I found myself looking forward to having two whole days off with nothing pressing to do. I had nowhere I had to be. No projects due. I just wished I had something or should I say someone warm to snuggle up to. It was a shame Aya had to work. It was going to be a glorious day, sunny with the chill of winter in the air but not outright cold.

I’d taken my time in the bathroom since no one was waiting on it. Trimmed the goatee and re-wrapped it. Played muscle man in the mirror for a while. Checked out the outline for the new tattoo I was getting…what I could see of it…and contemplating what I would do with the rest of the day. Maybe I’d try to meet Aya for a quick lunch. I think she enjoys it when I strut into the hospital like the yakuza but hot. Hell. I might even wear slacks if I do. That should throw them off kilter. The mental picture made me grin. I headed out of the bathroom in my birthday suit and ran smack dab into my number one sexual fantasy.

I stood there, mouth hanging open, shivering as Aya gave me a look. She was dressed in a really really short,really really tight, blue skirt, a white button up blouse that was at least a size too small, the top buttons exposing the soft tops of her breasts and a high school blazer. Her hair was pulled back into a severe bun. She had her glasses on, a pencil in one hand and what looked to be an answer sheet to an exam in the other. She was sitting on the desk we usually have our laptops on with one leg crossed over the other, hiking that skirt up to her navel, no hose and sensible blue pumps. She looked like the teacher in one of those hentai animes that all the boy students want to fuck. I know I did. I had a teacher like that. Spent many a night fantasizing about her. Between those memories and the sight before me, the awesome dick started to respond.

Aya looked me up and down like I was Christmas candy before getting back into character. “Ichihara-san! You’re late for class yet again and your test scores…tsk, tsk. You’ll never get into a good school with these grades.” She had put the paper and pencil down and stood up, the buttons on that blouse straining to stay in place. I would love to see what she was wearing or not wearing up under that skirt.

She walked around me with a ruler I hadn’t noticed she’d picked up, taping it lightly on her thigh as she walked. “You are also out of uniform Ichihara-san.” She gave me a light smack on my ass. Just a little stinger that made me flinch and flex those muscles. She kept walking and lecturing me on the proper way to behave in school while giving me a light and unexpected smack in various places on my thighs or buttocks. I wanted to ask her why she was home and what prompted this erotic fantasy come true but all the blood that should have been making my brains work had fled to the lower regions of my body. Oh yes. The awesome dick was alive and well and very happy to be there. I was brought back from my musings by a sharp whack on the ass, followed by the soft hand of my “teacher” rubbing the spot to sooth it. The awesome one jumped for joy at the touch. I told it to calm down there was plenty of time to get busy.

“Well Ichihara-san?” Apparently I’d missed something while I was talking to my dick. She crossed her arms under her breast and I swear I heard those buttons scream for mercy. “And now you’re ignoring your teacher. I see that you need to be punished. Stand over there and hold out your arms.” She pointed toward the bed and I did what she wanted, wondering what form my punishment would be. She went to the closet and pulled out two small paper pails full of confetti. “You will hold these pails of water until I say to put them down and you better not spill any. Do you understand?” I nodded. The pails weighed about a half ounce apiece, hardly a difficult task.

She stood in front of me and I noticed that one of her buttons had given up it’s struggle and popped off of the blouse opening it up even deeper then before. The mounds of her breast were in clear view. “Now repeat after me. I will get to school on time and in full uniform.” I did what she instructed clearly puzzled. She told me to continue saying that until she told me to stop. I started chanting and she slowly sank down to her knees and mouth level with that trouble maker I was sporting.

“Now what do we have here?” She ran her finger up the underside of my dick and I almost forgot to speak. I swallowed the moan and continued my litany. The pails almost went over when she put the head in her mouth. It took everything I had not to lose them or where I was in the chant. She licked at me like I was an ice cream cone on a warm day. I was torn between saying the hell with it and dropping everything to grab her or seeing what else she had in mind. My head dropped sharply at the feel of a cock ring being attached to me. Damn.

