It all worked out in the end right?

Mun: is rereading jujuken blog

Ju: comes out and glares daggers at her

Mun: What?

Ju: You put me in the dog house.

Mun: scratches back of head Yeah I did. I’m sorry. I felt bad for you myself.

Ju: glares more daggers

Mun: Hey! I gave you a way around it right?

Ju: Yeah and I only had to bust a few ribs and my head.

Mun: Well kind a yeah, but think of how much attention you got from Aya.

Ju: smiles True but still…

Mun: Be a man. Suck it up. You got your baby back so it all worked out in the end right?

Ju: One of these days…

Mun: But not today. If I promise to help find that item for you will you forgive me?

Ju: eyes mun suspiciously You’d do that?

Mun: Of course. Anything for you handsome.

Ju: Now I know I’m gonna regret it.

Mun: grins

Ju: sighs and turns to leave

Mun: Hey handsome…take lots and lots of vitamins. A few pints of oysters wouldn’t hurt either.

Ju: drools I take it I’m gonna like the end result?

Mun: Within an inch of your life.

Ju: leaves whistling

Mun: So easy.


~ by jujuken on February 27, 2013.

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