Truth and Consequences part two

When the day of the party rolled around the guys had a plan in place. Both Ju and Aya showed up for the grand opening. They were civil to each other but anyone knowing them knew something was off. Ju only went because they were showcasing the fleet as well as the store and he used business as his excuse for attending. He ignored any advances Ayumi or Izanagi made toward him and barely acknowledged his own wife. When the festivities were over he left without so much as a backward glance at Aya, making sure that his hosts noticed. It killed him. He was scared for her on a level he didn’t think possible. He wanted a drink or two to calm his nerves but he knew he couldn’t chance it. Things could get bad in a hurry and he’d need his wits about him. He shooed the gawkers away from the mustang, got in, revved the engine a couple of times for show, then slowly pulled out into rush hour traffic and was soon out of sight.

Ayumi watched him go with a hungry glint in her eyes. Ju had worn a pair of tailor made slacks that fit him like a glove and a dress shirt that he’d had open to the top of his tee. One could see glimpses of his tattoos when he turned or leaned over and Ayumi wanted to see more. To her, he was one more thing to be jealous about. First Aya foiled her plans and scared off her first love, then she’d married a man who was really more Ayumi’s type and loved her to boot. If fate hadn’t been so cruel, Ayumi would be married to a man like Ju and Aya would have married a stuck up businessman. It really wasn’t fair but that was fine. It made tearing them apart even sweeter. She could just savor Aya’s humiliation on her lips like a fine wine. When they were done even a thug like Junichiro wouldn’t want a woman as damaged and soiled as Aya would be. She turned, nodded to Izanagi and the two headed toward Aya and the waiting limo. It was going to be an interesting night.

Aya dressed for the evening with care. If Izanagi was going to make a move on her, it would have to be tonight. The after party was a closed affair with invitations required. It was also a semi-formal affair. Aya chose a strapless black velvet cocktail dress. She wore her hair up with a swash of it falling free over one side of her face. She had on pearl drop earrings and a pearl necklace. The shoes she wore were high heeled pumps that strapped around her ankles. Her makeup was tastefully applied. She carried a small clutch with her cellphone, house keys and a mini-recorder. There was no use in going to the police if there was no proof to back her up. She gave herself a long look in the mirror to make sure she was presentable then headed out to meet her hosts.
Ayumi and Izanagi had all in readiness by the time Aya emerged. He couldn’t help but lick his lips when he saw her. He was going to enjoy himself immensely and so were his guests. He’d gotten the drug he was going to use on her and the delivery system. It would make her relatively pliant but aware of what was happening to a point. Once she passed out, the drug would effectively wipe her memory. He wanted her aware of what was happening to her. It was just a shame that the memory would fade into nightmares. He did a mental shrug. One can’t have everything but this would be close enough. He had secretly hoped that the barbarian would show up. He had planned on having Ayumi secretly filmed screwing the man and using it against her in court. He wanted free of her and full control of the business. Then again, he could always give her the same treatment he was planning on Aya only hers would be deadly. Drug overdoses can be so common in some areas. It would work. He’d been laying the groundwork since they came back from France. He’d made sure her trips to the rougher parts of town had been documented. She did like her rough sex. It was one thing they’d shared. He thought back to how they’d first met, how a casual conversation had veered into the dark world of pain and pleasure. He’d enjoyed her at first but she proved to be as much a Dom as he was. He found that he craved meeker fare and while they worked on the bakery during the day, it was at night that they found their calling and their wealth. They had started an exclusive club for those with similar tastes and who had the wealth to cover their tracks.

Izanagi walked up to Aya, took one hand and deftly kissed it. “You look absolutely beautiful my dear. I know the men at the party will have a hard time keeping their eyes off of you, myself included.” Aya thanked him and turned to see how Ayumi was taking his praise of her. The woman just smiled then motioned for Aya to join her. “Let’s get seated before the rest of the guests get here. It will give us time to talk.”

Aya nodded and followed her into the dining hall. The tables had been laid out with the finest china. Lead crystal goblets sat waiting for fine wine or other beverages. There were bouquets of flowers on each table. Soft music was playing in the background. Everything looked exactly like a dinner with the upper crust should look like…everything except for the podium set up at one end of the hall. Behind the podium was a small stage backed by heavy curtains. Aya pointed at the far end of the hall. “Ayumi? What’s that?” Ayumi just glanced in that direction. “Oh! Nagi has some entertainment lined up for after dinner. I guaranty it will be something extraordinary. A one of a kind performance.” She led Aya to a table in the front of the podium and had her sit.

