake okay! Anything if you’ll stop whining like a two year old.” Secretly he was curious about the place himself. He hadn’t even realized he’d pulled out and was heading in the wrong direction himself until Toshi pointed out that as flashy as the Mustang was, they couldn’t follow to closely behind. Ju shot him a glare that should have fried him in his seat before giving him a terse “I know that.”

    Fortunately traffic was heavy enough and Ichi’s car flashy enough for them to follow at a safe distance and still not loose them. It was when they got into the richer part of town that Ju had to be sneakier. It was pure luck more then anything that kept him from losing Ichi all together. They had just turned a corner when Ju looked behind him and backed into a parking space. Ichi’s car had come to a stop and the two teens were leaning against the car. Well Ichi was leaning against the car, Tomoka was leaning against him. They weren’t in a lip lock but they looked as if they wanted to be. Instead Tomoka gave Ichi a kiss on the lips that wasn’t exactly chaste but wasn’t a scandalous one either, stepped back and watched as he got in his car and drove off.

    The two men had gotten out of the car and had been watching the two teens from behind a bush. When Ichi drove off, they walked out onto the street proper and got a better look at the house. Toshi whistled. “That’s a big ass house! I wonder if she has servants.” Ju had to agree. It was a big house. “Aya and Ichi said she did and a cook. Ichi said there’s a game room with three systems and tv’s for each system. Even he was impressed.” He turned expecting Toshi to say something else and choked when he realized that the man was walking up the street. He called out Tomoka’s name and the young girl turned before entering the house.

    “Hey Tomoka! I’m Ichi’s godfather Toshi! You know his uncle Ju of course.” He pointed at Ju who was cursing Toshi, his parents and their parents under his breath. There was nothing for it so he may as well make the best of a bad situation. He waved at Tomoka as he walked to the gate. Tomo had been giving Toshi the eye and wondering if she should call for help but seeing Ju calmed her down. She smiled, went down to the gate and pressed the button to open it. Toshi whistled again and nudged Ju who slapped at him. He stopped and gave Toshi a proper introduction explaining that he wasn’t Ichi’s godfather, just a good friend of the family and that she’d probably seen him at their anniversary party playing bass with the band. Tomo nodded and asked them in.

    She very politely gave them the grand tour with Toshi sticking his head in every room, asking embarrassing questions and finally pissing off the cook to the point where Ju had to restrain the man to keep him from carving Toshi up like a sushi roll. “It’s not my fault the man couldn’t take constructive criticism but I’m a good cook and if I say he doesn’t have enough of something he doesn’t have enough.” That comment was overheard by said chef and this time Ju let him chase Toshi around with the sushi knife, a really long affair, threatening to kill him. Everything came to a halt when Momo-san entered and gave them all the “I’m the teacher and you are bad children” look. The chef hurried back into the kitchen, Ju put on his most sheepish grin, Tomoka was trying hard not to laugh and Toshi was giving Momo-san the eye.

    Ju introduced him and Toshi immediately put his foot in his mouth. “You look kind of old to be the guardian of a teenager.” Momo walked over to Toshi and looked up at him. “Young man, someone needs to teach you how to behave” and without warning she grabbed his earlobe and dragged him by it to a nearby chair, pushing him into it hard enough for the chair to rock back. She then proceeded to lecture him in no uncertain terms about what she was going to do if he ever came back to her house and acted like a barbarian again. By the time she was through, Toshi was huddled down in his seat, suitably humbled. Ju whispered to Tomoka that it was the first time that he’d seen anyone shut him up for more then a minute…besides Aya…on a rampage and even then not for as long.

    When she was done skinning Toshi alive verbally, she patted him on the cheek and told him to behave and she’d let him have a treat. She then turned to Ju and smiled. She gave him a hug and threw a scathing look Toshi’s way when he asked why she was hugging Ju but chastising him. She calmly told him that Ju wasn’t acting like an ass which set Ju and Tomoka laughing. Ju kissed her on the cheek, flirted with her outrageously, and apologized for the intrusion and the idiot friend of his.

    “He really is pretty harmless and he’s got a good heart. He just doesn’t have good sense.” He laughed when Toshi stuck his tongue out at him. “Common on stupid. You’ve worn out your welcome. We’d better get back or Aya’s gonna kill us both. Tomoka, I’ll see you after school tomorrow. Momo-san, as always a pleasure lovely lady.” He pulled Toshi up out of his seat and the man had the good sense to bow politely to both ladies and thank them for allowing him to see their beautiful home before he was dragged out of the house by a seething Ju. Once they were back in the Mustang, Ju let Toshi have it with both barrels.

    “One of these days you are going to go too far and I’m going to let you hang by the nuts.” Toshi flinched at the visual image. “But you got to see the house. Ju that house was fantastic even if the cook under seasoned the food. Ichi hit the mother load.” Ju just looked at him like he’d grown two heads before sighing. Toshi would always be Toshi. He had to agree with him though. Tomoka had a really nice house which made Ju wonder even more what she saw in the brat. He shrugged. People wondered what Aya saw in him and while her folks weren’t as well off, they were still way above his class and station. Love didn’t care if you were rich or poor. It just was. He started the Mustang and headed back to his home and his love.

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