Heated Words

Aya opened the door for Ayumi and Izanagi and ushered them in. “I apologize for being late but you know how we women are. Everything has to be just right. Please come in and sit down. I won’t be much longer.” She offered them both drinks which they declined, before heading back to her bedroom, trying to finish zipping up her dress as she walked. She paused at the door, took a deep breath and went in closing the door behind her.

Izanagi looked around, distaste on his face. “Yumi…she deserves much better then this junk. Why does she stay with that barbarian? I would have expected her to be married to a doctor given her background and upbringing.” Ayumi just shrugged. “Love isn’t always logical Nagi. I guess she loved him more then what he could give her.” Izanagi snorted. “That’s ridiculous. Love is just an excuse people use to have sex with each other without the guilt. Marriage should be like a business merger. You come together to create something better then you could alone. Liking the person is all that is really necessary. I’ll admit strong emotions play a part in who we marry but they shouldn’t override common sense.”

Ayumi had heard this all before. She had dared to ask if that’s what their marriage was, a convenient business merger. He had answered her and she swore to never ask him that question again. The answer was so ambiguous that pushing for clarification would have probably driven her to drink. She had gotten the gist of it though and it saddened her to no end to realize that while she loved him, he had only liked her enough to want to get into a legal contract with her for business purposes. She had tried over the years to make him love her like she loved him but to no avail. As it stood now, he tolerated her presence and French divorce laws made leaving him against his will difficult as well as financially disastrous. She was about to say something about Aya when they heard not so muffled voices raised in what was obviously an argument coming from the bedroom.

“So the bar isn’t good enough for you now right? You know ever since you’ve been hanging out with them you’ve changed. You’ve gotten all high and mighty, looking down your nose at things we used to do all the time. Well I ain’t changed and I ain’t hanging out in no stuck up country club with anyone and that includes you!”

“You are being silly Ju and unreasonable! Why can’t we go to some nicer places sometimes? You act like it’s a crime for me to go out with my friend and her husband. It’s not like I’m cutting you out. You just refuse to do anything but pluck on your bass and hang out at the bar. Well I do want to go to nicer places sometimes. I did say I wanted to go past the bar later on. Why isn’t that good enough? Why does it have to always be what you want? Well you don’t have to go. I am!”

“Aya! You come back here! I’m not through talking to you yet!”

“That may be true but I’m through talking to you! Goodbye Junishiro. I may or may not see you at the bar or at all tonight.”

Ayumi and Izanagi acted like they hadn’t heard a thing as Aya stalked out of the bedroom, a fuming Ju close on her heels. “And what’s that supposed to mean? You planning on staying out all night?” She rounded on him, struggling to keep her voice down. “At least if I do you will know where I am which is more then I can say for when you decide to sleep it off somewhere. I’d have the decency to call or have someone call to let you know I was alive and well but noooo….not you. I have to wake up to an empty bed and call around to make sure you aren’t smashed into a tree or a ditch. But if you are so concerned…IF I stay out I’m sure Ayumi will let me sleep in her spare room. I’m not planning on it but if you don’t back down it sure as hell is going to happen.”

Ju just glared poison daggers at her, walked through the room without so much as a nod of acknowledgement that they had company, grabbed his coat and keys and left, slamming the door behind him. Aya bit her lip as he stormed past her and jumped when he slammed the door. She turned to her guests. “I’m so sorry you had to hear that. I swear he’s gotten unbearable lately. She tried to put on a happy face and failed miserably. Izanagi went to her and hugged her. “It’s alright dear. We understand. Things happen in a marriage. It can’t always be peaches and cream. I’ll tell you what. Why don’t we stop past this bar later. He’s supposed to be playing later tonight? Good. We’ll get a chance to see what all the fuss is about and you two can do some mending. How’s that?”

