Dinner, dancing and romancing second try.

Things pretty much settled down after the sentencing. Ayumi was given 15 years. Izanagi was given 30 years and good riddance. The government confiscated the business and it seems the French authorities were very interested in the dynamic duo also. It will be a very long time before either sees the light of day. Aya was very quiet during the reading of the sentence. It hurt to see her like that. She thought the woman was a friend and to find out she just wanted to use her after all of these years hurt. On the other hand, she was glad that those two had been stopped and that she’d been able to save at least a few of the girls that they had victimized.

I pulled my wife to me as the sentence was read and made sure she was okay. She didn’t look at Ayumi as she was led away but she sure glowered at Izanagi. Her reasoning…he made a bad situation worse. She firmly believes that if he had been more like me, then maybe Ayumi wouldn’t have turned out so bad. My poor innocent, in a way, baby just doesn’t get it. I don’t think any amount of love or kindness would have helped either one of them. You have to have a heart first.

We headed home after that. I wanted to stop and get some food but Aya said she wasn’t hungry. My heart went out to her. She’d been through a lot. We’d become minor celebrities right after the arrest. “Local couple help stop torture ring” that kind of stuff. The women we saved had all thanked us as did their families and gifts had poured in from everywhere. We gave most of it to charity. We still got letters and emails from the victims wanting to thank us personally. I decided that maybe we should let them. I didn’t say anything to Aya. She’s too humble for that kind of stuff but I kind of like the notoriety. I was a street racer after all and run a shop that customized cars to be attention getters. I called a couple of the ladies and a few close friends and put a plot in motion. It took some work and a lot of sneaking around but I managed to get everything together. I just hoped that I was doing the right thing. People’s feelings can be tricky things to judge but I was hoping that this would cheer my baby up and put things in some type of order for her.

It took a couple of weeks to get everything together. Life continued on. I worked, she worked, and we mostly stayed home if I didn’t have to play, we made love like bunnies but there was still this small part of her that I couldn’t reach. Her being a home body these days made getting things together much easier. The waiting was driving me crazy but that Saturday finally came around. Now if I could just get her out of the house. The stubborn woman didn’t want to go out so I told her the truth…part of it at least…that I had managed to talk Kiba and Toshi into bringing Gargoyle to the bar for an impromptu set. That got her attention. She’d never heard the band play and while it wasn’t her type of music she very much wanted to see them in action. She put on a pair of tight low riders, one of her favorite tees that said “I’m sexy and we all know it”, ankle boots and a jacket. She just pulled her hair back in to a high pony tail and I swear she could have passed for early twenty something. I told her that and the kiss I got almost made me change my mind and keep her home. I readjusted my jeans, thankful that my shirt was a long one, pulled on my jacket and a hat and dragged my reluctant wife to the mustang. Twenty minutes later we were pulling into a very packed parking lot.

I pulled into my parking space, all the staff and the band had one, and frowned. This was supposed to be a semi-private affair. What the devil were all those people doing here? If Toshi spilled the beans and the place was full of fangirls, I was so gonna kill him. Aya commented on the crowd and bit her lip. I could tell she wanted to leave but she wanted to see the two men who had helped us so she braved the door and a smiling…a smiling Megumi. She narrowed her eyes at the woman. Megs never smiled at Aya. They didn’t like each other much. Megumi for her part just held up her hand so we could see the small engagement ring on her finger. She thanked Aya for almost running her down with the bike. She wound up in the arms of the truck driver. They got to talking, one thing led to another. They were going to get married. Aya smiled, said good and congratulations and headed into the bar. I gave Megs a hug and a kiss on the cheek, told her I hoped she would be happy and mentally gave a sigh of relief. One less thing in my life to worry about. I felt sorry for the truck driver but love is blind they say.

I followed Aya into the bar and stopped right behind her. The place wasn’t as packed as the parking lot led us to believe. At best there were fifty people outside of staff and band members and coworkers, hers and mine. I found out later that Atsushi had asked people to come separately to give the illusion of a full parking lot. That way he could tell people who weren’t invited that the place was full to capacity and he wouldn’t get any heat about it. Smart man. Aya took one look around and turned asking me what was going on. We had hung big banners around saying “THANK YOU!” I told her it was a thank you party for her. She looked at me puzzled and asked why.

