Shakin it.

Hana had been around for about a week when we all decided to hit the club for some fun. She and Acchan seemed to be hitting it off just fine and this gave her a good excuse to go see him without looking too pushy. It also gave the missus a chance to strut her stuff. Now Aya has two club modes, casual and shakin it. The casual usually is her coming to see me and we do some dancing and then head home. The shakin it is when she feels like doing some serious, attention getting, make me drool, dancing.

The guys and I had the weekend off so it was the perfect time to have some fun. I didn’t know the missus was in mode two until she walked out of the bedroom. She was wearing a little pleated skirt, what I call her cheerleader sweater, nice and form fitting, had her hair back in a ponytail and low heeled shoes. The shoes and the hair gave it away. Any woman who tells you she’s comfortable dancing in three or four inch heels is a masochist or a liar. The ponytail meant she was gonna work up a sweat and needed her hair out of her face. I was wearing my usual black jeans and tee. She walked up to me with a slight sway of her hips, looked me up and down then smiled that feral smile that makes parts of me sit up and beg. I refrained from doing what came to mind, reminding myself that we would be having company any minute.

As if reading my mind, Hana rang the doorbell just as my wife was teasing me with soft kisses. She laughed that laugh at my string of curses and ran her fingertips across my lips as she headed toward the door then opened it to an almost mirror image of herself down to the shoes. The only difference was the color of her clothes. When I raised an eyebrow, Aya informed me that they used to do that a lot and usually it wasn’t planned. Tonight it was. I had a sneaky suspicion that I was being set up for something and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not but I was up to the challenge. We all piled into the mustang and headed out.

The bar was fairly packed when we got there. It was a rare nice evening and people were out taking advantage of the unseasonably warm night. I had parked in my reserved spot and we were heading in when my phone rang. I waved the ladies in and took the call. Toshi was on the other end. He asked what I was up too and I explained to him that Aya’s cousin was in town and we were doing some clubbing. He asked where and like an idiot I told him. You’d think I’d know better by now. We talked for a few more minutes then hung up. I didn’t think any more about it and followed the ladies inside. I was met by the hilarious sight of Megumi staring in shock as the two “Aya’s” slowly walked around her giving her the evil eye. Apparently Hana had told Aya about the woman. Poor Megs looked like she was gonna die on the spot. She literally jumped when I touched her on the shoulder. “I’ve had her cloned. Neat right?” She looked at me in horror, and then went tearing out of the bar and into the back knocking a few confused customers out of the way. I watched as the terrified woman ran off. Turning to the ladies, I shrugged my shoulders. “Too much?” Aya laughed. “Not nearly enough if you ask me. She shouldn’t bother you any more Hana. With that twit it’s best to stand your ground and growl at her. Let’s go. The night’s not getting any younger and I want to dance.”

Hana made a beeline for the bar. I was thinking that it was more to see if Acchan was there then the fact that she was thirsty. She was clearly disappointed when told that Acchan wasn’t working. They hadn’t gotten to the “trade numbers” stage yet because Hana was keeping her options open. No use running head long into another romance so soon after having just ended one. Hana and I both got brews, she got brownie points from me for that, and Aya got her wine spritzer. We hung around the bar for a while, drinking and checking out the crowd when a song that my baby really likes started playing. We excused ourselves and headed out on the floor where my woman proceeded to shake it.

Now I’ve mentioned that the woman can’t sing but she’s a great dancer. Part of that is the fact that her mom made her take lessons as a kid and part is because she’s got great rhythm and is a natural flirt. Not a lot of inhibitions in her. She’s a strong and usually confident woman. It’s what drew me to her along with the fact that she had a way of moving that nice little tush of hers and she was moving it now. She got the beat down quickly and in no time had that body of hers swaying and twisting to it, causing her skirt to flare up in an almost tease. It would flare out enough to show more leg but not enough to expose herself. It was so tempting and I wanted to grab her and run my hands up her thighs. She knew it too, the little minx. She turned her back to me and I danced up to her close, sighing in contentment and a little frustration as the skirt flipped its way across the front of my jeans but that tush of hers stayed just out of touching distance. Just when I thought I’d get a chance to grab her and pull her close, she whirled out of reach, skirt flaring up again to tease at a sight that wasn’t going to happen. Then the tempo picked up and the movement of her skirt became almost hypnotic. Oh she was shakin it alright and shaking my composure.

