We’d just about finished our set for the night when I noticed my baby was in the crowd. She had a gaggle of guys fluttering around her which wasn’t that unusual. What was unusual was the fact that she wasn’t shooing them away. She was wearing a jean skirt that was really short with a jacket, both of which I’d never seen before. My bandmates nodded in her direction with questioning eyebrows. I shrugged not knowing what was up. I mean she really wasn’t doing anything wrong. Just dancing and enjoying herself.

When we’d finished, I did my usual post performance rundown then headed out to the dance floor looking for Aya. Atsushi intercepted me and gave me the “I don’t want any trouble” lecture. I didn’t understand why until I spotted Aya on the dance floor doing a slow grind with one of the male attendees. I gritted my teeth, took a deep calming breath and headed their way. When I got to them, the guy took one look at my face, excused himself and took off toward the other side of the bar. Aya just stood there with her hands on her hips wondering what had happened I’m assuming. She turned and that’s when I realized…it wasn’t my baby. They were about the same height and had similar hair cuts and could have been sisters but that’s where it ended. Aya was small of chest but had well rounded hips and great legs. This woman had a rack that should have bent her over, no ass to speak of and okay legs. She had a small scar at the tip of her chin that was barely noticeable under the make up. She was also wearing colored contacts. Aya won’t go near the things.

I smiled at her then bowed. “I’m sorry. I thought you were my wife. I’m Junichiro. I play…” I was interrupted by the woman. “You play bass in the band and a very nice bass it is. Care to dance? You owe me one considering you chased off my last dance partner.” I nodded yes. It was the least I could do. She was a fairly decent dancer and still looked enough like Aya for me to wish she was there. When the song was over, I thanked her and headed toward the bar. I let Atsushi know that she was a close look alike but not my baby. He breathed a sigh of relief. I was known to be hot headed when it came to guys hitting on my wife. I got myself a beer and tried to decide if I just wanted to go home or hang out for a while longer.

I was still debating when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and blinked. Standing in front of me were two versions of my wife. I looked into the beer bottle just to make sure it was just beer then back up. I squinted, then said, “Aya?” She laughed as did her mirror image. When she pulled me to her by my goatee and gave me a kiss that had me pulling her to me humming in pleasure, I knew I had my baby in my arms. No one kisses like she does. She pulled away and wiped lipstick from off my lips while laughing at me. That’s when her almost twin spoke up.

“Does he always greet you like that cousin and does he have a brother?” Her laugh was a tinkle like Aya’s. Aya turned to her and grinned. “No God in his right mind would have made two of him. One is more then I can handle half the time. Ju…this is my cousin Hana. Hana…this is my husband Ju.” Hana inclined her head. “We’ve kind of met. He scared off one of my dance partners. He thought I was you.” Aya shook her head and laughed. “My big, awesomely scary husband doesn’t like it when any other people encroach on his territory. He’s hot when he’s jealous like that.”

I glared at her before goosing the nice round bottom she so conveniently placed within easy reach. That got a snicker from Hana. I looked up at the woman. “Damn you two look alike. Built differently but you look a lot alike.” Hana nodded. “We always have. It’s not as bad now as when we were little. Once puberty started and we started developing in different directions, it became a little easier. Oh and the scar of course.” She seemed a little sad when she spoke of the scar which really wasn’t that noticeable. I made a mental note to ask Aya about it in private. Hana was about to say something else when the coward or some would say “wise” man that she’d been dancing with when I stormed in, came over and asked her to dance again. She took his hand, waved a goodbye to us and headed out on the dance floor. I turned my baby around and pulled her into my arms. Me being seated and her standing put that nice body of hers just where I wanted it. I gave her another quick kiss and hugged her.

“I’m glad you came. Did you get here in time to hear us play?” She nodded with a grin. “I watched you scare off half the male population before I took pity on Hana and them.” I nibbled on her neck while she spoke. “Hey! A guy has to protect his most valued treasure right? Can’t have anyone trying to poach what’s mine.” She laughed at me and called me a chauvinist then pulled me out on the dance floor. We kicked up our heels for a while before fatigue settled in for me. Work, playing and now dancing half the night away was taking a toll especially since it hadn’t been that long since I’d been hurt. I told Aya I was calling it a night and we both left the dance floor. Hana noticed and followed after us.