I motioned in front of me. “Ask them.” I pointed at the two ladies in front of us. Both had been victims of Izanagi. They both bowed and thanked Aya for having the courage to stand up to them and putting her well being at risk. When she started to protest we all told her to save it. Her friends and coworkers came up to her either telling her how brave she was or asking for details because they hadn’t heard the whole story. Aya was still looking dazed and confused. She kept saying she hadn’t done anything and kept repeating that as I lead her to a table near the stage. After I got her seated I took the mike that was on stage and got everyone’s attention.

“Can I get some quiet please? Thanks. Baby…I’m sorry to be putting you on the spot but I think it’s about time you realized just how much help you have done for just about everyone here. It’s not just about the latest but about who you are. A loving wife, dedicated nurse, and a damn good friend to just about everyone here. Now you can get mad at me for this but I’m really getting a little tired of the guilt trip you’ve got going because I was dumb enough to get caught. And before you say anything you have to see how I saw you. You took on two guys almost as tall as I am and gave them fits. You cracked the nuts of one; bit the crap out of the other one before giving him one of your nut crackers and the only thing that kept you from getting away was my entrance. Even then you were all growling, protective lioness. It was hot in a scary kind of way. But the main thing is you took on those guys when no one else did. You helped save those girls and me…along with the help of a couple of nameless friends. Sooo…for all of that and the help you’ve given to all of us at one time or other, we decided to badger you until you stopped being so hard on yourself. “

I stopped and waited for the applause to die down, then handed the mike to one of Aya’s coworkers who told a story about Aya and one of her patients. I went and sat next to Aya, pulling her close as the chairs would allow, and listened to a number of people tell stories about what she’d done for them. Aya laughed at some, sighed at others and even cried during a couple. The place got very quiet when Megumi got up and took the mike. She cleared her throat and ignored the warning looks she got from a number of people.

“I’m not going to stand here and lie. We do not like each other. We never have and I doubt we ever will but if you hadn’t pulled that stunt with the motorcycle I may never have gotten to know my future husband so I have to thank you for that. Thank you.” That last was more a growl and given grudgingly but it was a thank you and Aya nodded in acknowledgment. Aya was encouraged to say a few words. I motioned for her to go up and say something. She smiled at me and went up to take the stage.

“I really don’t know whether to be mad at you Ju or kiss you. I know I’m being silly but I don’t see myself as doing anything that the rest of you wouldn’t do given the circumstances. I shouldn’t be thanked for doing the right thing.” I gave a warning growl and Aya laughed. “Alright! I give! Thank you guys! Now stop with the mushy stuff and let’s get this party going!” Aya put the mike back in its stand and I helped her off the stage making sure she got a long, long, kiss once her feet hit the floor.

I was about to go for another when the band came on stage and that perverted friend of mine started up with catcalls between tuning his bass. I turned to say something and the words froze in my mouth. Toshi was dressed in a white and black outfit that looked like it wanted to be bondage but couldn’t quite bring itself to that point. The pants and shirt were striped in large swaths of black or white material and his hat…it looked like a sultan or someone had lost it. The other guys were dressed in similarly weird attire but Kiba…Kiba was wearing an outfit that if it was on Aya would have had me humping her in record time. Both men came over and leaned down to talk to us. I had to ask. “Kiba…can I have the name of your costume designer? Aya would look hot in those boots.” Kiba laughed and Toshi added the “and not much else?” part of the equation which got a glare from me, a giggle from Aya (it sounded delicious) and a swat from Kiba.

Kiba straightened and prepared to sing their first song. I checked out his outfit while he did. The boots came up to mid-thigh, leather pants and he had feathers, feathers on his head. The whole outfit made me think of dragons, why I couldn’t tell you. I had to admit that his ass did look good in those pants with the boots and I could only picture how much nicer Aya’s ass would look in those boots and pants, even better the boots and no pants. I heard a cough and looked up to find Toshi smirking down at me. “Admit it. He’s got a great ass.” I glowered at him as my whole face turned red. Caught. I played it off. “Not as good as Aya’s would look in that outfit.” He looked at me, the grin spreading across his face till I thought it would split. “Oh…I know.”

