Love in the afternoon.

It was one of those rare Saturdays when the shop closed early. We had caught up on the work we’d pushed off while working on the bakery vans. I idly wondered what had happened to them but figured the government would find something do to with them. We had new orders to start on Monday so I told the guys to go get sloshed or whatever the hell they wanted to do and I’d see them on Monday. I took the time to do a little inventory and see what I needed to buy or order for our new jobs, ran a couple of errands and got home around three in the afternoon.

I had bought a box of Aya’s favorite cookies while I was out and was happily nibbling on one while I contemplated nibbling on her, when I caught the sound of music playing softly in our bedroom. I walked up to the door and looked in. Breathe was playing and Aya was dancing with Sona in her arms and crooning to the cat. That just wasn’t going to do even if it was a cute sight. Breathe was my song, the one song my baby could sing that wouldn’t set off the cats in the neighborhood, and the song she sang on our anniversary. I put the cookies on the nightstand, made sure I’d gotten all the crumbs off of my fingers and walked up to my wife.

Aya didn’t have to turn to know I was there. The fur ball let out a meow and jumped out of her arms, flying out of the room. Hmm…I’d better be very careful where I put my feet. Aya shook her head and gave me a smile that made my heart beat faster. I took her hand and pulled her to me, placing one hand at the small of her back and entwining our fingers with my other hand. She put her free hand on my chest over my heart and looked at me, concern showing on her face. I assured her that nothing was wrong and that my heart always sped up when she smiled at me like that. She smiled again then laughed when my heart beat raced for another minute or two then settled down to normal. We did a gentle slow dance to the strains of the song, not speaking, just enjoying the feel of being in each others arms.

I bent down and kissed her. Nothing fierce or overly sexual. Just a nice slow, thorough kiss. She blinked at me once the kiss was done and looked around. She nudged me out of the way and made a beeline for the nightstand and the cookies. Taking the box, she sat down on the bed, pulled one out and began to nibble on it like she always does. I got down on my knees in front of her, hands on both sides of her and just smiled as she nibbled her cookie like a small child. I asked her how she knew I had some and she said that I tasted like them. I told her that I could have eaten some while I was out so how could she know I had extras. The answer she gave me coupled with her looking like an innocent angel nibbling on a cookie was just hilarious because of the mental image I got. She said that I wouldn’t dare come home tasting like those cookies and not have some for her not if I valued my dangly bits. I got a mental picture of her running after me dressed in some barbarian outfit complete with horned helmet, waving a battle axe…and nibbling cookies. I couldn’t help it. I fell out laughing. She gave me the “do I want to know?” look and kept on nibbling on her cookie.

I finally got myself together and climbed up onto the bed, taking a seat next to her so I could get a cookie before she ate them all. I did it carefully just to make sure I didn’t lose any fingers in the process. She’s very possessive of those cookies. I must have been in good standing because she just watched me but made no move to bite the hand that bought them. I took a bite out of the cookie and raised an eyebrow at the scowl that received. When I inquired what I’d done wrong she informed me that such perfection should be eaten slowly and not gobbled down. I grinned at her, opened my mouth wide and acted like I was going to mouth the rest of the cookie but instead I took a nibble. That made her smile and she went back to nibbling on her own.

I asked what we had planned for the weekend and she said nothing. I grinned and the grin must have been alarming because she swallowed audibly and narrowed her eyes at me. I asked her if she felt like some take out. She nodded slowly still eying me. I asked if she wanted take out for tomorrow too. She finished eating the cookie then turned to look at me. She wanted to know why we’d be having take out two days in a row. I didn’t say anything, just smiled. She sighed, called me a pervert and reached for the cookie box. I beat her to it. I stood up holding the box over head. She called my name and began to try to reach them. I’m six inches taller then she is so my reach over her’s is formidable. She began to jump up try to reach them.

“So…what was that about my dangly parts?” She stopped jumping for a minute and contemplated her next move. It wasn’t what I was expecting. She began to palm said dangly part through my pants and it felt good but I wasn’t having it. I grabbed that hand only to have her scratch at the nipple closest to her with her fingernail. I only had one hand free and if I grabbed the one worrying my very sensitive nipple then the other one would go after my dangly parts. When that didn’t work she stopped and gave me a long look. I grinned at her, reached up and pulled a cookie from the box. I had just put it into my mouth and had closed my eyes humming in mock pleasure when she struck. She pushed me, hard, and I tumbled back onto the bed. She was climbing up my body grabbing for the box before I could even register what had happened. She managed to get a hand on it before I turned her over on her back. The movement made her hand hit the box and it went tumbling across the bed. Both of us went after it, me pulling her back by the leg, she crawling up my back to reach over my head. We were both laughing and she was squealing. She finally managed to get the box but she tumbled off the bed in the process. I looked over the edge to make sure she was okay and she was sitting on the floor, box held up in triumph.

I watched in amusement as my little cookie monster pulled another of the treats from the box and began to nibble on it. Good thing I’d bought two dozen of the things. While she was quiet I asked if she wanted pizza for dinner. She agreed and I called the order in. One pepperoni for Ichi, extra large in case he had his shadow with him, one white chicken and spinach for Aya and Michiko and one large meat lovers for me. None of that pansy spinach crap for me. After I hung up the phone, I went to where Aya was still sitting on the floor and snatched the cookie that she had just pulled out of the box, out of her hand and ate it. I told her she was gonna ruin her appetite if she kept up and she’d be pissed she didn’t save some for later. This set off another round of wrestling around on the floor, her laughter filling the room. It was such a welcome sound after all she’d been through. I finally couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed her and kissed her. We stayed like that, holding each other for a few minutes after the kiss had ended. I looked at her, placing my hands on either side of her face. Kissed each eyelid, her nose and then her mouth again. I told her that she was my beautiful barbarian cookie monster baby and that I loved her. Then I snatched the box of cookies and took off out of the bedroom and down the hallway, Aya in close pursuit.

We played cat and mouse, kiss and grope, and a variety of naughty and nice little games until the pizza arrived. After we ate, we retired to our room where Aya thanked me properly for the cookies. The afternoon turned out to be one of those rare days where simple things remind you of why your life is good. And here I bet you thought this was gonna be one of those sex posts. Ha! Gotcha!


~ by jujuken on February 12, 2013.

20 Responses to “Love in the afternoon.”

  1. I’m not going to mention that you were a pervert on Sunday.

  2. So you don’t want me to mention that you had me wear that amazon outfit even if the guy sent the wrong boots?

  3. You just did.

  4. or that you did all of those things like…

  5. *claps a hand over her mouth* They don’t need to know that.

  6. or that thing you did with……

  7. *does it again*

  8. Will you stop that? No not that! That!

  9. What, put my hand there?

  10. Pervert!

  11. *grins* You didn’t seem to mind yesterday.

  12. See? You didn’t say last night. You said yesterday as in all day!

  13. I didn’t hear you complaining then either.

  14. ………..

  15. I rest my case.

  16. I wish you’d rest something else.

  17. In an hour or so.

  18. O_O

  19. Bwahahahaha!

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