I was praying hard for something slow to start so I could pull her to me when I felt the brush of cloth against my back. I turned and found Aya’s mirror image behind me dancing much like Aya was in front of me. Whoa! An ambush! A double team! Well those ladies picked the wrong guy to try to intimidate. I barely missed a beat as I turned and gave Aya’s cousin some dancing attention. Aya took the opportunity to plaster herself to my back almost and it was on. I managed to maneuver myself into the front of them and had both ladies dancing where I could see them and both were shakin it. This went on for a few minutes before Hana suddenly stopped dancing, her mouth hanging open. She started pointing behind me before letting out a cry of “OH MY GOD!” I turned to see Toshi headed our way. I looked at Aya who shrugged and we both headed toward the man along with a very excited Hana.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! You are him aren’t you? My friends are never going to believe this! Can I have your autograph? Oh my God I love Gargoyle! Is Kiba with you? You guys are awesome!” Poor Toshi couldn’t get a word in. I decided to help the idiot out. “Yo dude. S’up?” Hana turned on me. “You know him? I mean personally? Oh my God! Oh, my name is Hana and this is Ju…no wait. You know him already.”

Toshi blinked, looked Hana up and down then blinked again. “Uh…Ju. What’s up with the missus and when’d she get the boob job? Looks good. Nice rack Aya. So you guys playing dress up again?” I was about to say something when Aya poked her head from around my back and waved at Toshi who promptly jumped back a foot holding up the cross sign with his fingers. “Dude! One female demon wasn’t enough? You had to clone her or something? What kind of masochist are you?” He hid behind the closest person to him when Aya gave him the look. It turned out to be Hana. When he realized that, he backpedaled some more, bumped into Megumi who was headed to the bar, who bumped into a customer who spilled his drink all over his shirt. He turned on Megumi who pointed to Toshi who pointed at the two women. “Pod people! Aliens! There’s two of them now dude! Run!” The guy was about to say something, saw the look Aya was giving Toshi, paled and went in the opposite direction. I turned real fast to catch the look but Aya was standing there with a smile on her face looking as pretty, in my eyes, as she always did. One day I’m going to have to see that look she gives people. I wondered if it was the death glare she gives me when I’ve messed up royally. If it is, then I could almost see it. Maybe I’m just used to it. I shrugged and turned back to Toshi.

I went over to the man and gave him a man hug. “Stop acting like a wuss. Toshi, meet Aya’s cousin Hana. Hana this idiot is Toshi and yes he plays for Gargoyle. We’ve been friends for years despite the fact that he’s an idiot most of the time. He’s a good guy though and just a little brain damaged.” I laughed and covered my chest as Toshi punched me.

“You’ve got nerve. At least I don’t look like a no ass overgrown Jolly Rancher. Hi Hana. I’m Toshi and it’s a pleasure if a bit of a shock to meet you. I would ask if you knew how much alike you two look but I’m sure you know. So you’re a fan huh? Nice. If you get me something to write on I’ll be glad to give you an autograph later. Right now…how about I buy you a drink?” He flashed a smile at Hana before turning back to me. “I should hit you for holding out on me. Why didn’t you tell me there were two of your feisty ladies around? I may have stayed on the other side of the fence.” He leaned close and whispered. “Great rack on that one. I wonder how she manages to not tip over.” I shook my head. “What are you doing here? I mean it’s not like I’m not glad to see ya but…” I let the sentence trail off.

Toshi eyed the bookend women. “Dude you should be happy I’m here. You can barely handle one Aya much less two. Consider it dangerous work that only the best of friends would tackle. Seriously though. I was bored and figured you could do with some excitement in your poor mundane boring married life. And here I find you the meat in a sexy sandwich. I’d tell your wife on you but she was one piece of the bread. Besides…Kiba’s minding GARK tonight and ran me out of there. Told me I was working his last nerve. Humph…me? Working someone’s nerve? Never! Sooo…I didn’t interrupt anything kinky here did I?”

I made a mental note to give Kiba a muzzle for the man along with a leash as we walked toward the bar and the waiting women. “Don’t be stupid. Even if I was like that, I can barely handle one Aya much less two. You do know she’ll do something ugly to you if you even breathe something that stupid in her direction.” When Toshi stumbled I knew I’d made my point. I put my arm over Toshi’s shoulder and we headed toward the waiting ladies. Hana was literally bouncing and Aya was grinning. She grabbed me when I got closer and gave me a quick kiss. She was in a good mood. She even gave Toshi a kiss on the cheek which put a grin and slight blush on his face. “And here I didn’t think you liked me.” He was only partially joking.