“What did you want to talk about Ayumi?” Ayumi chewed on her lip for a second before answering. “I just wanted to know if there was any chance Ju might change his mind and attend. I could leave his name at the door since you have the invitation.” Aya noted the hungry look in the woman’s eyes when she said Ju’s name and fought down the urge to scowl. Instead, she lowered her eyes and shook her head. “He’s so angry with me that I’m scared of him. I’ve never seen him like this before. I don’t know what I’m going to do or where I’m going to go when this is over. Home seems like a frightening place but staying here would only make him madder. I might call my dad and see if I can stay with them for a while.”

Ayumi patted her hand. “You can stay with us at least for tonight. The guards will make sure he doesn’t bother you.” Aya looked up at that. “I don’t want him hurt Ayumi. You make sure they know that.” Ayumi nodded. “We told them in no uncertain terms that he was not to be harmed only kept away so don’t worry.” Aya just nodded but internally she breathed a sigh of relief. Ju was somewhere out there and she didn’t want him getting hurt trying to help her. She looked up at the stage again and a shiver ran through her body. Whatever entertainment they had cooked up was going to be bad for someone. Of that she was sure. Most of the guests had arrived she noticed and dinner was being served. She fought down the urge to leave and set about picking at her food and waiting for the show to start.

Outside of the house and out of sight of the guards, Ju, Kiba and Toshi put the finishing touches onto Toshi’s attire for the night. Ju didn’t bother to ask. He really didn’t want to know. Toshi for his part teased at him the whole time until Kiba smacked him hard across the ass. “Idiot. He smiled at Toshi to take the sting out the word but Toshi had been called worse and it really didn’t faze him. He was doing his best to keep Ju’s mind off of his wife and what might be going on in the house. They did one last check of the equipment then said their goodbyes and headed off to do what needed to be done.
Fifteen minutes later, a limo pulled up in the driveway and Kiba emerged. He was dressed in a well cut black suit with matching tie and shirt, black boots and a black overcoat. He had put on just enough kohl around his eyes to give them a sinister look. He had what looked to be an expensive Bluetooth in his ear and he was having a heated conversation with someone on the other end. In his right hand he had what could only have been a leash. He pulled on it gently and Toshi emerged. He was also dressed in black but the resemblance ended there.

He was dressed in black leather pants so thin that it was obvious he was going commando. The pants laced up both sides and were tucked into knee high boots. Instead of a shirt, he was wearing what looked to be a harness, exposing his nipples to the cool air. He was wearing a trench coat of the same kid leather as the pants. The leash was attached to a collar around his neck. He too was wearing a Bluetooth, his conversation much softer, almost seductive.

The two men walked up to the guard at the front door. Kiba handed him his invitation. The guard looked it over then looked at Kiba. “Who’s your friend?” Kiba gave him a smile that made the guard take a step back before recovering. “He’s dessert.” The guard frowned for a minute before the light came on. He turned a little green, guys not being his thing, before asking Kiba if he minded being frisked. Kiba arched a slender eyebrow but nodded assent. They had figured that there would be the possibility that a pat down would be done on the guests and had planned accordingly. When the guard patted Kiba’s coat pocket and found the item, he asked him, “What the hell is this?” Kiba took it from the man, looped it around his fingers so that the button was on the inside of his palm and pushed it. There was a buzzing sound. Toshi immediately stiffened, and then leaned on Kiba’s shoulder practically purring. The quard’s face got pale. Kiba grinned maliciously. “You should see his reaction when I turn it up. Can we go in now? Time is money you know.”