“Are you guys leaving already?” When Aya explained the situation, Hana nodded in understanding. “Okay Aya. Are you guys hungry? If there’s some place close and open I’ll treat us to a bite to eat and we can talk a little. I’ll probably come back though. That guy I was dancing with is kind of cute and so is the bartender over there.” I turned to see who was minding the bar at the time and grinned when I saw Atsushi there. About time someone paid his boney ass some attention. He was always the best man and never the groom. “It’s a deal,” I told her and we all left together. When we got outside and I pulled the mustang around Hana let out a low whistle. I love it when people drool over my car. I saw Hana nudge Aya and say something in her ear. Whatever it was had my baby laughing until she was crying. To this day she won’t tell me what was so funny but I’m sure it was a joke at my expense. Maybe not knowing is a good thing.

We waited for Hana to get her car and she pulled up in a familiar coupe. I nudged Aya. “We worked on the car about a year ago for some local thug type. I heard he had been locked up and all his stuff sold at auction. I wonder if that’s how she got it.” I made another note to ask but food first. I headed out into traffic making sure Hana was still behind me and we wound up at my favorite steakhouse. Sushi is good all the time. We parked and headed inside. The place was fairly empty due to the hour. We got a table near the sushi bar but far enough away from prying ears, ordered and talked while the sushi was being prepared. Turned out that Hana was the ex of the thug that had the coupe customized. He was also the person that gave her the scar. She said it was an accident and we didn’t argue with her. The car was in her name so the authorities couldn’t touch it. Since the ex was going to be in jail until he was an old man, she was free to look for another boyfriend and to look up her family and old friends again.

“Auntie told me you’d married a thug so you know I had to see what type of thug could get your attention Aya.” She gave Ju a look. “I don’t know why she called you that. I haven’t seen any signs that you are. You have a nice business, play a mean bass and obviously love Aya to pieces. Hell all girls should be so lucky.” I didn’t bother to explain to her that Aya’s mother put the B in the word bitch. It would have made my baby mad. Not because it wasn’t true but because I wasn’t supposed to remind her of the fact. I was brought back from my musings by Hana asking how well I knew the bartender. I laughed. “I know him too well sometimes. We’ve been friends since we were kids. He owns the bar we were at and he’s a stand up guy. Not married and no surprises that will come knocking on the door saying “you’re my long lost dad” as far as I know. His name is Atsushi or Acchan for short. If you go back, tell him I sent you his way. At the least he’ll give you a drink on the house and he’ll make sure no one gets too out of control.”

Hana took all of that in and grinned when she heard he was single with no kids. That was her kind of man. By the time the sushi platters had arrived she was certain that she was going to like Ju. She watched as he and Aya traded jokes, insults and an occasional quick kiss. She really hadn’t seen Aya in a couple of years thinking it best to stay away from the family due to her ex’s activities and bad temper. Now that she was free and clear she was going to start living again which is one reason why she had sought out Aya. She needed a job. Her savings were being depleted at a rapid rate. She told them as much. Aya asked if her license was up to date which it was and nodded telling Hana that she’d check as soon as she went back to work. Hana sighed and thanked her. While not a qualified nurse she was a licensed nurses aide. The work would pay her enough to keep her flat and her style of life plus she missed not working.

They finished the sushi and split the bill at Aya’s insistence. Ju and Aya headed home and Hana back to Acchan’s bar. He called the next day telling Ju that he almost had a heart attack when “Aya” walked up to him and started flirting with him. Seems she got a kick out of stringing him along until she announced who she really was. It was dark enough in the bar that he couldn’t see the more subtle differences in the two women and Hana could do a real good impression of Aya’s form of speech. Acchan knew something was up when Megumi scared the devil out of her. He knew Aya would have kicked her ass for sneaking up on her like that. Hana stayed at the bar until well after closing and helped Acchan with the clean up. They had tea and talked till well after dawn. I wished him good luck and hung up. I told Aya about the call and she nodded saying that Hana was a good person if a little on the flighty side. All I know is we are going to have to figure out a way for folks to tell them apart immediately. I told this to Aya who laughed and asked if I wanted her to dye her hair green like mine. She actually glared at me when I said yes. She told me that once it got warm the mistaken identity episodes would probably stop. One look at Hana’s rack and anyone who knew Aya would know that it wasn’t her. She sounded a little disappointed at that but I quickly assured her that she had the most beautiful little tush that a man could ever want. That earned me some brownie points that I very quickly cashed in. I hope things work out with Acchan and Hana. He’s too good a man to be alone like he is. Time will tell.


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