A little love goes a long way.

Mun: is sitting at keyboard chatting with a friend when Ju comes in, takes a seat on the floor next to her and lays his head on her thigh, sighs

Mun: What’s up handsome? Why the long face?

Ju: Oh nothing. Just wanted to keep you company for a while. Maybe talk a little.

Mun: Really? That’s nice of you. Unusual but nice.

Ju: You know, you’ve created this little world I’m in as well as my family and friends and for the most part it’s really nice. Granted you make sure I get teased a lot but all in all I’m a happy guy.

Mun: But? I know there’s a but coming.

Ju: Damn woman! Can’t a guy tell ya he’s glad you’re a part of his life without cha getting all suspicious?

Mun: I’m sorry Ju. gives him a pat on the head

Ju: Can I give you a kiss…on the cheek! Don’t want no one getting any wrong ideas here.

Mun: I’d be honored. gets her kiss and goes all fangirly

Ju: gets up grinning By the way…ya still planning on writing that sex scene? Ya know the one with me going all gaga over my little barbarian princess?

Mun: Well no not really. Why?

Ju: No reason really besides the fact that I haven’t had one in a bit.

Mun: Oh okay. Thanks handsome. I’ll talk to you later okay?

Ju: Sure thing baby. leaves the room

Aya: Well?

Ju: She bought it but I don’t think she’s gonna write it.

Mun: Nice try you two but you forget who you are dealing with. starts to type out the scene she was gonna do any way with a smile on her face


~ by jujuken on February 10, 2013.

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