Day two

Toshi was awakened at what he would describe as the butt crack of dawn by language that would have made even him blush. He trundled out of the backroom and into the shop proper to see what was going on. What he found or who he found was Ju yelling into the phone like a man possessed. Whatever was said on the other end didn’t help matters because Ju called the person on the other end a horse’s ass and hung up the phone. He started to toss it but thought better of it and just put it down on his desk hard enough to crack the casing. “Problem?”

Ju’s head jerked up, startled. “What are you doing up so early? I know you played with the guys last night. I didn’t wake you did I?”

“Oh of course not. I’m usually up and running around at six a.m….fuck! It’s six in the morning!” Ju winced at the shout. “I was talking to the printer. He says he can’t get the sheets here until later this week. Something about trouble with his truck or some such bull. It’ll take two hours just to get there and I’ll need to rent a truck to transport the sheets. Since you’re up do you want to ride along?” He turned as he asked, blanched then turned back around.

“Dude. It’s way too early in the morning to be blinded like that. Put some clothes on will ya?” Toshi just stood there with his hands on his hips laughing. “What and cover all this perfection?” He was about to say something else when the door leading from the flat opened and Aya stepped through. Ju had just enough time to stand in front of Toshi as she stepped into the shop. She looked at him, a confused expression on her face.

“Hi baby. I just came down to get a kiss before I left…Ju, why are you standing there like that?” He held up a hand as she came closer. Aya stopped as Toshi’s head came from around Ju’s back. He waved at her with a cheeky grin, then did something that made Ju jump and whirl on him. Aya managed to catch a peek of bare skin before Ju hurriedly turned back around. His face was a flaming red, from embarrassment or anger she couldn’t tell.

“Aya would you mind turning around while this soon to be dead pervert goes and gets dressed? Thank you baby.” Toshi just laughed and headed back into the backroom closing the door behind him. Ju walked over to his amused wife, turned her around and kissed her softly on the lips. “Thanks for the tender loving care last night Aya. I didn’t realize I was that tired. What would I do without you?”

She grinned at him. “Nice misdirect. I’m not going to ask what that was all about. Knowing Toshi I’d probably be scarred for life. What’s on the agenda for today love?” Ju huffed. “I get to ride out to the warehouse district and pick up our sheets after renting a truck first. Oh fucking joy. I’m taking the pervert with me. Keep him out of trouble and before you say anything…I don’t have time for his silliness. It’s there and back with no stops. It will probably take most of the morning.” He sighed. It looked like it would be a very long day.

Aya hugged him. “Your lunch is in the fridge along with the lunatics. Make sure you eat something okay? Promise me Ju. I know you. If you get into things you’ll forget about everything but bathroom breaks and you’ll only take those when your body decides it’s going to take over since it’s owner has lost his mind. I love you and I’m planning on keeping you around for as long as I can and starving yourself is counter productive to my plans.” She gave him another kiss, hugged him then left for work. Toshi walked out as she was leaving and asked where his kiss was. She flipped him the bird and continued walking, smiling at the laughter she heard coming from her spouse.

“Come on trouble. I’ll treat you to some breakfast on the way to pick up the truck.” Toshi was all ears when the mention of food came up. He knew there was a McDonald’s near the rental lot and he loved their breakfast sandwiches. He managed not to pace as they waited for Ju’s shop steward to get there. Once he had and Ju had explained the situation, Ju gave him instructions to finish up the last remaining cars they had on site and to call the owners to have them picked up. They would be able to get at least one more van inside with those two cars gone. Ryu nodded that he understood and would get right on it.

Once that was done, the two men left and headed downtown. Toshi wanted to know why he didn’t just take one of the vans they had to work on. “First, if there’s a wreck, we get the repair bill but more importantly, they aren’t long enough. I want the sheets laid out flat not folded over or rolled. Folding them is a problem when you start to stack them on top of each other. You have to worry about creases which don’t always want to stretch out without some major pulling. I’ve seen panels ripped like that. Rolling is okay but I just prefer them to be laid out nice and flat with a protective sheet of velum between each sheet so I’m going to need something longer then the van.”

Toshi actually seemed to be paying attention for a change. Ju found out why a few minutes later. “How much would it cost to do a panel for my van with Gargoyle on it?” Ju did some calculations in his head. “A lot. The van’s paint would have to be sanded off, then it would need repainting, then the panel. It would take some time to do it. Plus someone would have to design the thing and put it to paper for the printer to do his thing. It would take a few weeks at best.” He turned to his friend who was giving him a kicked puppy look. Ju laughed. “Alright you con artist. I’ll cut you a deal. I’ll do the wrap and supply the vinyl, I should have some sheets left, but you’ll have to pay for the paint job. My guys don’t work for free. Oh and the print job. If you use a photo it would save you some cash.”

Toshi nodded and pointed Ju toward the McDonald’s. They parked and Ju got some tea while Toshi got a couple of sandwiches and a coffee. They sat at one of the tables and ate. It was a standing rule that no one ate in the Mustang and no one ever broke that rule. “So what made you decide to get the van wrapped?” Ju asked as he was finishing up his tea.

Toshi grinned. “I thought it would make a good wedding present to Kiba.” It took a few minutes and some frantic pounding on his back before Ju was able to stop choking on the tea he’d swallowed wrong. Toshi gave him a concerned look as Ju’s face slowly returned to a normal color. Ju started to speak but a wheezing sound came out instead. He carefully took another sip of tea. He gave Toshi the look. Toshi shrugged. “Okay I should have said it would make a good present to Kiba IF we were getting married. I haven’t asked and we don’t live in America so it would be symbolic at best.”

