Truth and Consequences part three

Izanagi turned to Aya and motioned for the guard to unzip the back of her dress. Aya snapped at him and kicked but the cuffs kept her from doing much. When she kicked at Izanagi when he got too close, he cuffed her hard dazing her for a moment and pulled the dress down, letting it slide to the floor. Aya stood there in just her bra and panties but stood defiant. He turned back to his guests. “As you know, I will have first crack at our feisty little miss here but I’m taking bids on who will have her next. You may also inspect and bid on the other lovely ladies we have on display. Feel free to come up and take a closer look.”

Kiba had been restraining Toshi while all this was going on. So far Aya hadn’t been hurt badly and he had no idea what condition Ju was in. The whole thing was falling apart but if they rushed in Izanagi’s goons would stop them and they would all be in deep trouble. They needed a plan of some kind. He turned to tell that to Toshi and cursed. The man had moved past him and was heading up to the stage along with the few other men in the room. He mumbled that he was sleeping with an idiot and followed the man hoping he knew what he was doing.

Toshi walked up on stage with a sultry sway to his hips. He moved a couple of men out of the way and peered down at Aya. He gave her a once over, huffed, then promptly squealed in delight. “Master! Master! Can I have him to play with? He looks yummy with all those nice tattoos. Please? I promise to only cut him up a little after I do him.” He had walked over to Ju and was running his hands down the man’s torso. Izanagi frowned. “I don’t believe I know you.” Toshi stood up and ran his hands down his body. He said in a sultry voice, “I’m dessert for anyone that has…different tastes.” He went over to Ayumi, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. His voice deepened. “You look delicious too. If you like I’ll do you when I’m done with him.” He released her roughly, turned and was all gayness all over again. “Please Master?”

Kiba took his cue and strode up to the stage like he owned it. He was talking into his “Bluetooth”. He walked over to Aya, lifted her by the chin and pulled his hand back quickly as she tried to bite him. “One million yen for second.” Izanagi licked his lips but caution was winning out. “I don’t believe we’ve met.” Kiba turned and gave him a look that made the man swallow audibly. Kiba looked around them before speaking. “I do not believe that you would want your other guests to know that you have been associating with my boss. He sends his regrets that he couldn’t attend tonight but sent me and the entertainment instead. Tosh…please refrain from cutting anyone unless you have my permission. If you are good I’ll let you play with the hmm…gentleman…that’s if our host has no problems with it. You won’t will you?”

Izanagi paled which let Kiba know he’d been right in guessing that the man was trying for some major league bad guy’s attention. He recovered quickly enough. “I will give my other guests time to counter your offer. As for the husband…I hadn’t planned on it but we’ll see.” Kiba looked up at the sound of something hitting bare flesh. One of the guests had a paddle and was spanking one of the girls while she whimpered. His friend had put a mouth gag on her and was busy getting a blowjob without the threat of her biting him. The sight sickened him but he steeled his features and turned back to Izanagi. “You have an issue with those two so why not get your revenge not only on her mentally and physically but the same on him? He’s one of those macho punks right? Why not let him get a piece of what you’re gonna give to his wife. Emasculate him in front of her. Besides…a little dick never hurt anyone right? Oh I forgot…Tosh doesn’t have a little dick. I’m afraid the punk is gonna get his little ass torn up a bit. My pet can be rough.”

He had spoken loud enough for Aya to hear. She railed at him and screamed for them to leave Ju alone, that she’d do what they asked without fighting. Izanagi was going to say okay but Ayumi spoke up. “Let him have the punk. I want to see him just as badly damaged as her. She kicked at Ju’s head but Toshi stopped her. He waved a finger back and forth at her. “Mine. You can have him when I’m done. Maybe I’ll let you help me trace his tattoos with my knife.” He frowned. “Master, I don’t have a knife.” Kiba sighed. “Get a steak knife off one of the tables Tosh but no cutting without permission.” Toshi grinned and jumped down off the stage. He picked up a fairly clean knife and sauntered back up the steps to the stage. By this time a few of the other “guests” had come over to check Aya out. Fortunately they could only look and not touch and she was still barely dressed but that was better then being naked.

Kiba stayed close to Aya as she pleaded for someone to help her, help the others there, and to not do whatever they had planned to do. She was ignored of course. Kiba however, was the winner of the auction. He walked up to Aya as she pleaded to him for help. He spoke to her. “You want someone to help you?” He turned around. “Hey! The lady wants some help. Anyone gonna help her?” There was a chorus of “help ourselves to her” and laughter. He shrugged. “Sorry little miss.” He smiled at her and winked. He turned at a shout from Ayumi. “What are you doing?” Toshi looked up from cutting the plastic ties on Ju’s legs. “I can’t fuck him with his pants on and I can’t get them off with these things on his ankles. Sheesh, you’d think you’d know that.”