The guard seemed to have recovered his composure and checked the list in his hand. “I’ll need your name first.” Kiba cursed inwardly. If they went by the list his name wasn’t going to be on it. He was about to speak when Ju showed up behind them yelling for Aya. The guard rushed passed Kiba and Toshi, telling them to go ahead in case things got ugly and went toward Ju. He called for another guard to come help and the two men went about keeping Ju from entering the house. Kiba released a breath as he and Toshi hurried inside. The two men were shown to the dining hall where dinner had just finished. They took seats in the back near the door, looking around to get the lay of the land and to find Aya. She was sitting at a table in the very front of the podium. Kiba hoped that he would get the chance to let her know they had made it in but he couldn’t risk getting her attention right then. He looked at Toshi as the man pointed out some of the guests. There weren’t many people there. All of them were men with the exception of Aya and Ayumi and all of them looked more then a little hungry and not for food.

It wasn’t much longer before Izanagi stepped up to the podium. He welcomed his guests then announced that the “entertainment” portion of the dinner was about to start. “Before we start I would like to introduce you to the lovely lady who inspired this evening. Aya, could you come up here please?” Aya was at a loss. She couldn’t refuse go so she steeled herself and went up the few stairs to the podium. As she was getting up, one of the servants whispered something into Ayumi’s ear. She excused herself stating a minor problem and followed the servant out. Once Aya was up on the stage, Izanagi began to speak again.

“This lovely lady is Aya. She is my house guest at the moment. From the day we met she has impressed me with her kindness, intelligence and quick wit. Being beautiful hasn’t hurt either.” This was greeted with a small round of laughter. Izanagi continued. “Unfortunately things have been a little difficult for her lately so I thought a nice dinner party would cheer her up some. The champagne if you please.” He waited patiently while everyone was given a glass of champagne. He raised his glass. “To Aya. It has been my complete pleasure to know you my dear and I hope that we will all have the chance to know you better.” This was met with some soft mutterings of ascension then everyone took a sip. Aya took a sip of hers as well. She assumed that since she and Izanagi were drinking from the same bottle, it was poured in front of her; it couldn’t be laced with anything. Kiba and Toshi both pretended to sip from theirs but no one was watching them like Aya was being watched. Toshi leaned over to Kiba, about to ask what they were going to do next when Izanagi began to speak again.

“Aya, Ayumi gave you my proposal and you turned us down. I was hoping you would change your mind especially considering how things are at home right now. It’s a shame you didn’t. I do believe I could have forgiven your involvement with that Neanderthal you married if you’d only consented to my offer. That you still turned me down shows that you are corrupt beyond repair. Such a shame too. Oh you might want to sit down dear. The champagne wasn’t laced but your glass was.” He took the glass from her as she slowly sat in a chair on the stage, her head down. She shook her head as if to clear it.
“What? What did you do?”

Izanagi walked over to her and loomed over her smiling. “Date rape drug my dear. You really are too trusting. We are going to have a little fun with you. Guard.” He stepped back as Aya was pulled to her feet. She swayed a little in the guards grasp. Izanagi reached out a hand and fondled one breast. “Yes. I think you’ll be a very sweet dessert.” He put his hand to the top of her dress to snatch it down when Aya stood up straight and delivered a vicious knee to Izanagi’s groin then bit the hand of the guard holding her. She kneed him also and was headed down the stairs when the curtains at the back of the stage parted and Ayumi called for her to stop or else she would lose something special to her.

Kiba and Toshi were about to run to her aide when they both stopped, remaining seated and quiet. They watched as Aya turned to face Ayumi. Her eyes widened in horror as she took in the “decorations” hanging about the room. Things she had no name for that they were going to use on her and from the looks of things a few other young girls who were drugged and laying on a number of benches. They were all naked and had bruises. The thing that turned her blood to ice water was the figure that had been dumped on the floor in the center of the stage. Ju lay limply as if all of his bones had turned to jelly. He wasn’t moving. Aya couldn’t tell if he was breathing from where she was but it didn’t matter. She called out his name and rushed back onto the stage. She fell to her knees by his prone body, calling him softly, checking to make sure he was breathing. He was and his pulse was steady. She didn’t see any bruises or blood…drugged probably. She looked up at Ayumi and Izanagi who had recovered and was glowering at her with murder in his eyes.

“If you so much as hurt one hair on his head I will hunt you both down and kill you myself,” she hissed.

“I wouldn’t worry so much about him. You are going to have enough on your hands worrying about you.” With that, Aya was pulled from Ju, and handcuffed to the wall. Izanagi turned to the room. “It’s party time gentlemen!”


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