With friends like these.

Ju-ken disposes of yet another dead mouse, this one left in his bass case, wonders how the fur ball got into the case much less the spare room, and wonders if killing the damn creature would be worth the trip to the hospital or even worse divorce court. Is busy plotting his revenge when the phone rings.

Ju: Moshi, moshi!

Toshi: S’up dude?

Ju: Nothing much. Know where I can get a cat eating dog from?

Toshi: *snorts* Sona still leaving you gifts?

Ju: That bitch never intended them to be gifts. She intended them to be a declaration of war.

Toshi: Damn dude. How boring is your life when you have to fight a cat for entertainment?

Ju: Keep talking and I’ll leave her alone and fight someone bigger if you get my drift.

Toshi: I’ll pass. I’m a lover not a fighter, which brings me to why I’m calling. I got a call from Kiba’s costume designer. Your boots are ready. He said something about the warrior princess outfit being a good idea and if Kiba had boobs he’d make one for him. Do I want to know?

Ju:….. *is too busy grinning and imagining Aya in the outfit*

Toshi: Earth to Ju. Down boy. I can hear you panting from here. You should be thanking me.

Ju: Huh? Oh yeah. Thanks for his number. When and where can I pick them up?

Toshi: I’ll be out that way tomorrow. I’ll bring them and not for the number. You should be thanking me for having good taste in men.

Ju: *blinks* What?

Toshi: If I didn’t have a lover with a great ass you’d have never noticed how good it looked in those boots.

Ju: He wasn’t wearing his boots on his ass.

Toshi: No he wasn’t but that ass is what got your attention first and then you noticed the boots.

Ju: Tosh…it’s too early for you to be that drunk.

Toshi: I’ve only had two beers and you forget I was watching you. When Kiba walked across that stage you were literally drooling until you actually noticed who he was. Admit it. The man’s got a great ass.

Ju: If you say so but I was not ogling his ass. I was checking out the boots.

Toshi: Dude you forget how long I’ve known you. You have always been an ass man. I’ve seen you ignore women with great racks to go after a woman with a shapely bottom. I’d bet my career that the second thing you looked at when you met Aya was her ass.

Ju: What has that got to do with anything?

Toshi: See? I was right. You always check out the ass. It’s a wonder you haven’t drooled over more men doing that.

Ju: I…was…not…drooling over Kiba’s ass!

Toshi: Don’t worry. I won’t tell a soul especially Kiba. The man is arrogant enough now. Not that I blame him. No one wears those boots like he does.

Ju: For the last time I was not checking out Kiba’s nice ass!

Toshi: *laughs*

Ju: Wait! I didn’t mean it like that and you know it!

Toshi: I know nothing! Nothing!

Ju: I hate you. You know that right?

Toshi: Call me when you get back from your trip.

Ju: What trip?

Toshi: The one down De Nile! *laughs and hangs up*

*glares at the phone before hanging up and turning around to find…..Aya with her arms full of Sona who is giving him that look.

Aya: So what’s this about Kiba’s nice ass?


~ by jujuken on February 9, 2013.

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