Finally, some quiet time…I hope.

It’s been a couple of days since the fiasco at that house. Ayumi and Izanagi were denied bail. One or two of the other guests there were able to bribe their way out of jail by paying some hefty fines but since there was no real proof that they had done much in the way of harming any one seriously, the cops let them get away with it. The police were good to their word and kept Toshi and Kiba’s names out of their reports. As for the men in question…I owe them big time.

Which is why I didn’t make any snide remarks about Toshi walking funny and sitting carefully the next day. Kiba had one of the best shit eating grins on his face that I’d ever seen. He must have torn Toshi a new one in a man on man kind of way. I still can’t fathom him being on the receiving end. Giving yeah. Getting no. He didn’t seem to mind. In fact he seemed about as happy as I’ve seen him in a while.

The rest of the family, including that sadistic cat, seemed happy that things were back to relative normal. Tomoka held on to Ichi’s arm like she was a cop and he a bad guy trying to flee as we told them what had happened. I think it was more she just wanted to touch the brat then it was her being terrified of our ordeal. Michiko was her usual non-committal self and Sona…Sona decided to present Aya with a welcome back to sanity gift. She was not amused. I can’t really blame her. Finding a dead rodent in the hallway is not exactly the prettiest thing in the world. Once she stopped screaming and trying to crawl up my body, I clued her in on what the little fur ball was up to. She scolded the poor cat to the point where even I felt bad for it. That didn’t last long. The damn thing put my gift in one of my shoes.

Things were busier then usual at the shop. We picked up a couple of small contracts because of the grand opening. Aya went back to the hospital. We didn’t talk much about what had happened during that party. I think we need too. She isn’t having any of it, at least not right now. She’s been a little distant and I think she really needs to talk out what happened there. I think she blames herself and she shouldn’t. There really was no way she could have known. She’s just not the type of person who would think like people like that. I’m gonna give talking another try the next time we have the place to ourselves.

That’s it for now I guess. We still have a trial to testify at but we are hoping that those two take a plea deal and save us from that. We should know in a few weeks. Now I’m going to go find my lovely wife, kiss her senseless and take her out for dinner. See you folks later.


~ by jujuken on January 26, 2013.

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