I gave him a look that was positively lethal. I’d forgotten that my baby was damn near naked to the world on that stage at the party. Toshi just ignored the look and was about to say something to get my blood boiling when he suddenly turned as white as a ghost, backed up and turned to his bass, plucking a few strings and mangling them badly. I didn’t even turn around before speaking. “I don’t know how you do that but I wish you’d teach it to me. It sure would come in handy.” I turned and pulled my wife into my arms. “Is that going to bother you, being seen by those two almost naked?”

She shook her head no. “Maybe if they hadn’t been such a help and saved our butts, then yes, but they did and he’s just jealous my ass looks much better then Kiba’s. Now come on. We need to find a nice secluded corner to make out in while they perform.” I leaned down and looked her in the eyes. “Aya? Is that really you?” She laughed, gave me a kiss that made my knees weak and drew some select comments from the people closest to us. “Welcome back,” I said as we broke the kiss. We found a nice dark spot where we could see the stage and trade a few kisses…or gropes…relatively unbothered. A few minutes later, Atsushi came out and introduced the group. Most of the people there knew Toshi from when he subbed for me the past couple of months. Some of them knew who Gargoyle was and that got a nice round of applause when the name was announced. We’d both heard Kiba sing before but that was solo. This was Gargoyle and something totally different.

They started off the mini set with Bala Bara Vara. Aya’s jaw dropped. She looked at me, then Kiba, then back at me, mouth working but nothing lucid coming out. I leaned down to yell in her ear. “This is trash metal. It’s what they do. That other gig was for a different audience so he sang differently. Same voice just more howl and growl now.” Yowl, howl or growl, the folks in the club were loving it and that was what mattered to the band. Everyone who knew them went a little crazy when Jet Tiger started up. They did an extended version of that to much applause. They saved the best for last. When Gi started up the place went nuts. The song had Aya laughing and singing along to the chorus. I just held my little spitfire, glad to see she was back to something like normal. The next few days would tell whether all of this worked or not. At least I thought it would take that long. When she decided to rub that cute little tush against me in a very non-innocent way and then tried to be coy about it, I knew my kinky little baby was back.

Kiba and company finished up with an encore of Gi. The rest of Gargoyle left the stage and Toshi stayed to play with my band for a bit. They’d opened up the dinning area and the tables were full of finger foods, sushi, sake, beer and assorted wines. Between dancing, eating and boozing, everyone had a grand time. Aya even had a couple of cups of sake and was in rare and uninhibited form. Atsushi let us borrow his office for a bit and we talked things out. The talk at the diner was a start to her recovering herself but having so many people assure her that she had done the right thing kind of cemented it in her head. She promised that the pity party was over, that I should get used to her being one step ahead of me in all things and that she loved me more then it should be lawful to do. Since I had to promise Acchan that we wouldn’t do the nasty on any of his furniture, I just kissed her gently, held her in my arms and squeezed her ass a little. That got a laugh and a swat from her.

We walked out of the office and smack dab into Kiba who had a squawking Toshi by the ear. I’m not sure what that was all about but I thought I heard Kiba threatening to have Toshi neutered which got a short bark of laughter from me and a death glare from both men. I held up my hands in surrender, thanked them both for all they had done for us both and advised Kiba that once the jewels come off, they don’t grow back so he may want to rethink his threat. He just huffed and stalked off with those damn boots before I could find out who made them for him. I was so going to get a pair for the frisky woman who at that moment was putting her hands in some interesting places. Me telling her to quit it got a laugh and a few comments that I won’t repeat here. Oh yeah. My minx was back and in rare form and I was as happy as a person could get.

We hit the dance floor to some canned music so that the guys in the band could enjoy themselves and everyone generally had a good time. We didn’t party too late since a number of our guests had to work in the morning. They all thanked us for a good time and gave the crazy lady a hug or told her to behave and stop doubting herself. I pulled her out of there after a few of those, wanting to get home while she was still frisky. I had my baby back; I hoped and had a great time in the process of getting her back. Now if only I had those boots.

A couple of days later I got an email from Toshi with the name, number and location of the boot maker. I’d say our slates are now clean.


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