He cut the ties and leaned over Ju’s back, rubbing himself suggestively against him. “Hey gorgeous. I’m gonna have fun with you.” While he was talking he carefully cut the ties on Ju’s hands but didn’t pull them off. He didn’t want anyone to notice that the man was free. He just hoped the man wasn’t as out of it as he seemed. Ju didn’t so much as breath differently. Toshi looked up at Kiba with a faint shake of his head. Kiba sighed. The other men had taken up their games with the women left and Izanagi had a hungry look on his face. They were running out of time. Kiba was at a loss as to what to do. He motioned to a passing waiter for a bottle of champagne. He turned it up to his lips to drink from it, promptly pulled it down and hit the guard at Aya’s side. He was surprised when it didn’t break and swung it at the man coming at him. Toshi grabbed Ayumi when the woman tried to plant the heel of her shoe in Ju’s face. “I don’t believe in hitting women but I’ll make an exception in your case.” He pulled back and socked Ayumi in the jaw dropping her to the floor in a heap. He grabbed a wooden paddle and started hitting at anyone coming his way.

Izanagi cursed, grabbed the keys to the cuffs from his pocket and went after Aya while Kiba was trying to keep some of the other guests away. He had just gotten Aya loose after hitting her hard enough to daze her when he felt a touch on his shoulder. He turned to face an angry Junichiro. “Take your fucking hands off my wife you pig.” He pulled back and socked Izanagi in the jaw. The man let Aya go. She fell to the floor. Ju was going to her when Izanagi grabbed at him. He called for Toshi and the man went to Aya. Ju stood up and went after Izanagi. It wasn’t even close. Ju had anger, fear for his wife and pure hatred fueling him. He was still hitting the man when the police finally burst in. It wasn’t until Toshi had touched Ju on the arm that he realized that Izanagi was out cold, bloodied and not about to hurt him or Aya. Ju dropped the unconscious man, wiped his hands on the mans shirt and went to Toshi and his wife. He pulled Aya into his arms, not even being ashamed of the tears streaming down his face.

“Aya? Baby? Are you alright?” Aya hugged him tightly and began to cry softly. He looked up as Kiba handed him his coat. He smiled in thanks and wrapped it around his half naked wife. He looked at her. “You okay?” When she nodded yes he helped her to her feet. He looked around as the police rounded up the bad guys and paramedics looked at the women. Aya had gotten to her feet by then. “How? I thought you were drugged.” Ju waited until Toshi and Kiba came up. “Something told me that a shot of that stimulant you took might just be advisable so I took a hit. Good thing too. I was awake when they dragged me in. I’m just glad that the guys found a way to cut me loose.” He turned to Toshi. “If you ever touch my ass again I’m going to pop you, you pervert.” Toshi just grinned at him. “Don’t worry about that. You don’t have one. Man you are flat as a board back there.”

Aya interrupted what looked to be the start of a cursed filled tangent by her husband with a question. “How did the police know where to come…much less when?” Kiba pointed at the Bluetooth. Radios. They have everything on tape. They agreed to keep our names out of it if we came in wired and the easiest way to hide something is in plain sight. We just had to get into the house. I almost had a heart attack when they dumped your husband on the floor. So much for plan A.” He stopped talking as the police went by with a glowering Ayumi. Aya stopped them long enough to sucker punch Ayumi which would have dropped her if she wasn’t being held by two officers. The detective in charge tisked her but didn’t say anything else as they dragged the woman out to the waiting vans.

A couple hours later the group was sitting in the flat talking quietly about all that had happened. It turned out that the police had been watching Izanagi and Ayumi for some time but could never get enough on them to arrest them. They were happy to have someone on the inside. Toshi and Kiba got to be heroes even if the general public wouldn’t know about it. Ju did have a question. “What was that you did to Toshi that made him all puddle of goo on you at the door?” Toshi’s head went up in alarm. He’d been all over Kiba since they left the precinct. “Kiba don’t tell….” He was cut off as Kiba explained to Ju how his little buzzer worked. Ju grabbed it off Kiba’s hand and grinned maliciously. He pushed the button and Toshi practically jumped out of his chair. Kiba just chuckled. Ju looked at the thing. “What happens if I turn this little knob?” He turned it, pushed the button and Toshi moaned loudly. His breath quickened and small beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

It only took Aya a moment to figure out what was going on. “Oh my! I thought you were just acting. Ju…leave him alone. Give that back to Kiba before you do Toshi some damage.” Ju didn’t argue, he just handed the control back to Kiba. “You guys can sleep in the spare room in the shop if you don’t want to drive back to the hotel.” Kiba smiled at that. “Good. Toshi has been a bad boy all evening. I’m going to give him as much punishing as he can stand. Say goodnight Toshi.” The man in question grinned like a kid in a candy store, said his good nights and led Kiba to the stairs leading down to the spare room.

Ju watched them go with a shudder. He pulled his wife into his arms. “I’m so proud of you woman. Seeing you drop that bitch was almost worth you having me scared out my wits. I’m so not cut out for this shit so do me a favor and don’t do it again. Come on. I don’t know about you but I’m tired. Shower then bed.” He stood up and reached a hand out to his wife. She took it and leaned against him as they headed toward their bedroom. There would be a trial to get through and some nightmares she was sure but they were all safe and that was the important thing. She’d bust Ju’s chops about taking meds he knew nothing about on another day. Tonight all she wanted to do was get into a nice clean bed, snuggle up to the man she loved and get a good night’s sleep.


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