And so it starts…another year.

It’s valentine’s day again. I waded through about two dozen boxes of assorted candy and cookies. It happens every year though I have to admit that this year’s haul was smaller than last. Could be because of the economy or it could be because Ichi has a girl now and isn’t bringing any new girls around. The other girls are or have gotten boyfriends of their own or have graduated and moved on. I’ll miss the treats but the only gift that really matters to me is the one I’ll get from Aya. I honestly don’t know how she’s gonna top last year. I still don’t know where she managed to find chocolate body paint. First time I ever dined on/screwed a piece of art.

I finished putting the cards in some type of order then went down to the shop with most of the boxes. I usually gave them out to the guys. I really couldn’t eat all of that stuff. Most of them arrived when the girls were on their way to school so it was usually early enough that I could pick out what I wanted and give the rest to the guys before I started work. Aya had gone in early so she could spend the afternoon with her special valentine and no I don’t mean the cat dammit!

I worked until four or so and she still hadn’t gotten in. I tried to call but her phone went to voicemail so I figured some emergency at work was holding her up. We closed up the shop and I went up to the flat to see if she’d left anything special for dinner. When I got upstairs I noticed that there was a soft light in the flat where there should have been darkness. It was candle light. I followed it to the kitchen where there was a place setting for one complete with an unopened couple of beers, chilling in a bowl of ice, my favorite dinner dish and a note which read:

“Happy Valentine’s Day my love. I’m sorry I can’t be there to share dinner with you but know that you are always in my heart and mind. When you finish your dinner please retire to the shower. I have another gift for you there. Love forever, Aya.”

I put the note down and wished that she was there for me to kiss her but I settled for eating the delicious meal she’d left for me and drinking the beers. I was full and content and ready for that shower. I went into the bathroom and found it full of lit candles. For them to be lit and barely burned down meant that she had either just left or was somewhere in the house. When I went into the shower I found a new yukata made from quilted silk to put on which was nice. I did what I usually do in the shower, took my good sweet time. When I came out and went into the bedroom I was met with the sight of my wife sitting on the bed.

She was barely dressed in cat ears and a wisp of a cat costume mainly consisting of a black teddy with matching thong with a long black tail attached. There was a tray of assorted fruit jams and small biscuits on the nightstand with a bowl of clotted cream, an ice bucket with an open bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses. She had just finished a biscuit apparently as she was slowly licking cream and jam from her fingers before trying to lick at a spot at the corner of her mouth. Once she had deemed herself clean she stretched, arching her back then settled down on her stomach on the bed watching me like a cat watches a canary. I had the feeling that the pajama bottoms I’d pulled on under the yukata weren’t going to be on me for long.

I walked over to the bed, smiled down at her and said “Helloooo kitty!”. She sat up, patting the bed next to her and reached for the tray. She smoothed some apricot jam (my fave) onto a biscuit with a hint of the cream then took a bite. I took the hint and leaned over to taste the jam and cream on her lips as I kissed her…no tongue…yet. I licked my lips and hers then stopped. I heard…purring. Real purring. I looked around thinking the fur ball was in the room when I noticed a small device on a collar around Aya’s neck. It looked like a tag similar to an id tag but it was a mini recorder. When she touched it a certain way the recorded sound of a cat purring issued from it. She’d pulled out all the stops. While I was admiring the tag, amongst other things, she poured two glasses of champagne, handing one to me. We clinked glasses and drank a toast to another year of love and happiness. I asked her how she was planning on topping this next year and she gave me that village idiot look again. Her response, and believe me she had the most wicked smile on her face, was and I quote; “I don’t have to worry about that. I’ve got you to do all the topping.”

I shook my head in wonder as I watched her prepare another biscuit as if she hadn’t just said something straight from one of her yaoi mangas. She fed it to me then pushed me until my back was against some pillows she’d piled at the head of the bed. She opened the yukata and ran her fingers down my chest as she leaned in for a tasty kiss. She tasted of champagne and strawberry preserves. She ran that talented tongue of hers down the side of my neck to the collar bone where she gave me a short quick nip. Things were about to get interesting from the look she was giving me.

