Interesting developments

Ju turned as Atsushi put a hand on his shoulder. “She’ll be alright man. If anyone can take care of themselves it’s Aya. Come on. I’ll get you a drink.” Ju just nodded as he took one more worried look toward the exit. He hated this. Hated it with a passion. This just gave him one more reason to hate the man that was causing all the trouble. Sighing, he turned and ran right into Toshi. He had a scowl on his face that brooked ill tidings for whomever put it there. Ju was more than glad that he’d clued his friend in on what was up.

“Who put razorblades in your miso dude? If anyone, I’m the one who should look like that. I’m heading to the bar for a drink. I can always use some company to keep me sane.” Toshi didn’t answer him, only grabbed him by the arm and dragged him into the back and the lounge area. He pushed him in, shut the door and locked it. Ju had been trying to find out what was up but Toshi just ignored him until they were under lock and key. He leaned up against the door and folded his arms over his chest. “Dude…we have a problem.”

Aya was quiet during the ride to Ayumi’s. She wanted them to think she was upset and despondent. In actuality she was plotting her next move. She listened to Ayumi and Nagi discussing her situation and the more she listened the more she was convinced that Ayumi wasn’t being exactly truthful about their situation. It’s not that she said anything that got Aya’s antennae up, it was more her body language. She just didn’t seem to be as broken up about Nagi’s demands as she led Aya to believe. Something was definitely up. She looked up when Ayumi called her name. “We’re here.” Here wasn’t the penthouse she had visited them at before. Here was a large estate not far from Tomoka if she placed the area correctly. She cursed herself mentally for not paying more attention to the car ride. “Oh my! This is beautiful! When did you get it?”

Ayumi looked at her husband for a moment before answering. “Let’s just say it fell into our hands recently. There will be plenty of room for you so don’t feel hurried or guilty about being here.” Aya just nodded then thanked them both. They entered the house, gave Aya a tour and showed her to her room. She was surprised to find clothing in the closet and drawers that fit her and wondered why. Ayumi was taller then she by a couple of inches and sported what Ju called a nice rack. None of the clothes should have been able to fit her. Aya decided that it might be wise to stay in what she was wearing. Going to the bedroom door, she opened it quietly and stuck her head out. Since no one was in the hall she left the room and did a little exploring. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for but getting a good lay of the land was a wise thing to do.

She walked through the house like she owned it and the servants seemed to not think it was odd for her to walk around like that. It’s something she’d learned at the hospital. You walk like you own the ward and people think you do. She wandered through various rooms finally ending up in a room with a couple of desks, some computers, and a wall of books. She didn’t touch any of the computers but she walked close enough to the desks to see what papers were on them. She was a fairly good reader of upside down script so she could stay on the outside of the desks and figure out what was written or typed. That way if anyone walked in she would have less explaining to do then if she was caught behind a desk. She pursed her lips at some of the mail on the desks before walking over to the bookshelves to see what was there. She had just pulled a book off the shelf when Izanagi stormed in, cellphone plastered to his ear, a handkerchief mopping his sweating brow. He stopped short when he saw Aya, told whoever was on the other line he’d call them back and hung up.

Aya had turned when she heard him coming. She walked over to him smiling. “I was looking for you to thank you again for saving me from that man I married. While I was looking for you I saw the library and I just couldn’t resist coming in. Are you okay? You look rather flushed.” She walked over to him and placed her hand on his forehead then one cheek. She smiled at him and left her hand there a few seconds longer then was necessary. Just as she was pulling it down he took her hand and placed a kiss in her palm. “It was my pleasure lovely lady and please, my home is your home whenever and for whatever you desire.” The look he was giving her made her shiver and not in a good way but he mistook it for one of pleasure and she didn’t correct him. He released her hand with a start as Ayumi cleared her throat from the doorway.

Aya resisted the urge to wipe her hand down her dress in distaste and turned to Ayumi who was watching her like a cat watches a mouse. “I was just thanking Nagi for allowing me to stay in this beautiful house and for the use of the library. I want to thank you too of course. I really couldn’t leave with that man.” She had folded her arms across her chest with the book acting like a shield. Ayumi inclined her head and Aya smiled at them both then left the room. She could hear their voices when she left but couldn’t make out the words. She could tell that they were heated but considering Nagi’s phone call, she had no way of knowing if she was the cause or the call. She went back to her room, still holding the book. What she’d seen on the desks unscrambling in her mind.

“What do you mean we have a problem? A problem with what?” Toshi rubbed at his face trying to figure out where to start. “I called in a few favors and had sissy boy checked out. He’s not a nice man which we both know. I’m not sure she’s much better. While they seem respectable, they run a business on the side. They have houses where they throw special parties. You know the kind. Only they always get some unsuspecting thing involved, threaten to harm or expose a loved one, something, to get the woman or man to do what they want. All high rollers at these parties and some have reputations for being very very rough with their “gifts”. They have a party scheduled for this weekend, the same party that Aya was invited too. He basically has been provoking you to make sure you DON’T attend. I think he might have designs on her himself but he could always farm her out to the highest bidder.”

Ju shook his head. “How the hell could he get Aya to go along with that?” Toshi sighed. “He’d probably drug her…one of those date rape drugs. We need to find out where she is and get her. The last thing we need is for her to stay with them until the day of the party. They’ll let her go and she won’t remember a thing but we don’t know what condition she’ll be in. Women have turned up in the hospital with broken bones, slashed faces, some nasty things put in places they weren’t meant to be in. We need her here Ju.”

Ju grew paler the more Toshi talked. He pulled out his phone, dialed her number, let it ring once, then hung up, waited ten minutes and dialed again, letting it ring twice before hanging up. His phone rang a minute later. “Aya, I don’t care how but get the hell out of there now!” Aya didn’t speak. She ended the call and set about planning a way to leave with or without her guests knowledge.


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