Aya nodded and smiled up at him. “Thank you Nagi. You don’t have to do that and I don’t want to spoil your plans.” Izanagi lifted her chin up with one finger and smiled his warmest smile down at her. “Nonsense. It’s the least I can do after being a catalyst to this and if you want to stay the night I’m sure Yumi-chan won’t have a problem with you sleeping in the spare room. Will you?” Whatever look he gave Ayumi made her lower her head and nod in the affirmative. “There. One problem solved. We can work on the other problem once we leave the country club.” He offered Aya his arm. “By the way, you look beautiful this evening. Isn’t that right Ayumi?” Ayumi just nodded as the trio left the flat and headed for the limo.

Aya started off the evening being very quiet. It was obvious how upset she was but Ayumi and Izanagi soon had her in better spirits. Dinner at the country club was a wonderful experience and Aya couldn’t deny that the attention she was getting wasn’t pleasant. Despite that she still glanced at her watch, a present from Ju, often. She sighed a little in relief when Nagi announced they were leaving for the bar.

They arrived just as the band was about to start there set. Aya introduced Ayumi and Nagi to Atsushi who gave them a cool appraising look but a cordial enough greeting. He motioned Aya aside and asked what was up. He said that Ju had stormed in there earlier complete with lightening and thunder. He wouldn’t talk about what had him pissed. He just went into the break room and sat there fuming and fiddling with his bass. Aya told Atsushi that they had a difference of opinion and that Ju would calm down after a while. She hoped he would but she didn’t tell Atsushi that. Atsushi cleared a few seats for them at the bar and got them some drinks.

Ayumi looked around clearly excited. She and Aya had club hopped a bit in college and she’d always enjoyed the scene. Izanagi on the other hand looked either bored or scandalized depending on who walked by or what was or wasn’t happening. Aya excused herself and went closer to the stage. Security let her by knowing who she was. She waited patiently for the guys to come out knowing that Ju would see her. She greeted the guys with a smile as they came out. When Ju came out her smile faltered as he looked at her scowled and kept walking. A few tears fell from her eyes then. She couldn’t help it, couldn’t stop them. Ryo noticed and leaned over to ask if she was okay. She shook her head no and left, heading back toward the bar. She stopped at the restroom to put herself back together before facing Ayumi and Nagi.

She got back to the bar just as the band started. She watched in silence as Ju played with a fierce determination and a lot of flirting which got the groupies all excited as that was highly unusual for him. From the looks he was getting from the guys, they weren’t very happy with him and neither was she. She practically squeaked when Nagi took her hand. He leaned over and spoke in her ear asking for a dance. She was going to decline when she noticed that her husband was in the face of some barely legal thing with big boobs and probably no brains. She sniffed and practically pulled the man out on the dance floor. It didn’t take him long to figure out some of her moves and while he was very restrained he was still a very competent dancer. She danced with him for a bit, then Ayumi got a turn, then they both danced with him. He seemed to enjoy being in the middle of an AA sandwich which Aya mentioned to him. He laughed at that and asked what sane man wouldn’t be?

Aya was feeling much better by the time the set was done. She’d danced off some of her anger and frustration and was actually enjoying herself some when Ju jumped down off the stage, the notes from the last song still reverberating in the air, and headed toward them, murder in his eyes. Aya saw him coming but couldn’t stop him from turning Nagi around. He drew back his fist and threw a punch at the man just as Aya stepped between them. She dropped like a rock and Ju could only stand there stunned for a few seconds before his brain began to register what had happened. That whole side of the bar went quiet as he fell to his knees calling her name softly. He cradled her in his arms telling her he was sorry. Atsushi came with some smelling salts from the first aid kit, some water and some ice.

Aya moaned and began to stir. She whimpered softly and put her hand to her cheek. Atsushi gave Ju the ice and he gently put it against her face. “Baby I’m sorry. Are you alright? I didn’t mean to…I was trying to…forgive me please?” He was rocking her in his arms and as her head cleared some and she remembered what happened she got angry. She pushed him away from her, letting Nagi help her up. Nagi smirked at him over Aya’s head. When Ju tried to take her into his arms she waved him off. She was crying now and leaning into Nagi’s chest. “Come on Aya. You don’t need to be around this…this…thug. You’re staying with us tonight. Come on Yumi.” They left with Nagi helping Aya. Ju bit his lip but was quiet. It was up to Aya now.


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