She sat up, reached over to the tray and pulled a spoon out of the strawberry jam, dipped it into the cream and brought the spoon to her lips. I watched her thinking she was going to give me a show licking that lucky spoon but to my surprise she took the contents and added some to both of my nipples. The shock of cool on my warm skin drew a soft hiss from me. She laughed softly at that then set about cleaning up using that oh so talented tongue of hers. She lapped at the jam and cream with gentle quick flips of her tongue making sure each nipple was well cleaned and by chance hard as stone. Using more of the concoction, she traced a line of sweetness down my chest to my navel. She gave me another dose of what she’d done to my upper torso and by the time she’d finished those pajama bottoms were in dire need of removal…which she did.

She looked down at me and licked her lips. When we’d first gotten married, she wasn’t a fan of blowjobs. It was something she could do without but over the course of the years that changed. I don’t know if she just got comfortable doing it or because she got good at doing it. Whatever the reason she enjoyed doing it now and she was very, very, very good at it. When she pushed my legs up and apart, I grabbed onto the slats in the head board. I was about to have the thrill of a lifetime.

She told me to close my eyes and I did, holding my breath in anticipation. The first thing I felt was her soft hair sliding down the inner most side of one thigh. She planted a few soft kisses there before she made me jump with a much harder nip at the delicate skin. She gave the area a lick and a soothing bit of her breath. The nip made me jerk though it didn’t really hurt much and she chuckled softly at my reaction. That chuckle almost made me demand she pull out the cock ring but I stayed silent and waited for her to continue. She did, putting soft kisses and licks down and around my inner thigh until I was squirming. I wanted that mouth in other places. As if sensing this she lifted my semi-erect penis and ran her tongue around my sack. I sucked in a breath as she mouthed the sensitive sack while her hand stroked me into full attention.

My being at full attention apparently got her attention and she stopped torturing me one way to torture me another. Satisfied with her attention to my sack, she started on my penis, licking the head with quick flicks of her tongue, then down the sides and up before mouthing the tip. As if she wasn’t driving me crazy enough she swallowed me whole and turned on that damn recorder. The purring started up and put a small vibration in her throat as if she needed an extra aid to drive me nuts. It took everything I had to not let go of the head board and hold that pretty head while I “assisted” her in the blowjob. She worked me in and out of her mouth, putting the perfect amount of suction in it. I tried to hold back but it was too much and I warned her that I was about to blow. She ignored me and I came with a long sigh. Aya swallowed with a slight grimace then washed it down with some champagne, then wolfed down a jam laden biscuit and drank some more champagne. Even though I was a boneless noodle on the bed, I chuckled. I knew she didn’t like the taste and she only swallowed because it was Valentine’s Day.

I reached out my hand and pulled her to me, kissing her deeply. I thanked her and asked about her. She told me it was my day and she’d be fine. I waggled my eyebrows at her and asked her for how long. She grinned and turned that damn purring on again. I turned it off, disconnected it and tossed across the room then I hopped on my kitty and got her giggling in no time. The giggles turned to moans and by the time her teddy and thong had disappeared, she was panting and calling out my name softly. I’ve got a wicked tongue too. By the time she’d had her second orgasm, I was primed and ready to go again. I eased into her and took my good sweet time making love to her. They say that sex only takes six minutes on average and that might be true. It’s the lead up that you put the attention into and by the time the six minutes came around I’d led her to the edge. Those minutes were used to push us both over that cliff and my normally quiet little kitty got kind of loud. But hey…yelling out my name as she came…how can a man complain about that? After we both came down off the orgasmic high, we finished off the champagne and biscuits and snuggled in each others arms. Aya has me pretty trained not to go right to sleep after sex and I’m glad I don’t. I enjoy these quiet snuggles where we talk about things and just enjoy each others company sans sex. It was late when we finally blew out the last candles and turned in for the night. Damn I love Valentine’s Day. All I have to do now is figure out what I’m gonna do for White Day. The fun never ends. *wink*


~ by jujuken on February 24, 2013.

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