Dinner, dancing and romancing.

Aya’s been unusually quiet and docile and I’m worried about her. I decided that taking her out to some fancy smancy restaurant wasn’t the way to get her grounded again so I settled for one of the small diners that we frequent. The food is good, you get plenty, it’s cheap and the staff is friendly. We took the bike even though it’s nippy outside. I wanted her touching me as much as she could. Normal touching, no sexual under or over tones, just “I’m glad to be alive and with you” touching. Lately when we’ve made love it’s been more tentative on her part, almost like a duty instead of a joy. I don’t know what’s going on in that pretty head of hers. I intend to find out. I would kind of like to have my oversexed, highly confident wife back.

I took the long way to the diner, making sure I took the most twisty route I could manage. I wanted her to have to hold me, to get used to holding me again. When we got to the diner, I made sure to get a booth in the back, as far from the crowd as possible and since it was a weeknight, the place wasn’t too crowded. We had plenty of privacy. I sat next to her, almost in her lap and pursed my lips as she moved away. Before this whole thing she would have laughed and asked me if I was planning on sitting in her lap like a baby. Now she just moved over in the booth until she couldn’t go any farther. She wouldn’t look at me. We ordered and I waited for the waitress to leave before I said anything. I took one of her hands and held it while smiling down at her.

“You know, I used to know this woman. She was hot, smart and a hell raiser when she wanted to be. She was something else.” Aya looked up at me. “What happened to her?”

“You tell me. What’s going on baby? You haven’t been you since the night of the party. Tell me what’s wrong so I can move heaven and earth to fix it.” She looked away from me.

“I’m fine Ju. Just tired is all.”

Even she didn’t sound convinced much less me. I pulled her close to me…at least I tried too. She resisted until I gave up. “Aya?” I had that tone in my voice and she winced. I sighed and tried again. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be pushing you but I miss my best girl…a lot. Something is bothering you baby. Talk to me please?” I gave her my best kicked puppy expression complete with pouty lips. I knew I’d get some type of reaction. I just wasn’t prepared for the one I got.

Her eyes began to tear up and the next thing I know she was wailing like someone had been beating her. I tried to calm her down some and while she stopped wailing her crying didn’t decrease. It just got quieter. She started talking and it took all my concentration to hear what she was saying around the heartbreaking sobs.

“I…I almost got you killed. I was so arrogant thinking I could outwit them so easily. When I saw your limp body on that stage…Oh Ju…I’m so sorry!” She threw her arms around my neck and sobbed. I just held her and caressed her back as she cried. When the waitress brought our meals out she gave me a look but I nodded and smiled to let her know that everything was okay. After she left I pulled Aya away from me and tried to look into her eyes. She hung her head still sniffling. I put my fingers under her chin and lifted her head so she’d look at me.

“First of all there was no way any of us could have known just how twisted and dangerous those two were so you can’t blame yourself for that. Second of all there was no way in hell you could have kept me out of there. You seem to be forgetting I’m a former delinquent. I’m lucky. I married well. Some of those smarts rubbed off on me. I made sure I didn’t go in there completely helpless. Third and most importantly. If saving you meant dieing, I would have done so without reservation. No. No. Hear me out. I love you woman. I love you so much sometimes it hurts but in the best way. Don’t ever feel bad or guilty about any decisions I make when it comes to your safety. It will just be wasted energy because nothing you could say or do short of drugging me and chaining me up somewhere will keep me from being there to protect you if I can. Hell. They tried that and it still didn’t stop me. So no more treating me like I’m going to break or run away like a startled cat. No more guilt trips. You are the bravest woman I know and the kindest.”

I kissed her gently on each cheek then a soft but lingering kiss on the lips. When I pulled away she started crying again but there was a smile on her face. I pulled a few napkins out of the holder and handed them to her. “I still don’t love you enough to get snot on me.” She hit me for that crack. It hurt too. I knew she’d be okay after that. We talked as we ate and cleared the air about some things. She read me the riot act for taking that stimulant saying I could have killed myself. At least she knew what dosage to take. I almost wished I’d left things alone…just kidding. I did wind up kissing her to shut her up. Can’t bitch a person out with a tongue down your throat.

We went to the bar after that, had a few drinks, danced a few dances then headed back home. I’m very happy to say that we didn’t make it up the stairs before I had as much hot, sexy wife as I could stand. We left a trail of clothes from the garage door to the spare room in the shop. I doubt if we’d have stopped if Toshi and Kiba had been in there. Okay, we would have but only because the room’s not big enough for four. She still gets a little quiet on me from time to time but it passes. I’m happy. She’s happy. Now if we could just keep the cat from bringing us gifts, life would be grand.


~ by jujuken on January 28, 2013.

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