Mun: is napping in her chair

Ju: runs in slamming the mental door behind him and leans on it

Mun: What the devil is wrong with you?

Ju: You created a monster!

Mun: Eh?

Ju: Aya is still thanking me for her birthday/anniversary gift!

Mun: grins I did warn you. Besides, you’re always the one begging for more smut.

Ju: Even I have my limits! I’m not getting any younger you know.

Mun: is about to say something scathing when Aya comes in from the back door

Ju: hides behind mun Save me woman!

Mun: sighs Aya…behave!

Aya: grins

Mun: I mean behave like a good girl not badly.

Aya: pouts You are no fun but I didn’t come to jump Ju’s bones. It’s getting late and I’m ready to turn in. I just want my snuggle bunny with me. I don’t sleep as well without him.

Ju: No hanky panky?

Aya: smiles warmly at her husband, goes to take his hand Come on you big baby. Even I have an off switch. The way you’re behaving anyone would think I was going to screw you to death.

Ju: to mun If I start screaming will you save me?

Mun: Of course I will handsome. watches as they leave but raises eyebrows at the look Aya throws over her shoulder

Mun: shakes her head, wonders if he’ll survive the night and laughs maniacally


~ by jujuken on March 9, 2013.

One Response to “BWAHAHAHAHA!”

  1. Mun: is minding her own business when Ju storms in I’m going to have to get a lock for that door. What now? You aren’t cute enough to work my nerves this much Junichiro.

    Ju: You said you’d come save me if I started screaming and you didn’t!

    Mun: If I’d thought you were being hurt I would have but the screaming you were doing had nothing to do with pain.

    Ju: grunts and crosses his arms over his chest

    Mun: You’re blushing.

    Ju: What? No I’m not! It’s just hot in here.

    Mun: stifles a grin Sure it is. Let me ask you a question. Aya is 5 foot almost nothing and weighs 98 lbs with rocks in her pockets. You are almost 50 lbs heavier then she is and a good 8 inches taller. Why can’t you hold her off?

    Ju: holds up a finger, pulls it down, tries again, can’t come up with an answer

    Mun: turns as Aya walks in

    Aya: I’m just here to give you a good night kiss. goes to give Ju a kiss

    Mun: shakes head as Ju growls low in his chest at the kiss, picks up his wife and heads back to the bedroom So easy.

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