Ayumi part 2

Aya walked into the coffee shop that she and Ayumi frequented about twenty minutes after she left the flat. She looked around and spotted Ayumi in a back booth. She was slumped in her chair, her hair was a mess…well a mess for her…and her clothes were wrinkled. Aya slid into the seat next to Ayumi and asked the waitress to bring them both a cup of tea. After the woman had left, Aya put her arms around her friend and held her as the woman broke down and cried. They stayed like that for a minute or two before Ayumi got herself together and dried her face with a tissue that Aya supplied. They waited quietly like that until the waitress brought their tea and had left.

“I’m sorry to call you out like this but I didn’t know how long I could wait. It’s about Izanagi. We had a horrible argument tonight. He wants…he wants to…he wants to see other women. He says I’m too boring and he wants some excitement in his life. I know my…my…uhm…desire to be intimate isn’t as strong as his and I know that I haven’t liked some of the things he’s had me do but I do try Aya, really I do. It’s just some of the things he’s asked me to do lately…” She shook her head, cheeks pink from embarrassment. She collected her thoughts and continued.

“He told me that he knew why I wasn’t interested in the things he wants to do. He said I’m lusting after someone else and I want that person to do all those things to me because he probably does them any way. He said that deep down I’m really just a slut but I put on the prim and proper face to him and his friends because of the business. We’ve been arguing like this since we got to Japan. He’s taken to comparing me to other women that he sees or that we associate with. He said if he can’t have his way he wants a divorce. A divorce would ruin the business. I’ve worked too hard for this and I don’t want to throw it away because my husband wants to sleep around.”

Aya sat there stunned. They’d seemed so happy together. She thought back on the times they’d been out after she’d first met Izanagi. Had there been some tension there that was just under the surface? She thought hard and little pieces of things that on their own were ignored, became more ominous when held up against what she knew now. The little light touches, the smiles, the attention, all of it made more sense now. She looked at Ayumi, eyes wide. “You don’t think that he…that I…that he wants…?”

Ayumi stared at her with pleading eyes. “He thinks I want your husband Aya. I don’t, really I don’t. You’ve known me long enough to know that while Junishiro is nice and all, he’s just not my type. Any and all of the praise I’ve given him has been due to his good work on the vans and trucks…purely business. I think I can’t convince Nagi of that because he’s got his eyes on you. No, no. Hear me out. I know how much you love Ju. I know there is nothing to this. But this is what he believes. He offered me a way out. He said if I could convince you…the both of you to a swap party then he’d reconsider the divorce.” She turned away from Aya, clearly ashamed. “I don’t want to but I love him and my business and if this is all I have to do to keep him and it, then I’m willing to at least ask. Oh God. I hate this more then you can possibly know.” She started crying again, softly, barely noticeable while Aya sat there not believing what she’d heard.

“Yumi…I hope you don’t think that I, that I led him on. I have no interest in him at all like that. I could never. I’m sorry. I can’t. I’d never and Ju. Oh my God, Ju would kill him just for suggesting…” She was shaking her head no the whole time she spoke. She gave the other woman another tissue and waited for her to clean her face. She took her hand and spoke quietly to her. “Yumi, I’m sorry. I can’t help you. There has to be another way, something else you can do. I don’t understand why you’d still want to stay married to him outside of the business and that I’d fight for tooth and nail in the court system. What makes you think he’d get it all? What you need is a very good lawyer, one schooled in French law.”

Ayumi didn’t look at her as she spoke. “What would you do to keep your husband Aya? Would you move heaven and earth?” Aya shook her head. “I’d cut him loose if he tried something like this. It would break my heart but no man who truly loved me would stoop to something so low. It would hurt and I’d be devastated for a while but I’d live just like I did in college when that jerk left me pregnant, sick and alone. I’d fight. Don’t let him get away with this Yumi. You can’t let him win.”

Ayumi’s face hardened a little as she pulled her hand from Aya’s. “I’m not as strong as you are Aya. I never have been. I was hoping that you’d at least consider it. If Ju won’t go for it I’m fine with that but Nagi’d be happy with just a chance at you. I thought you were my friend but I guess I was wrong about that. Unfortunately I can’t take back the invitation to the grand opening without Nagi being suspicious so the invitation is still on. I can make nice for one evening but after that…we don’t know each other.” With that she stood gathering what dignity she had left around her and left Aya sitting there hurt and in shock. She’d known Ayumi for long enough to know that this was her pride talking to her but it still hurt.

She ordered a cup of tea and put that formidable mind of her’s to work. The rat bastard had messed with the wrong woman and if there was a way Aya could make him pay for it, he was going to pay in spades. She called the hospital and let them know she had an emergency that would keep her off for the next couple of days then pulled paper and pen from her purse and jotted down a rough sketch of action. She was going to need some help if she was going to have everything in place by the party. Telling Ju what was up without him trying to kill the man would be a problem but she’d have to pick the time and place to spring it on him and as tough as it sounded, she knew her husband and when that could be accomplished. The look on her face must have been something to see since the waitress asked if she was alright. She grinned an evil grin at the woman, paid the check with a nice tip and left to put her plan into play.


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