Truth and Consequences- part one

The day after Aya’s escape, she went back to the house after calling for directions. She informed Ayumi and Nagi that she and Ju had it out and she had put him out of the house. She teared up as she told them and let them know that she had no idea where he was and she had no plans to look for him. She also told them that she wouldn’t be attending the party. First, he had torn up the invitation and second, because she didn’t think she’d be in the mood for it. Ayumi had hugged her and Nagi had worked hard at convincing her that some social mingling was just what she needed to take her mind off of her problems. After allowing them to convince her for a while, Aya agreed. Ayumi gave her another invitation so she wouldn’t have any problems getting past security. Aya’s eyes widened at the security remark and she asked innocently why they needed it. Nagi informed her that not everyone attending the grand opening was invited to the after party. Only a few select and wealthy clients would be attending and the security would be for their protection and to keep out gate crashers. Aya nodded in understanding, thanked them both and told them she’d be waiting for the limo the next night. She retrieved her purse, got into her van and headed back home.

Once she was gone Nagi turned to Ayumi who was scowling. “Sorry dear. Looks like you won’t get to bed the thug after all.” She huffed and crossed her arms under her breasts. “That’s fine. I’ll still get to watch Miss Perfect get turned into a plaything for you and your “friends”. It’ll be worth not getting my hands on that beast she married. I may even get a few smacks in myself. What are you planning on using on her?” Nagi thought about it for a minute. “Rohypnol I think. It dissolves quickly, is colorless and tasteless, plus she’ll have less chance of remembering details on it. She’ll wake up soiled, naked, beaten and debauched in some alley behind a cheap bar or something, with no memory of how she got there. I wish I knew where that husband of her’s was. We could blame it all on him if he didn’t have an alibi.” Ayumi eyed him. “Why do you hate him so much? I have a good reason to hate her but why do you hate him so much?”

Izanagi took a seat and crossed his legs taking the time to smooth invisible wrinkles from his pants. “It’s very simple my dear…he’s a thug, an uncouth hooligan who does not deserve such a woman. He’s corrupted her and for that he should be punished. This will be her punishment from you and from me his punishment for tarnishing her further. It’s unfortunate that she cannot be redeemed. She would have made someone an outstanding partner.” He shrugged. “I abhor a waste.” Ayumi walked over to him and gave him a soft kiss on the top of his head. “You’re twisted and I love that about you. Come. We should make sure that all is ready for tonight.” With that they both left to accomplish their goals for the night.

They weren’t the only people preparing for the party. Ju was staying at Atsushi’s in case Ayumi stopped by. He, Aya and Toshi stayed in contact by cellphone. Ju hadn’t torn up the first invitation so Aya gave that one to Toshi so that he and Kiba could get in while she kept the second one. It hadn’t taken much convincing on Toshi’s part to get Kiba on board. He didn’t have to do much, just look rich and decadent but in a subtle way. Toshi was the one that would be the main attention getter. Everyone went over their parts and tried to work out any scenarios that might come their way. Kiba had supplied some of the recording equipment along with Ryo from the band. Being in the business had some amazing benefits. Knowing how to use recording equipment and having access to all kinds being one of them. They couldn’t come to an agreement concerning what to do if discovered and that had Ju extremely worried. Toshi and Kiba could take care of themselves being men and would be together at any rate. Aya would be alone. He knew that trying to talk her out of going was impossible so he didn’t waste their time trying. He just had a long private conversation with her, letting her know how much he loved her and if she wasn’t careful she’d have him to deal with. It was all he could do for the moment. It would have to be enough.


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