Ju nodded dumbly. It wasn’t that Toshi was considering marrying another man more then it was the idea of Toshi thinking about marrying period. The man had always sworn off the institution. What he was thinking must have shown on his face. Toshi shrugged, a rare serious look on his face. “I’m not getting any younger and I see how happy you and Aya are and it makes me think about it sometimes.” He leaned on his hands. “I guess time will tell. Let’s go. I want to get back and catch some sleep.” The two men stood, deposited their trash in the bins and left out both deep in his own thoughts.


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One Response to “Day two”

  1. It didn’t take long to rent the truck and head out to the printers. Both men had been unusually quiet but with Toshi around there was no way that would last. He opened his mouth and Ju almost lost control of the truck. “So how’d you like that little poke I gave you? Get anything’s attention up front?” He was grinning as he spoke until the truck swerved then he cracked up laughing.

    “I should hit you for that. It damn well have better been your fucking finger because if I find out it wasn’t, you are gonna lose it.” He shivered. “One of these days, you are going to go too far with one of your jokes. Besides that, you know Aya is gonna ask what you did. What do you think she’s gonna do when she finds out you goosed her old man? All of my parts belong to her and she doesn’t like sharing.” Ju got a very satisfied smirk on his face at the sight of Toshi’s eyes widening and his mouth forming an “O”. He’d forgotten about Aya.

    “Uhm…doesn’t she still read those manga’s…the man on man ones?” Ju nodded. “That’s different. She has no claims on those asses. She does have one on mine and my front and my heart.” Toshi patted him on the shoulder. “I know what you mean, Ju. I know what you mean. Funny how that can happen without you realizing it until it’s a done deal. We’re both doomed! Doomed I tell you!” He slumped in his seat like he’d died and Ju had to laugh. “It’s not that bad. Does have some very nice fringe benefits.”

    Toshi nodded. “She’s kept you monogamous for what, fourteen, fifteen years? Must be a lot of goodies inside that frame. I’ve known you for forever and no one has ever had your undivided attention like she’s had. The fact that she puts up with you at all is a wonder. I guess turning you to the dark side is out of the question.”

    Ju glanced at him then back at the road. “The dark side? Why would you be trying to turn me? You don’t like me like that…I hope.” Toshi gagged. “That would be like sleeping with my brother. You may be a world class kisser but that ain’t hardly enough for me to want them bones. I wasn’t thinking about me but a couple of people I know have been watching you for a while, both physically and professionally.” This was news to Ju especially the professional aspect. Toshi continued. “You’ve been noticed. I’ve been approached by people asking some interesting questions about you. You could be a very rich man you if wanted to be.”

    Ju nodded. He had been approached from time to time and he knew he could do some things on the music scene but at what cost? He didn’t want to know badly enough. He liked his life and who was to say that green grass in another yard wasn’t an illusion? He told Toshi as much. Toshi just shrugged. “Hey you don’t have to preach to me. I’ve been telling them that for a long time. You don’t play around, physically or musically. You are a one woman, one band man. I couldn’t explain to them why you won’t branch out musically. Being married to Aya I can understand not messing around but that other thing.”

    Ju turned off the truck and got out. He waited for Toshi to join him. “Aya and I had an interesting conversation about just that. I’ll tell you on the way back. Right now, work comes first.” They went in. Ju inspected each panel thoroughly before allowing them to be loaded and supervised the loading. It took longer then he had planned but he was sure that each panel would arrive safely. They departed and Toshi bugged Ju until he told him about the conversation he’d had with Aya and her saying he’d be unhappy and sexually unfulfilled because they would wind up divorcing and why.

    Toshi was holding his stomach from laughing by the time Ju had finished. “Damn man. Talk about arrogance. No one is that good! She isn’t is she? Ju? You’re kidding right? No way! Where the devil did she learn all that stuff?” Ju just looked at him for a second. The light went on in Toshi’s mind. “The manga! Man you have met your match with her. That explains a lot. Damn. I think I hate you. So many possibilities.” He leaned back in his seat repeating possibilities.

    Ju shook his head. “If you even breathe the possibility that we had this conversation to her I will hurt you badly. Along with that I ain’t confirming or denying a thing. Think what you want. Just know this Toshi, I would die before I’d do anything to endanger my marriage. I love that woman and making her happy is my life’s work so no, I won’t be playing around with another band or another woman much less a man. I can’t believe you’d even think…” He just shook his head more and pulled into the lot behind the shop.

    He was about to get out of the truck when Toshi put a hand on his arm stopping him. “Don’t get the wrong idea here. I was just curious about the music more than anything else. I won’t breathe a thing to Aya. I like her but more importantly, I like who you are with her. You’re my friend and honestly, I’d probably kick your ass myself if I found you messing around on her. Can’t sit back and let a friend fuck up a good thing besides…she feeds me! I might be a better cook but she makes better sushi. Speaking of food….” He rubbed his stomach that growled right on cue.

    Ju couldn’t help but laugh. “You and that pit you call a stomach. We may as well get some food. The day is just about over and I’ve still got a couple hours of work to do at least and you need to get some beauty sleep before you scare all the stray cats away.” That comment got him a glare, a huff and a “moron”. Ju wrapped his arm around Toshi’s shoulder and the two headed into the shop, Ju shouting orders and Toshi asking him what was for lunch.

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