Day one: Monday

Ju groaned when the alarm went off. The sun was nowhere near to rising but he needed to be in the shop by five for the paint and vinyl shipments. The first of the vans was scheduled to be delivered later that day. He looked down at his sleeping wife as she protested the sudden chill when he moved away from her. He kissed her forehead and pulled the covers up, tucking her in.

He had told her about his trip to Tomoka’s and the only reason why he hadn’t wound up on the sofa was Toshi being read the riot act by Momo-san. That put Aya in a very good mood and things got even better as the night wore on. They had turned in early and Aya had played with him like she was a cat and he a catnip mouse. Yep. Fine way to end a weekend. He sighed. It would probably be a while before he had another one of these he thought sadly.

He stood up, his back protesting the sudden movement, and headed toward the shower. Once the hot water hit his back the muscles relaxed and he breathed a sigh of relief. He hated to admit it but he was getting older. No use whining about it though. He finished his shower, got dressed as quietly as he could and went into the kitchen for a quick breakfast. He got down to the shop just as the first truck was pulling into the loading dock.

He checked his inventory and cursed. He was missing some of the tools that he needed which meant someone was going to have to go in town before they could even start. He looked at his watch, figured the supply shop he needed would be open, signed the invoice then followed the truck out into the early morning rush. It took him the better part of two hours to get what he needed and by the time he’d gotten back to the shop, the rest of the guys were there waiting for him.

He broke them up into teams, each team to tackle a certain aspect of the job and each team assigned a leader. Each team leader was given the manual that Ju had compiled and given strict instructions to come to him if there was any doubt about what was to be done. Any cracks, air bubbles, or tears that occurred would cause the vinyl sheet to peel if applied. It would have to be redone. Ju planned on this and had purchased plenty of extra sheets because he knew there would be screw ups. There always was with vinyl.

He had considered using Avery products like he used for cars but opted for the Orajet Series 3951 instead. It was a little easier to work with and more durable than the Avery which was something the vinyl would have to be since they were going to be wrapping vans and trucks. He looked up as one of the guys called out that the first of the vans had arrived. There were three in total with another three coming next week. Ju had the fellows wash and dry each van thoroughly and check them for any dents and scratches. Once he was satisfied that the vans were in good order, he set the guys to doing exact measurements of each one. It was lunch time by the time they had completed the measurements on the first van so everyone took a short break.

Ju yawned and went upstairs to see what Aya had left him for lunch. He found a note telling him what was in the fridge that he was a magnificent creature and that she loved him. He smiled, got a bottle of water and his lunch. He thought about what he had to do next as he ate his lunch. Hopefully he could get around to starting on the first van soon. He just needed the logos to come in from the printers. He started as the phone rang. The printer was on the other end of the phone. The logos were ready but he wouldn’t be able to get them out to Ju until the next day. Ju sighed. There wasn’t much he could do about that so he thanked the printer and hung up.

He went back into the shop and let the guys know. They had a few projects they could finish up so the day wasn’t a complete loss. He worked on a design he’d dreamt about for the car that Aya wouldn’t be getting for Xmas thanks to the job. There was always her birthday he mused. He was brought up from his musings by the shop steward sticking his head into Ju’s make shift studio and announcing that another two vans had been delivered to the shop. Ju cursed and headed out to confront the delivery man. They argued for a bit before the man threw up his hands, turned to his truck and began unloading the vans. Ju pinched the bridge of his nose, a headache flaring to life. The shop was packed and he didn’t want to put the vans outdoors. He didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. He had the guys check the vans for dents and scratches then park them around the back. It was a tight fit and all he could do was hope that there were no minor accidents that would put any dings in the vans.

He went back to his design and was just about done when Tomoka and Ichi showed up. He let them know that they had the afternoon free and to go have some fun. He got all smiles and thanks from the kids. He figured the guys might as well go also and before long the shop had cleared out and everything was quiet. He trudged upstairs and had pulled out dinner to be heated when Aya arrived. She took one look at him, pushed him out of the kitchen and told him to sit down and relax. She got him a beer, gave him the remote and kissed him on the forehead. She went to change while dinner was heating up. When she came back, Ju was nodding, the beer threatening to slip out of his hand. She got the beer and gently woke her tired husband up. She made him eat something, then ushered him to bed. He had told her of his day and while it wasn’t physically taxing, mentally it was and he’d gotten up very early. She could see the lines of fatigue in his face. She gave him a loving kiss and pushed him into the bedroom, pulled off his clothes and pulled the covers over him once he got into bed. She climbed in next to him and just spooned against him until he went to sleep then she got up and cleaned the kitchen, did a few odds and ends and turned in herself. It was going to be a long month if Ju was that tired and he hadn’t done any of the real work yet. All she could do was be there for him and pray that was enough.


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