“Ichihara Junishiro! You should be looking forward young man. There’s nothing for you to see down here. Don’t make me get my ruler.” I could have argued that with her but there was no way I wanted this game to end just yet. My brief but thorough look down the length of my body and hers showed me the tops of nice round breasts and if she was wearing panties they were very very skimpy considering how much cheek was showing from under a skirt that had risen up to almost her waist when she stooped down. Instead I just nodded and looked forward, continuing the chant. Well tried too. The words caught in my throat when my dick went down hers. Have I ever mentioned how good she was at that? I managed to stutter out a few more words before a moan escaped. Fortunately for me the teacher just chuckled then continued to suckle. I was undone when she began to lick at my sack before mouthing it and humming cheerily. My knees buckled and it took everything I had to keep from falling to the floor with her. Her mouth in delicate areas may have been the biggest reason.

She released my sack as my legs trembled and threatened to fail, allowing me to sit on the bed. I was still looking ahead and holding the pails if a bit unsteadily. She smiled at me. “Good boy. Now since you’ve been good, would you like a treat?” When I nodded she took the pails from my hands and placed them on the floor out of the way. “What would you like for your treat Ju-ken?” She said my nickname like it was two long words, grinning like the cat who got the dish of cream. Me being me asked her how many treats I could have. She thought about it for all of a half second before leaning on my thighs and flicking a nimble tongue at my shaft. “As many as you want.”

I swallowed. “Sensei…may I, may I touch your breasts sensei?” She answered by slowly releasing those tortured buttons, exposing a bra that was all lace and not much else. I reached my hand out like a frightened teenager and popped the clasp on the bra. Needless to say once I had my hands on them the adult me took over. I was having a good time playing with them when I felt her lean over and squeeze my dick between them. She’s not a big woman and this took some work but it felt really good. She let me fuck her tits for a while before leaning back. She was flushed, from lust or work I couldn’t tell.

“Sensei…can I see you, touch you down there?” She gave me a coy look. “I don’t know Junishiro. You might revert to being bad again. Then what will happen to me?” I looked at her like the innocent I had never been. “If I revert to being bad then you will get the chance to feel really really really good. I tell you what. Why don’t you come sit in my lap while we talk?” She gave me the perfect skeptical look before nodding. My poor ignored penis jumped for joy at this exchange. We both watched as “sensei” pulled up her skirt enough to let me see she wasn’t wearing anything under it. Once the skirt hit her waist, she climbed up on the bed and straddled my form. “Where do you want me to sit?” I grinned at her while rubbing her between her legs. Then I put my penis at her opening and told her. “Sit on this. I bet you’ll be comfortable.”

She eyed it, then me, then positioned herself and dropped onto me slowly. My eyes practically rolled back into my head. The sadistic little minx road me a few strokes “in order to get comfortable” and I swear if I hadn’t been wearing that ring, it would have been over. She began to ride me asking me all the while if she was doing it right. I was too busy trying not to come to answer. I finally couldn’t take it any more. I gave her my sharks grin which made her eyes widen and those lush lips of hers go “oh dear”. I pulled her in close and kissed her, one hand abusing the breast it had attached itself too. I released it long enough to grab her soft cheeks and flip her onto her back, smiling at the startled “oh” that move elicited. I leaned down and got nose to nose with her. “You should never expect bad boys to be good forever.”

I confess. I fucked her hard and fast. I was rough and nasty. She had taken me into her mouth of her own accord earlier. I took her everywhere else. I don’t know what got into me. I leaned over her and told her to try to crawl away from me. Every time she did, I would pull her back and pound her even harder. She was shaking and calling my name, telling me she loved me and asking for more and I gave it too her in spades. Must have been pent up sexual frustration or something because we both acted like we were in heat. I was pounding her in that tight little ass of hers with at least three fingers, finger fucking her when she finally screamed out my name. She came shaking and jerking, everything tightening as if to keep me from escaping or something. I don’t think there is a cock ring made that would have kept me from coming at that point and this one didn’t come close. I pulled her as tight to me as I could and released into her as deeply as I could get.

Damn. I was as tired as if I’d run a marathon and as mellow as if someone had pumped me full of tranquilizers. My body was literally humming I felt so good. I looked down at the reason why to find her smiling at me. I knew that look. “Okay, who do I have to kill?” She turned over onto her back. “Oh you might want to kill him when I’m done but that would be too quick. I think some type of torture is in order and the victim is Izanagi.” That got my attention and a smile on my face that would have made Godzilla pause. Oh yeah. Fantastic sex and a chance to do something malicious to that bastard. What could be better?


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