“I’ve always liked you Toshi. I just don’t like how stupid my husband gets when he’s around you that’s all.” She gave me an air kiss and laughed at the glare she got in return. Hana was too busy fangirling all over Toshi to notice. “I’ve got all of your Cd’s and concert DVDs and even some VHS tapes! I’m also in Zeroizm and…and OH MY GOD! I’m talking to Toshi! Live and in person! Wait till I post this on twitter! I won’t tell them where I saw you unless it’s okay.” Hana would have babbled on but Toshi stuck a beer in her face.

“So, how long have you been in town and why is a pretty woman like you hanging out with ugly over there?” I gave him the look that comment deserved and was about to say something else when Aya whispered in my ear, “I wanna shake it.” My head snapped up at that and I did a mental count of how many drinks she’d had. It was enough. I grinned. It was show time. We headed out on the floor and wasted no time getting into the groove of things. Aya got that cute little tush of hers moving in some very suggestive ways and I was right there with her. She had a way of snapping her hips from side to side causing that skirt to just pop up in very attractive ways. She would smooth her skirt down with her hands like she was trying to keep it down but it was all a ruse. She was taunting me, daring me to dance a little closer which I happily did. When I got close enough she would lick that little pink tongue of hers out, lick those luscious lips then dance away from me. I was so gonna give her a nice little bump and grind when I got the chance.

While I was busy watching my baby and praying for a slow song so I could get my grabby hands on her, I noticed that Toshi and Hana had hit the dance floor. I almost stopped dancing at the sight. Toshi was dancing. I don’t think I’d ever seen the man actually dance. He wasn’t half bad. He seemed to be enjoying himself and Hana looked to be in heaven. I was going to have to remember to tell Tosh to let Hana know he was in a long term relationship just in case. My mind was brought back to the present by the feel of Aya’s body against mine and I realized that slow song had finally made an appearance. I bent down and gave the waiting lips a kiss then pulled her as close as I could. Being eight inches taller than she had advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages was during a slow dance she wound up with her stomach around my waist area. I couldn’t grind what I wanted to grind where I wanted it. I could bend over or slouch a little but the contact wasn’t the same. Still it was nice to be able to run my hands over her body. We danced slowly like that for a bit after the music changed and before we broke I gave her a kiss that made MY knees weak. The look she gave me was pure heat and desire. I so hoped that Hana didn’t want to spend a lot more time in here. I had a feeling I was going to be entertaining a wildcat when I got home.

We danced a while longer before I called it quits and went in search of Hana and Toshi. I found them at the bar and Toshi seemed to be in rare form from the laughter coming from Hana. She had that look in her eyes too that made me go “oh dear”. I clued Aya in and she went for Hana while I went for Toshi. I pulled him to the side. “Dude…you did let her know you were in a relationship right? She’s got that look in her eyes.” Toshi nodded. “Yep, didn’t say who but we actually talked relationships and how hard they were. Ain’t nothing happen here man. In fact she spent most of the time talking about the band and your buddy. Seems he made quite an impression on her. I’m not sure whether I should be impressed or insulted. I’m usually the center of attention with the ladies and the men.”

He grinned when I paled a little at the men part of that comment. I shook it off. “Aya and I are going to be leaving soon. Can you take Hana home if she wants to stay longer? Good and no funny business! I know you and if I find out you dragged her to a host bar or something I’m gonna hit you. Got that?” Toshi gave me a look that didn’t bode well for sane and responsible behavior from him. I sighed. “Just don’t get arrested. Aya will kill you in the most painful way possible if you manage to get her cousin locked up. You’ve been warned.” Toshi’s smile didn’t waiver but he did pale a bit. I figured that I’d gotten my point across so I gave him another man hug and left him. I gave Hana a hug, made sure she was okay with Toshi taking her home…stupid question…bundled up the missus and headed home. When we got there, Aya put on some dance music and did some serious shaking just for me, and then I shook her world so to speak.

Toshi got Hana home in one piece and on cloud nine. He gave her his autograph; talked to some friends she woke up and promised Hana and a couple of guests tickets to their next live. I’m going to send him a bottle of Merlot he can use to get that boyfriend of his in the proper mood…can’t believe I’m doing that…because he did good. Right now, I’m going to see if I can get the same reaction out of Aya that she got out of me when I start shakin it. Later folks.


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