Knee deep in trouble.

I was watching the soccer game when the door to the flat flew open with a slam as it hit the wall. Standing in the doorway like a dark cloud was my wife. She was soaked from head to toe and looked as if killing someone was the least of their worries. Unfortunately that someone was me. I’d gotten so caught up in the game I’d forgotten I was supposed to pick her up from work since Michiko had the van. The aura around her was murderous. Even Sona went and hid. I wasn’t so lucky.

She threw down her soggy coat in a corner and rounded on me. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t confine you to that damn sofa for the rest of your life? I told you to let me take an umbrella in case I had to fend for myself but nooo. You told me you’d pick me up! I tried calling you three times and nothing! How could you?” She sputtered for more words then did the worst thing she could possibly do to me. Her lips started trembling and she burst into tears. She ran into the bedroom slamming the door behind her.

I turned off the tv, to add insult to injury we lost, and went after my wife. I opened the door and closed it in time to keep the shoe she’d tossed at me from hitting me. “Aya I’m sorry. I know there’s no excuse but believe me baby I’m so sorry. Please let me in. Please.” That was met with silence. I braved the door again and was promptly pelted with a soggy sock, then a pair of jeans. I knew that if I had the wrong expression on my face when I came fully through the door she’d start throwing sharp, hard objects but hey, I’m a man; stupid and ruled by my hormones. My first thought was “duck”, the second thought was “she’s only in her underwear”. Whatever was showing on my face wasn’t the right thing apparently. I doubt if anything would have been. She was pissed and I mean pissed. I sighed and got the spare blankets and pillows. I knew I’d be kissing the sofa for a long time after this.

“How could you? For a game? If I get sick and die, I’m gonna haunt you for the rest of your life. Of all the irresponsible things…” She started crying again and it just twisted the guilt knife that much more. I went to her and tried to hug her but she was having none of it. She told me in some very colorful and creative language that I could go hug the tv since it was more important than she was. I couldn’t say anything to that and just dragged my sorry ass back into the other room. I couldn’t even turn the set back on. I’m stupid but not suicidal. I picked up the phone and ordered some take out. It was the least I could do.

She came out of the bedroom in a bathrobe…hers not mine which was a sure sign how pissed she was since she wore mine as much as I did…went into the kitchen and put on a pot for some tea. She didn’t even look my way. When I told her that I’d ordered take out she just grunted, made her tea and sat at the table drinking it. Sona eased out from where ever she had been hiding and Aya patted her absently. When the take out arrived, she got her food, a plate, more tea, the cat and stalked back into the bedroom without so much as a “kiss my ass”, slammed the door and locked it. Yep. I was knee deep in it.

I ate in miserable silence, the food tasting like hot cardboard and wondered what I could do to make things up to her. I tried talking to her through the locked door but was met first with silence then the sound of the shower. I tried again when the water stopped but she turned on the player and turned it up. I stopped trying after that so I wasn’t by the door when she opened it and tossed out my sleeping garments before shutting and locking it again. I heard what sounded like a faint sneeze and prayed to every god out there that she didn’t come down with a cold. A sick Aya was a misery for everyone and if I caused it…

I sighed and decided to get out. Maybe some fresh air would clear my head and I could think of a way out of the mess I was in. I grabbed my phone and turned it on to find the three messages she’d left. The first one was to remind me to pick her up. She sounded so cheerful in that message. The second one she sounded tired and a little worried. It was about an hour after she’d gotten off. She said she’d catch the train and to meet her at the station. She was at the station when she’d made the third call saying that she was tired of waiting and was going to walk to the flat. That must have been when it started raining. The station is a good twenty minutes away on foot. Damn.

I took a drive down to the bar where Atsushi called me a dead and stinking idiot which was a lot of help….not. He did give me a couple of beers on the house though. His way of sympathizing with me. He wasn’t married but he had six sisters. He could relate. It was Megumi of all people who gave me a good idea. She called me a jackass and asked why I hadn’t gotten Aya her own car.

“Like sheesh dude. You own a fucking auto shop. Buy a cheap piece of car, fix it up and give it to that bi…your wife.” I’d have given her a kiss if she hadn’t almost called Aya the b word. The idea did rate at least a hug. I tore out of there with new resolve. I would have visited every dealership I could find but that would have taken forever so I opted to do my shopping online. When I got back home, I went into the shop, turned on the PC there and started my search. I got a list of cars and dealers together for me to check out and finally crawled onto the sofa, lonely, but with a ray of hope.

It’s been a week now and I’m damn tired of that sofa and the silent treatment. I hadn’t had much luck in the car department. I wanted to buy whatever right out with some of the money we’d squirreled away from the Izanagi incident. She needed something compact but with four wheel drive so she could get to and from the hospital in any weather. So far everything had been too pricey or to beat up. I sighed and watched as Aya walked past me again without so much as a glance much less a kiss. Since there wasn’t going to be any snuggling or anything else with her in that mood, I decided to get some work done in the shop. I was down there looking for a part when the quake hit.

I don’t remember much that happened. I was standing then I was laid out on floor with Aya holding my hand and pain in places I didn’t have it before. The guys told me that a shelving unit fell on me. Guess it could have been worse. It got the wife speaking to me again which was a very good thing but I still want to get her that car. I’ll keep looking. Who knows? Something good might pop up. When and if it does I’ll make sure you see the before and after.


~ by jujuken on February 27, 2013.

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